The War Begins!

May 12, 2011 in World 046 News, World News

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Welcome back to the World 46 blog! World 46 has been heating up during the last week, as the final war has begun with a bang!

Soon after the release of my last blog, attacks started to fly. Twist (the current name of the Skill?/Anarky tribe) has been the largest aggressor so far, but TSL has also sent their fair share of attacks flying in the direction of Twist.
As it stands now, Twist is leading in conquers, but both sides have so far stuck mostly to isolated villages deep within their borders.

To be honest, it seems that both sides are not focusing completely on the war, even though there have been quite a few nukes flying. The conquer map for the last month is below, and it shows quite clearly the difference between the two tribes. Please note that TSL ennoblements of Twist! villages are in blue, while the ennoblements of Twist! against TSL are in red.

It seems that the far north has been low on conquers thus far, but the south and center of the border have been quite high, especially the southern area in which Twist! has struck TSL quite hard.

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