“The World 31 War of Wars” What’s going on?

December 2, 2010 in World 031 News, World News, Worlds 31-40 News

At 01:00 on October 24 FREE officially declared on  -RIE-.F. That was also the day the tribe Free was born but exactly a year before. Happy belated Birthday to you guys also!

They’ve been around for a year and they have shown all of the world they aren’t the type to play with. Free is ranked #1 in the world, they have the number 1 player in the world as a Duke, and they seem to be very well organized. Everyone says “they have had no real competition.” But I have a feeling they wont say that anymore. They have thrown the baton to Rie. Rie has shown itself as a great tribe also. They have been the number 1 ranked tribe in the past, has the top ODA player, and is ranked as the Top OD Tribe. Both tribes are big and not really close to each others territories so this will be a long battle! Good Luck to both sides is all this blogger has to say. Now it has been 39 days since the declaration, lets see how they’ve been doing.

Well Free is winning at the moment hands down! This might be the slowest Rie has ever done. But like I always say ” Anything can happen!” Maybe Rie will pick it up, Maybe Free will take advantage of their lead and never lose it, maybe both tribes will have internal issues and disband. But there is a long fight ahead of us, this may even spark what I have called, “The World 31 War of Wars!”


Free Tribe is the tribe in the limelight at the moment so a interview with it’s leader was a must. I wanted to know his perspective on things and find out whats going on with the challenge him and leader of Rie set up.

JessieIam2’s Interview

1. What is your main goal in fighting this war? To remove all enemy players from the game.

2. Do you think its a long journey ahead for you and your tribe? It will not be a short war if that is what you are asking.  But I expect more players to feel the pressure of real life and decide that the game is no longer worth playing and delete their accounts.

3. Do you think the diffrences of the front line borders are affecting you and ries nobling performance? Not at all.  The nobling opportunities for FREE and RIE are equal.  They are as close to us as we are to them.  We are now 30 days into this war:

Stats from 11.23.10
Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 961
Side 2: 71
Difference: 890

These stats would be more lopsided if one of our main targets hadnt gone barb.  They recruited into our territory, they said they knew we were coming, you outed our plans to them in the first place, there is no excuse for them to not have stacked those players.  They, along with their allies have triple the number of players and had significantly more villages.  There should have been more than enough time, availability and opportunity to stack.  They chose not to.  I am very happy with our performance and as we move into the RIE core, I expect it to get tougher, but still be in our favor.  What is your perspective, surprised RIE hasnt done more?
My perspective is that both tribes could have done more. I did the math and thats the main reason I asked the question. Free nobles way more villages in a day than what they are doing with Rie, and vice versa. But Free’s stats are great no doubt.

4. Have you and the leader of rie both gotten your village in the k you’ve set to meet? LOL, Skip is moving toward me, I am moving toward him.  I am a bit slower about it.  I am a noob, takes me longer.  ;)

5. Did all of the bans in rie come as a shocker to you? No ban shocks me.  When players are under pressure, some will resort to less than honorable tactics.  Some players inadvertantly violate the rules.  Some players are thrust into difficult situations.  No excuses, the game is to be the last tribe standing.  Those players are gone.  We will destroy who is left if we are capable.  When the rest of those who are banned go barb, that will be less for us to have to remove.  But just incase a reminder is needed:  http://www.tribalwars.net/rules.php But I am interested in an outside point of view, were you shocked?  What did you think of the bans?
Yes I was shocked. I think anyone who breaks rules should suffer the consequences. No matter who they are.

6. So how is the war going with TNE? Any difficulties?

People have grown to expect something from us that is impossible.  Perfection.  We lose a village and people are surprised.  We arent.  We are fighting the majority of the organized tribes.  It isnt reasonable to expect that they wouldnt get something from us.
Right now, RIE is running an organized op against one of our players.  TNE is as well.
And we have other players in other tribes biting at us.  We expect to lose villages.  Its part of the game.  But at the same time, we are very very happy with the ratio of gains to losses.

