Theres NO Competition!

August 15, 2010 in World 031 News, World News, Worlds 31-40 News

~ONE~ merges into ~LEP~ and forms ~OL~. Than is challenged by Free. Will this merge with ~LEP~ boost the morale in the tribe? Will ~OL~ end up merging with another tribe? Follow me Ebony2345, w31 blogger as I give you all of the news happening here in the wars on w31.

~LEP~ and ~ONE~ Merged and made ~OL~ (One- Light). Shortly after Free officially declared on the tribe. I don’t think waking up to Free made the leader of ~OL~ FiredUp, the happiest person the world.

“lets not forget you two were the fall of hope ranked in the top 5 with me coordinating the wars.”

“I have had 29k attacks this week as well as threats to my members
I don’t operate this way but these are ways free has including havin spies acceptable.
they make threats to make their way.
they also incorperate new members that they say would never be welcome
so bravo to Free!.. Bravo!………. lol.” Fired Up exclaimed as he read the declaration.

Wow! He didn’t seem to happy to see that he had to fight the biggest tribe in the world! But of course Drowned Dog, Co leader of Free wasn’t going to stand there and be insulted.

“I dont think we are threatening anyone, unless its rob sending mails, it gives him  Otherwise we are just having a bit of fun, you know a joke, you do remember what they are? Im sorry spies? You said spies? Did you say spies? I have no knowledge of having spies in your tribe. And why the Hellfire! would we need them? Unless its because your tribe keeps inviting Frog players? Didnt you know? “

“Fact gonemadd lives in America, see i can spout off random facts that mean nothing. And cheating? We had a shared Internet connection. Being the ranked 1 player since Tracey quit im sure i get reported by someone everyday, giving the amount of spam mail i receive from small players, and why am i still here? Go on have a guess….

Also what happened to the gonemadd account? One minute he was being played and attacking, the next, poof, off into the world of barbarians, for a bit of frolicking in the fields.” Drowned Dog setting the record straight!

I’ve tried to talk to both tribes, but the leader of ~OL~ was having altercations with his account. However, I did speak to the leader of Free.

Interview with Jesseiam2

“Hello, I am w31 blogger. May I interview you for my next blog?” Me

“You may. Well, let me start by saying I have been very impressed with your blog entries thus far, unbiased and refreshing. Nice work.” D.D.

“Thank you” Me

“So what shall we talk about?”

“Well this week I will talk about ~OL~ and Free. What do you think the war with ~OL~ will turn out to be?”

“Well, anything other than a FREE complete victory would be a shock. This is not a knock on ~OL~ at all. We have 38,644 villages as I type this, they have 5,564. Even adding in the 1,272 from ONE, statiscally speaking, they should have no prayer against us whatsoever. We have more than 4 times as many nukes as they have villages. They could all be the best players in TW history and still not overcome those odds. However, this was not the case at the beginning of this engagement. ONE was the #5 ranked tribe and at one point had over 10,000 villages. OIA had quite a bit as well along with the other smaller tribes that joined up with them. They still didnt equal us, but they were far larger than now. We have made a considerable dent in their population.”

“You know what they say bragging always bring bad things.”

“Did you think I was bragging? :D”


“Well, not the intention, as I said, not a knock on them at all”

“Do you think anything can stop you in the northeast or slow you down?”

“As for the NE, absolutely. There is always the unforseen. Things like real life taking players, tribes joining together against us, a shut down of the TW servers. Who knows whats out there and what could happen. Our goal is to take it as it comes. As we chose to, we take what is in front of us. If you look at the tribes we are warring now and add them all together, we have more villages against us than we have. If they were to properly organize, we could have an equal in them.”

“Theres a rumor going around that chosen is ran by a free member. Is this true?”

“No, it isnt. I have heard this rumor as well. Chosen has their own dukes and own players. I, nor Drowned Dog, have absolutely no involvement with them. And if they so chose to get in our way, they would be marked red on our maps.”

“So what are your predictions on the rie vs fearus war?”

“I see a long drawn out engagement. Both sides have done a fantastic job of removing dead weight from either side. Neither have made any in roads into the others core. The tribe that makes a dent in the others core will have the clear advantage. It will put the other tribe on its heels and in a defensive posture. This game is won by the aggressor.”

“So what are your predictions for world31 — For the rest of 2010?”

