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December 6, 2010 in World 009 News

world 9 blog headerThis short (and rather random) release contains a three-way interview between several world members (Wolstein, OTDDeathAwaits, and dxn99) who were willing (and crazy) enough to join me on skype for several hours to discuss the world (and other great stuff). In addition, there were several players who were not on at the time who would have contributed that I’d like to thank for participating. Enjoy!

In addition, there is a small animation shown near the bottom in a spoiler that shows the world over a period of about two weeks during early November.

Samulis: So how much does TW affect you life?

Wolstein: Too much, to be honest.

OTDDeathAwaits: Less than it did in the past, but more than it should.

Wolstein: Like cigarettes…

Samulis: Can you describe what a regular day routine with TW is like for you?

OTDDeathAwaits: Go to work… pretend to work, keep my iphone in my pocket.

Wolstein: Go to work, check reports, build, recruit, mint, noble, check messages, forward messages, give instructions, and have a smoke… Pretty much in that order.

Samulis: You have been doing that for the past… 2 years? 3 years?

Wolstein: no, in the beginning I was insanely lucky to have survived. I’ve been doing that since I figured out how the game is supposed to be played. Legal scripts do the work, I am smart, so I don’t use illegal or unapproved ones.

Samulis: I’ve used a few [scripts] in the past, they are very useful, as with Premium. Do you think these two things are entirely necessary for all large players?

Wolstein: I doubt anyone really active would be playing without scripts.

Samulis: What are your feelings towards game updates?

Wolstein: I like most upgrades to the game, some things used to be done by scripts but now are built into the game.

Talking about harnessing the power of the game, we have a cool thing in my tribe- a premium point fund. People who can afford donate, those who can’t get it for free. In the past few people donated to everyone, now it all goes into one fund and it’s easier to distribute it more fairly. We checked if it is legal, and apparently it is.

Samulis: Are you on any other worlds?

Wolstein: Not at the minute.

OTDDeathAwaits: Not anymore.

Samulis: Do any of the more recent worlds interest either of you or are all the new settings not to your liking?

Wolstein: Faster worlds are neat, though I’m not sure which one are those. I’m too used to w9 settings to play anything slower.

Samulis: So as for the future, would you be majorly affected when the world is no longer here? Will you long to see a ‘World 9′ button in the login?

Wolstein: Does a drunk long to see a bottle of booze? As Claudio Caniggia said, “if cocaine is a drug then i’m a drug addict.

At this point in the interview, Dxn99 managed to come and join in on the conversation.

Samulis: What about TW has you so dragged into it? The friends? the gameplay?

Wolstein: The game itself is repetitive and therefore would become boring if it wasn’t for interaction- I get to talk to people from all over the world about all sorts of stuff.

Dxn99: It would have to be the friends. The game-play for me has long since become boring, but the friends you meet and collaborate with daily are some good friends, and ones I wouldn’t like to loose friendships with. I just play for the “lol” moments.

Wolstein: I still like the game, but without the people it would suck.

Dxn99: Would you still play if you were NAP’d to everyone else?

Wolstein: I would, I’m a hamster.

Dxn99: I think I probably would quit.

Wolstein: Not necessarily, we’d still talk.

Dxn99: How about we talk about the end of World 9?

Wolstein: w9 will quit on you before you quit on world 9. It’s possible…

Dxn99: But not very likely.

Wolstein: I wouldn’t bet on that, there are very few players left in all the tribes combined.

Dxn99: Yeah… I know as an assumption, that a LOT of the tribes members are sats/yellow/red. I really wish that they would put in the no barb nobling block in by now, that would encourage people to stop mucking about.

Wolstein: Maybe that would make sense. Instead of making barbarian villages just delete them if a player quits.

Dxn99: Yes, but on the other hand, they may be able to make the account into a permanent defense account, if its in the backlines.

Wolstein: So DXN, do you think you’re a tw addict?

Dxn99: Yes and no.

Yes being TW is most of the time the first thing I do when i get home. Just this afternoon I came in… gloves, scarf and wooly hat and all… sat down until about 6… when my dad came in and asked, “why on earth are you still dressed like that?

No because I’ve known people to set their alarms to 2 am to send an attack, which in my opinion is a bit much.

Wolstein: I used to do that.

