Thoughts, Opinions and Stories from World 37

February 27, 2011 in World 037 News, World News

This week’s blog is a little different from the norm. I have been investigating what players think about World 37 and have returned with opinions and stories to share with you. Read on to find out what people think about World 37!

This world has always been considered somewhat ‘special’. It has been full of twists, turns, betrayals with random disbanding and quitting of players and tribes. It is very true that we have all come on a journey on World 37 since it began in May 2009 (apologies for the cliché!)

However, recently players seem to think that World 37 is either losing or has lost it’s ‘sparkle’. Hopefully the below opinions and stories will correct these views as this world is still very much alive and full of great players with many tales still to be written!

Below is the opinion of ‘Webinc’: (Rank: 21, Tribe: 1ns4n3):

“This world is still a lot of fun, in contrast to what people have said on the externals, I believe this world is far from over, there are still many battles to be won and enemies to crush.

It may not be the same fighting as the lightning war days where players could be rimmed over night but every village that you take still brings a smile to your face.

What really makes this world amazing however are my tribe mates and the amazing organization of the leaders in the tribe. Every player in perfect sync and even when we lose someone to real life, it is only a matter of days before the account is recycled and passed on to another old friend who is looking to get back in the action.

I <3 W37”


Below is the opinion of ‘elrojo’: (Rank: 34, Tribe: 1ns4n3)

“In World 37, offence is much easier, even with poor morale, defence I had to learn the hard way. I took a hammering from a certain tribe (1ns4n3!) and ended up on the rim. It was the best scenario really because I learned how to utilise offence in my new homestead (K12). I kept in touch with one of my attackers from back in the day and finally got an invite to the top tribe on World 37.

As to the current wars and past wars, I had to relocate to front lines. The Arisen War is great, a front line that I was already at. We really should have got stuck in a lot sooner, in my opinion. Our relationship with them has always been strained, to say the least with them nobling our farms and inactives.

As to where this world is heading I cannot be sure. I’d like to see the smaller tribes attacking each other to gain some respect (and ground). Who knows, maybe one of the smaller tribes can do enough to get some form of diplomacy with the bigger tribes? Thus when the world ends they can say they were there at the death. By taking out the smaller tribes it would push us closer towards the endgame.”

Certainly an interesting story there, being rimmed and recruited by the rank one tribe is certainly something that does not happen often!


Below is the voice of ‘pancho310’: (Rank: 22, Tribe: 1ns4n3)

“I eventually ended up in NERD which, for some reason, were almost constantly at war. Not so good for getting 7 hours sleep each night but with enemies like SYN and then the Powers Coalition it has taught me all the essential skills such as:

-Sending thousands of fakes
Once the duke of NERD (Xmach) quit, NERD lost many of it’s core players to other tribes. I tried to get into R.L. but was just left hanging. Thankfully, after much discussion about why I’d approached R.L. first, the dukes of 1ns4n3 let me join.

Sadly after a few months I was accused of ‘botting’ by Morthy, needless to say his evidence wasn’t convincing but he had the ban button and I didn’t. I very nearly quit World 37 and Tribal Wars completely then but my Dukes (and over 3K of unused premium points) convinced me to take over another account of a player who had quit. My new account is currently ranked number 1 on awards although I keep my account name hidden (Don’t want anyone to attack me and disrupt my farming).

One of the best things I like about World 37 and being in 1ns4n3 is just how much help you can count on from fellow tribe members and allied tribes. It seems that can be quite a rare thing.

For example only the other day a user called firemedic932 whom was originally in Arisen and left to join U.T.R has been completely nobled out. We asked U.T.R to dismiss him originally as a refugee but they refused so we ran an Op on him.

Sadly for him he seemed to receive almost no help from his tribe members and we took him out easily in less than four weeks. That would never happen to an active player in 1ns4n3.

With the current player numbers shortly to drop below 1000 on World 37, I am hopeful the world will say yes to the half price noble survey as I’m hoping to reach Rank 1 in points before World 37 closes.

Am I going anywhere before World 37 enters endgame? I hope not…”


After a few opinions from ‘1ns4n3′ members above, it is time to find out what a duke of ‘~SA~’ thinks about World 37. Below is the opinion of ‘Whitebrow’: (Rank: 50, Tribe: ~SA~)

“Well World 37 is probably the most interesting world I have played. Yet it is funny how many of the supposed ‘elite’ seem to think it is the most boring.

Though Tribal Wars is not a game of excitement, it is a game of endurance. Yes there is excitement. Nothing nicer than ‘sniping’ a flawless train or outsmarting an opponent, but what I have learned is to get to the top you don’t always have to be the best player. It is more the ‘never say die attitude’ and stubbornness that seems to get you further in this game.

I have played against and with some exceptional players. Many of them sadly are not here anymore and I do miss both enemies and friends as it is a loss to World 37 overall.

