Three Day Cease Fire

June 28, 2009 in World 026 News

There has been a Public Announcement on The Forums saying that RT & BUL will Have a Three Day Cease Fire!

The Reason they Say is For the Passing of Michael Jackson. I Honestly Don’t believe it.

Here is Possibly the right Reasons:

1.) RT Is Getting the Crap Beaten out of them.

2.) RT Members are Leaving Because BUL has Turned the tables.

3.) BUL Is having Too Much Fun.

4.) RT Can’t Recruit the BUL Members for Fear of Loosing.

So Come on RT, Please Tell the World, What we all Want to know is WHY?

Suddenly your tribe Starts to loose points & villages so you declare a Cease Fire to regroup and replan? Lets hope to God BUL Wakes up and Smells the Blood.

If they Allow RT to Replan their actions, this Could be the end of BUL.