OTDDeathAwaits: I think most ‘hardcore’ player have done that.

Samulis: If you were to live with your tribe (or some of it… live as in live in the same town) in real life or if you knew most of your tribe and world in real life, would you act/think differently than you do now? Why?

Wolstein: No, I don’t get people who have “virtual” personalities and “virtual” lives. That seems like some kind of disorder to me.

OTDDeathAwaits: I’ve spent so much time with them already, I’d like to think I know them already… as well as can be known from a friendly POV.

Dxn99: Yeah. I would probably act much more differently, because I would be much more laid back.

Samulis: so we have some differing opinions here. How much can you tell about someone from behind a wall of text?

Dxn99: I have all the confidence in the world on skype and igm, but in RL, I’m a bit of a shy person?

Samulis: Would you be surprised that shyness is a common attribute to many online characters?

Wolstein: Otherwise they wouldn’t spend so much time online.

Dxn99: Online is one of the places that I am actually confident… I’m quite ashamed to say, LOL

Samulis: That’s a good point, a lot of shy people enjoy that similar view.

Wolstein: No need to be ashamed, it’s quite normal. You’ll get more confident in time. Look at this as a sort of an exercise.

Samulis: So, as for the community, what defines a good leader in your eyes? In addition, what defines a good player, is it points or personality?

Wolstein: A good leader needs to earn respect of his/her tribe. One can do it by points or by personality, or both, but the important thing is that the tribe has confidence in its leader.. and that a leader makes good decision of course. A good player is someone reliable; this game doesn’t require skill, just reliability.

Samulis: So being trustworthy is a key attribute?

Dxn99: Definitely.

Wolstein: Yes.

Samulis: How can you trust someone if you don’t know them?

Dxn99: If your members cannot trust you…. you can’t have their support.

Wolstein: People play this game to escape from their jobs, school, whatever… They don’t want to be bossed around here.

Dxn99: as an outlet

Samulis: I once knew a leader who felt quite the opposite in TW’s sister game, Grepolis. In fact, I was one of his officers. He was as strict and straight as a ramrod.

Wolstein: I doubt it can work here in the long run, this is a game.

Dxn99: That is one of the points that i really dislike, the rank. It shouldn’t be right to put ranks to everyone, everyone should be equals.

Wolstein: If people feel they’re not appreciated or respected they won’t have fun playing it

Samulis: In the leader’s freetime, I discussed politics and economics with him. When he was at work, he was literally an iron fist- you obeyed or you were kicked and farmed. He had served as a soldier in a few real-life wars, and acted like it too. He gave good orders, however what he failed to do was use the right system to inspire players, I think. Instead of encouraging them, he told them that if they didn’t follow his orders they would be crushed. My question to you is, if you were in a position of being an officer of a leader like that, would you just leave, or would you obey and fight?

Dxn99: For one, I know definitely that the people in DNS would never order me around like that. But I know that at times there are needs for urgency, and sometimes orders should be given… for points that mean severe losses in a short timeframe. Yes, I try to fulfill them as fast as possible, but in normal gameplay where no rush is needed, no way. I would leave if the leadership would turn like that.

Wolstein: I think most people would quit in such position, we all HAVE to do all sorts of things we don’t really want to do. The last thing we want is having to do them in a game.

Samulis: Are you at all surprised then that the tribe lasted for three months in that same position and actually experienced growth? The reason why it fell was because he left.

Wolstein: no, in a short run it can work…

Dxn99: After a long stretch.. it can get tiring to get orders barked at you.

Wolstein: When I started to play TW I would have done anything I was told to do because I was clueless. Anyway, I think the bottom line is that a good leader must ensure that a tribe runs itself.

Dxn99: Yes.

Wolstein: In addition, the leader needs to make sure that everyone knows what to do.

Dxn99: With the own members help, everyone should do a little. :)

Wolstein: That “management” can be reduced to minimum.

Samulis: So would a bill of rights or constitution that ensures policies/rules be a key part of any government?

Wolstein: Absolutely so.

Dxn99: Yes, but not any over-the-top policies.


So, if folks would enjoy seeing this following feature in better quality and in upcoming weeks (perhaps starting on New Year’s), feel free to post below saying so or in the questions and comments thread on the forums.

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