But the most important thing about the current state of W37 and the lesson it has taught is that backstabbing and underhanded tactics, riding on the back of others to get to the top, does not go nearly as far as playing the game with honour and being true to your word.

Take the ~SA~, 1ns4n3 and NERD alliance. We never betrayed each other and were always true to our word and that is the way it should be. Betrayals are part of the game they say, but it does not have to be and I think that is what World 37 perhaps proves.

What do I think of the future? Well it is the guys that can work through the boring times that will end the game. We have all fought many wars and as a ~SA~ member, I have been up against the odds and been on the dishing out side. And now there is the home stretch and hopefully a few more good fights on the way before World 37 can be put to rest.

There are almost only 1000 players left. I think in the last week the world lost 100 players as the little guys are being nobled off at one’ dizzy way’ so half priced nobles are around the corner.”


Below is the opinion of the other duke of ‘~SA~’, ‘rbos’: (Rank: 25, Tribe: ~SA~)

“I think World 37 is home to an interesting mix of players and although some have quit, it’s still populated by an interesting bunch of players. I personally like the fact that not all people go with the flow or settle in as being normal. I believe my own philosophy would be that I appreciate my comrades and I value honour, loyalty, and commitment over the normal facts and stats alone. Each person has their own way of doing things and an army can’t go around with only some few parts like the cavalry and infantry. It is a system that includes several different groups of people so to evaluate everyone as if they were a part of the cavalry would do them no justice. I suspect some tribes might have used such a policy of only going for a few types of players.”


Now for the opinion of the rank one player, ‘Ijsbeer’: (Rank: 1, Tribe: ~SA~)

“World 37 is becoming a little bit boring (just a little). A couple of months ago, just when it started to become interesting again, the ASCEND leadership deleted which left the world more or less to 1ns4n3 and ~SA~ (R.L. had surrendered a couple of weeks earlier). I know members of the other tribes would disagree but together we own over 50% of the villages and we conquer more too. The two main battles are looking good from our point of view in terms of 1ns4n3 versus Arisen and ~SA~ versus ASCEND”


Below are the strong opinions of ‘Veelox’: (Rank: 237, Tribe: PARA)
“I think that, despite what people having been saying, World 37 is far from being over. There are too many of us still ‘kicking around’ for it to be over anytime soon. Also, another rumour is that a lot of World 37 players have lost interest and gone ‘quiet’. This is not true, there are lots of us out here that just keep our mouths shut and let the troops do the talking. It’s the best way to survive. How many of those crazy fanatics, that rant all day long, do you still see around? Certainly not many. And I have helped get them out of here plenty of times. The quiet part is true though, most of us don’t like to talk… but that isn’t a problem really.”


Here is the opinion of the very wise ‘Emporium22’: (Rank: 87, Tribe: ASCEND)

“I have played in different worlds but World 37 is the one I kept and removed the rest.
So many things have changed since 2nd May 2009 when I joined.

One thing I found strange though is the loyalty between players. Don’t take me wrong as there is nothing bad about following friends in various tribes but surely, position should take priority before friendship and players should realise that following individuals can be detrimental to their own objectives.

It is a great shame that so many had to click the delete button at the same time but maybe it was for the best (in a way) as it gave a chance to others to express themselves without being ‘put down’ by some egomaniac idiot who thinks he/she deserves to be put on a pedestal just because they can spend 18 hours a day playing this game.

It is one thing to be competitive but this is only a game without any consequences to you real life so try to remember to enjoy it and treat others as you want to be treated yourself.

At this stage of the game, some think that their tribe will win but there is still a lot to play for and the quitters have confirmed this so, long live World 37…”

About time we have an ‘AD!’ member I think! Here is what ‘ripped25’ thinks: (Rank: 49, Tribe: AD!)

“Every world that I have been on has major tribes as we do. Those major tribes will switch alliance as we have seen here; they will do as we have done. It just takes time…Eventually there will not be any small players or tribes as they will have been nobled out.

This is a game of wait and build. A political game too. The main thing to do now is to build troops, noble villages and clear out continents.

What do I predict in the future? I look for R.L. to disband and join 1ns4n3 and our tribe (AD!). ASCEND I see being very disheartening in any thing they do, they want to live to see tomorrow so they will not do anything to intimidate others. Now in saying this I do have some within Ascend that are helpful…”

Here is an interesting quote from ‘Felcon Vertigo’: (Rank: 226, Tribe: Arisen) which reflects the opinion of quite a few players:

“The world is fighting 1ns4n3… and I’m curious as to how it will end. I know it will take a long time though…”


And with that I conclude this week’s blog. So we can see that World 37 is still, very much, alive. But what will happen next? Half price nobles appear to only be around the corner which will certainly speed up the world. Let’s hope that World 37 ends with the ‘Big Bang’ it deserves!

I would like to thank all the players that helped with this blog, giving their time to share their opinions.

All ranks and tribe statuses are correct as of 27/02/11