Well Good Job to Free and all of its members. Keep it up. :)

7. So if you were in rie’s shoes what would you do to change it? My honest opinion, I wouldnt have put myself in such a position to begin with.  I would have dumped the dead weight, not recruited in areas that would anger the largest tribe in the world.  I would eat my weak, and finish off my current wars. But being there now, the only option is to do what they are doing.

They are tightening up thier areas, eating every large barb ( and some small ) in sight, abandoning the villages they have no chance to keep anyway.  They need to eat their internal dead, and they need to use TNE as meatshields to save themselves for core invasion.  They allied with TNE and that will benefit them cause TNE has more at risk to us than RIE does at this point. As long as TNE exists, RIE buys a little more time to secure their core and try to take more from Fearus. But as long as they have weak spots, inactives, they leave themselves exposed.

8. Who should get the credit for the outstanding stats? The great thing about FREE, everyone plays a part.  Some nuke, some noble, some fake, all work together.  Panofsky led us all in nobles in the beginning.  Gazhick has done a phenomenal job in his areas.  Robkisgod has been on both sides of the map and is doing great.  There are too many to name out individually, but without everyone playing their part, we wouldnt be where we are.  The credit goes to the whole tribe. I might put up a poll and ask the tribe to name an MVP so far. Would get some interesting responses.

Ever since the beginning of the war Rie has found themselves in sticky situations. At least 4 bans, Inactives, players quitting, and even a newly discovered spy. Still they are holding on and acting like it doesn’t bug them at all. I have interviewed SirSkipalot also to get his perspective on things.

SirSkipalot’s Interview

1. What is your main goal in fighting this war? Our main goal is to win the world. Bye taking out FearUs and FREE.
2. Do you think its a long journey ahead for you and your tribe? Yes, it will be a long journey ahead. It won’t be an easy war to win, but I have confindence that we will overcome the odds.
3. Do you think the diffrences of the front line borders are affecting you and ries nobling performance? Well at first FREE had the upperhand. Yes we heard about it but we had to act accordingly.

4. Have you and the leader of free both gotten your village in the k you’ve set to meet? Jessie is taking his time. I am close to making it there. I don’t know how much he has moved.

5. Did all of the bans in rie come as a shocker to you? Yes, but im not going to get into that.

6. So stats aren’t the best for you and your tribe any explanations? Well FREE picked the right time to declare. We had some players go inactive before they declared. Not taking anything away from them. They are a good tribe and well prepared. I believe the stats will start to level off. They got off to a big lead but I have confindence we will turn things around.

7. Everyone keeps harrasing me about this so I have to ask. Is it true you and TNE are planning a merge? I can not confirm it. People are saying we are. Well everyone will just have to wait and see what really happens.

8. How is the war going with FearUs any difficulties? Well the war with FearUs is going kinda slow at the moment. With the war with FREE did set us back a little when they declared. But I think our stats will starts will pick up

Well, thankyou for finally getting done with the interview.

Your Welcome, I apoligise for how long I took.


Interview Review

  • Both tribe’s goals are to remove it’s enemies
  • Even though Rie had an idea of some sort the war would be coming they didn’t act accordingly.
  • Jessie is taking his time to get to Sirskipalot.
  • Free’s birthday was the perfect day for the declaration.
  • The bans were a shock to Sirskipalot, but not to Jessie.
  • Sirskipalot takes a long time to answer interview questions.
  • Sirskipalot is hiding whether the TNE rumors are true or false.
  • Perfection is impossible!


This is a new section I’ve added to the blog because I think it may be interesting.

My predictions on Free vs Rie war?

I think that the war is doing good. Both sides are fighting other tribes big and small and they are working hard at it. Some players are a bit arrogant and some are sore losers but that may be a good thing. Better they learn their lesson here for real life. Rie had way to many inactives for their sakes and in my opinion they would have done better had they never recruited Limbo players. The Limbo players did better on their own rather than joined with Rie. Rie is a bit slow on this war, this maybe the worst they’ve ever done in any war. Free is doing good also but in my opinion FearUs would have been a easier and quicker target for them. But If it was me I’d go for the hardest also. Rie has a long way to catch up but I think they can do it now that some dead weight is out of the picture.

