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August 1, 2011 in World 031 News, World News, Worlds 31-40 News

Once upon a time there was a world, an average world, they called it world-31. Villages were every where, ponds were here and there, and a few woods but those were scarce. The citizens in this world started off alike. Most of them shovelled clay, chopped wood, and mined iron for a living. But what was their purpose? Why work for nothing? So after gaining so much land and upgrading their headquarters they decided it wasnt enough and they trained their villagers as warriors. Citizens joined tribes- tribes allied – and others fought againgst each other. Spears fell like rain, tribes grew like grass, and citizens disappeared as if by magic! That world now has only a few citizens left and is nearing its fateful end. Only the tribes FuRie, Free, and BASH! remain. Which of the three tribe’s leaders will the remaining citizens follow? Or will the rest of the world rebel and form a new legacy in the world they call 31? Only time will tell…

Much like your world eh? Maybe, their tribes were lead by kings, dukes, and leaders much like yours. Infact, legend has it their leaders were some of the best! I researched some of the history books and found a few mini profiles of the leaders. I think you might find this interesting…

Lord Drowned (Aka D. Dog)

Lord of Free

He is known as the best Chevalier w31 has ever had!

History tells us that he sometimes refer to himself as a dog. Because of his love for the creature.

Emperor Jess (Aka Jess the Jester)

Emperor of Free

Known for being a wise man. It is said he can talk himself out of anything.

History tells us that Jess used to be the Royal Jester for the Royal family. Now he dresses like a clown once in awhile to entertain his subjects.

Sir Skippy Grand Duke

Grand Duke of Fu.Rie

He is known for his strategic way of attacking.

History tells us that Sir Skippy hates to train horses because one kicked him in the leg in his younger days.

Duke Smerd.

Duke of Fu.Rie

He is known for his obsession with things that blow up.

History tells us he got his first cannon when he was 2 years old. He also was the youngest person to be sent to the dungoen for blowing down a castle’s wall with that cannon.

King Slash!

King of Fu.Rie

This king is known for starting the dark ages! It is said he can kill someone with his pinky.

History tells us he never lets go of his sword. They say that he will be buried with it if he ever dies!

Goddess. Aphrodite

Goddess of BASH!

Known as the Goddess of Love and Beauty.

History tells us she spared lives until they made her mad.

King Oldwor III

King of BASH!

Known for his kingly ways.

History tells us that he was the most respected of his enemies’ enemies.

Duke O

Duke of Bash!

Known for his Candidness.

History tells us that he was always straightfoward. He was not afraid to tell people what he really thought of them.


Free’s Conquering Stats
This month Free has gone where they have never been before. Pushed themselves hard and on the this week of July they have conquered the most villages of their tribal history.

War Stats Anyone?

Free vs. FuRie

FuRie vs. Bash!

Wow, this is clearly not FuRie’s week! Anyone knows what’s going on?  Will FREE and BASH! keep this reign of terror up? Will FuRie turn the wars around?

I decided to ask Sirskipalot about it…

Whats going on? This doesnt seem like FuRie’s week…   – Ebony2345

Just a off week things will turn around  – SirSkipAlot

Pretty short of an interview, but Sirskipalot did not wish to continue the interview for personal reasons.

World 31 Stats

Total Players = 364 players

(348 above 126 points)

Total Tribes = 40 tribes

(32 above 126 points)

August Creative Competition

This month’s Competition has been cancelled! The next one will be held in September! :(

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