The War – Issue 4

September 6, 2010 in World 033 News

Has time run out for Legion ?

Could we see the chinks in the Armour becoming bigger and starting to crack ?

They are still the only tribe with over 200 million and comfortably the number 1 tribe .

We will see the players who have well and truly played their part in the war so far with the top 20 players who have conquered the most villages of the enemy.

I hope you enjoy this blog !

The big IFY quitting. Good Luck to him in Real life, its a shame really, the world loosing one of its best players. I hope his life remains fruitful , wish him  good health and most of all he does well in his new promotion .

Legion still need to find the impossible void to fill of IFY’s departure because apparently according to one source, a direct quote , ‘IFY is still being sat if you want some challenges’. Is this true ? Could a council member of legion please clarify this situation ?

With the recent south op on baeze diminishing him from 5,494,816
15th August 2010 – 1,817,348 01 September 2010, Legion need a comeback.

They have started this comeback .  First hitting Stiker de grey in the north and more importantly hitting melosira in the south .

Another challenge will be set for this blog. (including all stats since Detox declared on Legion) and that will be an interview in a later blog from the player(if they want it) who gains 750 enemy conquers in the world war including Legion, Hawks , E=mc2, TW, Detox and anyone else involved(please mail me) first . Good Luck to All. Heres how the stats are going so far.

War Stats !

Conquers Last Month ;

Hawks, TW, E=mc2 and Detox : 1,093

Legion : 517

Difference: 576 in Hawks, TW, E=mc2 and Detox ‘s favor.

Conquers Last Week ;

Hawks, TW, E=mc2 and Detox : 222

Legion : 172

Difference : 50 in Hawks, TW,E=mc2 and Detox’s favor.

As I said , Legion have lead a comeback in the last week to try and gain some momentum and more importantly improve tribe morale. They are doing well so far . Next is the conquer map of last weeks conquers detailing where each tribe has been nobling the enemy .Enjoy !

Once again thanks to jeremy for creating all the great maps to add that bit extra to the blog.

Conquer Map of last weeks conquers

Top 20 Player Conquers Against the enemy

(Recaps included)

1. Mines long12 : 258 Detox

2. Stiker de grey : 186 Hawks

3. Mavarok : 157 Detox

4. IFeelYou : 69 Legion

5. Mrass : 54 Hawks

=6. Baeze : 43 Legion

=6. Yut – Yau : 43 Legion

=8. Acid Burn247 : 38 Hawks

=8. Guderian54 : 38 Hawks

10. Freakazoid2 : 35 E=mc2

11. Domin8rix : 26 Detox

=12. Stabes : 23 Hawks

=12. Mrclean : 23 Detox

14. Koe82 : 22 Legion

=15. Pza7 : 18 Legion

=15. Cornholio29 : 18 Legion

17. baseball2009star : 17 TW

=18. Pimpjam : 14 Legion

=18. Red elmo : 14 Legion

20. Papoomio : 13 Legion

Looking at the stats above we have 4 Detox players in the top 20 which is good for such a small tribe however it has to expected since Detox are so close to the frontlines .

Congrats to Mines long12 already a third of the way to the 750conquers required to get an interview in this blog .

9 out of the top 20 come from Legion , however some of these will be included for recaps . Why include recaps? Shows someone actively trying to take there villages back. Even with 4 tribes against Legion they are starting to stand up and be counted.

5 from Hawks special congratulations to stiker de grey 2nd on the list.

That leaves two . One from E=mc2 Freakazoid2 . The other from TW baseball2009star, special congratulations to the latter who is barely a frontline player. Congratulations to all on the list.

Top 20 players map (Animated) Smaller Version for guys with computers that dont operate the animation (click on it too see fullsize)

Top 5 tribes


Looks like Legion are still gaining pretty quickly up north , while Detox and hawks breaking into K86. What happens next will be crucial . Good Luck to everyone involved giving this world a lease of life.

ODA gain !

Congrats to stiker de grey with over 10million ODA in the week, and getting his ODA crown back after IFY quit. Well done to pimpjam who has also been burning those nukes in what looks like a k24 op on stiker de grey. Als

Yut-Yau who also has a healthy contingent of ODA this week .

Most conquered Villages.

From the last 7 days

Rank Player Conquered Villages
1 Koe82 106
2 Mines Long12 73
3 yut-yau 69
4 harypot 61
5 baseball2009star 55
6 Cornholio29 50
7 Lord Mantas 48
8 Mavarok 44
9 oldhat 42
10 mrass 42
11 red elmo 41
12 stabes 41
13 chystang 36
14 Covact 34
15 Bardens 33
16 pimpjam 32
17 Dwx33 32
18 Drunk in The Morning 31
19 papoomio 28
20 freakazoid2 26

Congrats to everyone on that list who has nobled mostly enemy villages , a few blogs later I will go into detail about who nobled what and whether they have just inactive munched . Well done Koe for hitting over 100 conquered villages.

That concludes this weeks blog , next issue of the blog will include a special analysis of  two certain frontline  players, and how they have performed in all wars (main wars) . We will also have a few interviews too with war stats. Hopefully the blog issue also includes the ways TW and E=mc2 work and their roles in the war . The next issue after that will include a blog with a few tribes lower than the top 5 and focus on the aspects of what they are doing . Afterall its their world too .

Good Luck too all and until next weeks issue .

Another challenge is to be set and this can be sent in by anyone. Show me the funniest thing that happens in world 33 over the next few weeks it takes me to complete the blog. It will then be included in the blog and quite possibly an interview included . I welcome you the challenge ;).