“For 2010 – With only a few months left, I see very little change over what is the current trend. The bigger tribes will grow bigger. Fearus and RIE will stalemate a while longer. A few players will leave due to real life. The world in numbers thread will show a steady trend. The external forums will probably stay quiet as nothing of significance will happen. What I hope happens? I hope the mods see the state of our world and realize that it needs to be closed and a no restart rule be put into effect. Our top 20 tribes have 2 single player tribes in it. This is pathetic. Both of those players are very good at what they do and should be given all the respect and props. Only the top 6 tribes have over 5,000 villages. There is a growing line between the haves and the have nots. Its time to shut it down. I also see a growing trend in the number of bans in our world as of recent. Sad that there are so many who feel the need to violate the rules. The mods have taken almost as many villages as some tribes. That is a bad sign in my opinion.”

“Well thank you for your time and responses.”

“No problem.”

Well Free doesn’t think its much of a fight for them. But you never know what can happen! But till we see some progress from ~OL~ THERES NO COMPETITION!

World Statistics

as of 8/14/2010

2,128 players.

The world has lost 55 players since the last time the blog was posted. Leaving the world with 228,847.

There are 216 tribes left in w31. Only 206 have more than 0 points! We have lost 12 tribes from when the blog was posted before.


Rank Tribe name Points of the best 40 player Total points Members Average points per player Villages Average points per village
1 FREE 270.454.921 380.282.121 66 5.761.850 38802 9.801
2 FearUs 214.031.663 273.541.413 69 3.964.368 27866 9.816
3 -RIE- 201.204.027 280.395.725 68 4.123.467 28396 9.874
4 *RIE* 83.302.539 87.624.644 47 1.864.354 9143 9.584
5 Chosen 58.013.800 58.013.800 29 2.000.476 5970 9.718
6 ~OL~ 48.914.785 49.447.179 52 950.907 5285 9.356
7 KILZOM 48.454.193 48.454.193 34 1.425.123 5004 9.683
8 =V= 34.725.192 35.450.492 58 611.215 3898 9.095
9 -X- 22.410.547 22.410.547 18 1.245.030 2514 8.914
10 Frogs 16.874.343 16.874.343 9 1.874.927 1722 9.799
11 BLIM 12.636.095 12.636.095 39 324.002 1397 9.045
12 PUSH! 12.022.343 12.022.343 8 1.502.793 1159 10.373
13 ~FHS~ 11.503.824 11.503.824 30 383.461 1215 9.468
14 SB 9.993.168 9.993.168 6 1.665.528 1099 9.093
15 Use it 9.117.893 9.117.893 6 1.519.649 988 9.229
16 -LIE- 8.816.500 8.816.500 8 1.102.063 890 9.906
17 ~ONE~ 8.595.113 8.595.113 8 1.074.389 932 9.222
18 BOA 8.444.796 8.444.796 21 402.133 907 9.311
19 F*WILL 7.981.120 7.981.120 1 7.981.120 760 10.501
20 Simple 6.231.574 6.231.574 1 6.231.574 645 9.661

World 31 War Stats

Well for the last week FearUs is up by 6 villages.

Well Rie is leading this dance. But FearUs are showing they are capable of leading! I think that right now the war has slowed down and is becoming a stalemate. As of right now we aren’t certain who will win this war but stay tuned as I follow this war for months.

The player of the week is Lecherr! This part of the blog is to introduce or welcome back the player we thought we had lost Butchert! Yes It is true the real Butchert is back and ready to play again.

“Hey I am Ebony World 31 blogger

Are you butchert? If so may I have an interview with you for my next blog? Show everyone who’s back!?”

“I am butchert and you may.”

“Great! So what is the reason for your return to tribal wars?”

“I’ve always enjoyed the game, and my only reason for leaving in the 1st place was i got fed up of the mods and bans, so gave my original acc away.”

“So how long have you been back?”

“About 4 weeks now, although still not really active in attacking due to the position of my villages so just supporting, and moving areas at the moment.

“Hows your feelings about Rie?”

“As a tribe i dont really care for them, they have always hugged there way around, having said that i like and respect a few of there players.”

“What are your feelings on free?”

“My feelings on free are that I have every respect for them, they just keep going, no hugging, no family.”

“So whats the hardest part about the game to you?”

“The hardest part of the game is the amount of time it costs.”

“Well thank you for your time.”

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