My predictions with Rie and TNE?

I don’t think Rie and TNE will merge. I highly doubt it. I believe TNE may want to merge with Rie but I don’t think Sirskipalot trust another merger. He already has a spy in his tribe and he has been through a lot with his southern (Ex Limbo) players. Why would he merge? What could he possibly gain from it? I don’t know but he says I have to wait to find out like everyone else.

My Predictions on Free and TNE?

TNE is actually not doing bad at all. They are losing but not as bad as expected. They are holding their place in the top 5. Kudos to you guys! That will be a long war, unless they all decide to quit or merge into Rie.

My Predictions on Rie and FearUs

Unlike the Rie v Free war, Rie is winning this one. They are holding their grounds here. The war is slow though. Seems they are picking up their lost from all of there inactives and bans first. Also getting organized for the Free v Rie war. Maybe even planning a scheme of some sort. Thats the good thing about this game. Full of surprises!

Predictions for world 31?

Well since W7, 18, and 27 are about to end; and worlds 26, 28, and 29 have closed for registration not to long ago. World 31 will be right around the corner for the closing of registering. Than accounts will be handed out to players who decide they want to play again when they are nobled or quit; until there are none left. There will be more drama but not from the players that doesn’t play anymore. Some people will get tired of this game and quit. People will try to make me quit or get me replaced, but I will be here until I lose interest in this game; and people will accept it and be respectful.

Now lets look at how the world is progressing!

World 31 Statistics

World 31 has 1.843 players. Over 50 of them are at 0 points. Over 300 are under 126 points. Even more are at 130 points.

There are 174 tribes. Nine of them have 0 points and only 1 member.

World 31 Top Tribes

Rank Tribe name Points of the best 40 players Total points Members Average points per player Villages Average points per village
1 FREE 338.371.490 490.603.919 68 7.214.764 49814 9.849
2 -RIE- 243.633.181 312.456.412 60 5.207.607 31531 9.909
3 FearUs 227.859.309 257.411.875 55 4.680.216 26099 9.863
4 TNE 96.870.716 100.040.300 48 2.084.173 10572 9.463
5 *RIE* 76.759.795 76.759.795 37 2.074.589 7945 9.661
6 =V= 51.368.410 51.756.435 47 1.101.201 5328 9.714
7 Chosen 19.289.916 19.289.916 30 642.997 2066 9.337
8 ~FHS~ 19.109.317 19.109.317 23 830.840 1982 9.641
9 BOA 10.823.649 10.823.649 18 601.314 1142 9.478
10 Simple 8.232.547 8.232.547 1 8.232.547 853 9.651
11 mmi 6.960.951 6.960.951 2 3.480.476 607 11.468
12 =VAT= 6.707.902 6.721.777 56 120.032 831 8.089
13 RTR 6.207.173 6.207.173 11 564.288 653 9.506
14 -P- 5.285.570 5.291.387 50 105.828 664 7.969
15 ~1~ 4.187.871 4.187.871 2 2.093.936 431 9.717
16 KOD 3.811.187 3.811.187 37 103.005 496 7.684
17 Loners 3.076.805 3.076.805 1 3.076.805 328 9.381
18 -X- 2.317.093 2.317.093 9 257.455 279 8.305
19 CRAZY 2.225.934 2.225.934 12 185.495 234 9.513
20 FD 1.789.479 1.789.479 1 1.789.479 197 9.084

The World Map!


Other Things

Tribal wars is about to have another update. Version 7.0, its really interesting. Everyone should check it out. Heres the link:


Also a reminder of the holiday breaks: We will be having two attack breaks over the holiday period to allow players to enjoy the Christmas holiday and New Year without having to worry about their accounts.

The first attack break will start at 00:00 on December 24th, and end at 00:00 on December 27th, lasting exactly 3 days. This means the break will be active during Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

The second break will start at 00:00 on December 31st, and end at 00:00 on January 2nd, lasting exactly 2 days. This means the break will be active during New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

During these two periods, all attacks will not land normally, but instead will “visit” the villages, without doing any damage.

So keep that in mind!