The W64 Blog: Second Instalment!

August 20, 2012 in World 064 News, World 61-70 News, World News

Hello again, and welcome back to the second instalment of the W64 blog! I’m Malreaux or Steve, and today we’re taking a look at the top 3 ranked tribes in W64.

Everyone knows that during startup any mass recruiter can get to the top ranks, but it’s beginning to get to the stage where the top tribes are pulling away, and it’s worthwhile to take a look at them.


The tribes we’re going to be looking at are:






To start off with, here’s a map of all of the top 5 tribes, to give you some more reference on their positions.


Firstly, ELITE.

ELITE are proving to be somewhat of a conundrum for me. They started out the world with a very few players who got in touch with eachother, realised they all had a wealth of experience, and started planning to make a tribe, but since then they have gone on a mass recruiting rampage and have maxed out their member limit with what can only be described as deadweight. After making a map of all the players in the tribe who are yet to noble, I have come to the conclusion that even mass dismissals/internals would not do the trick, as the instability this would cause would not be worth the limited gain.

The reason i present this as an option is that ELITE are very clustered. Although showing strong growth across most of their members, i believe that around 40% of their member base will soon be tribelocked,as indicated by this map.
Players yet to noble are highlighted in black, showing that the gain from their dissolution would be very minimal.


This means that although their growth is strong, and ELITE are pulling miles ahead of their closest competitor:

Their growth will soon stagnate. and they may be overtaken by other fast growing tribes.

Miscellanea about ELITE:

Their duke PandaKing is the renowned Karmalot using an alias. He’s a very old world player and is well known as being one of the top dukes floating around tribal wars. Perhaps by coincidence or perhaps it was conceived, ELITE are very quiet on the forums and little is known about them, meaning they may become somewhat of an underrated dark horse.
The tribe don’t seem to be worrying about whom they displease in terms of tribes around them, but are preferring tribeless conquers:

They also have an unhealthy 10 barb nobles, dictating 20% of all their conquers to date.

In conclusion i will say that  ELITE is a very good all round tribe, not pointwhoring, as seen by their rank 1 ODA and rank 2 ODD, but they still have a few cracks to be smoothed over. My main qualm is that the average skill level of ELITE players is decidedly lowe than others, but their leadership is much better. This mismatch means that the leadership will be extremely busy, and the success of the tribe will truly depend on whether Karmalot can coordinate his members effectively enough to go far in W64.


Next is Rage.

Rage I see as a far less promising tribe than ELITE or some others in the top 5. Although their growth is strong and recently accelerating:


Their cluster is typical of any mass recruitment tribe:

The leadership of Rage is also unproven and not amazingly experienced.
In my opinion the limited success of Rage has so far been due to the fact they have has so little opposition in their corner of K55. They have recruited everyone they can and allied everyone they can’t, as can be seen by the low ODD:

This having been said they do still have rank 2 ODA, which shows some aggression. I think that as soon as the local tribes pluck up the courage to attack that almost impenetrable cluster, the tribe will crumble. Either that or in time their growth will slow to a snail’s pace and they will drop down the rankings and be forgotten.

Not my favourite tribe in terms of promise.


Third  Where?

I have already covered Where? in detail, so i will instead update you on some news about the tribe.
Where? has jumped to rank 3 after the recruitment of some top ranked SE players who have become tribeless, most reputably Toggles and Mr. Chump
These players were left stranded after Jelly? Collapsed. Jelly? Had long been considered an extremely promising tribe with a strong member base, but all that started to change in the last few days.   The start of it was when Wai U Shao Ting quit the game after losing all of their troops to a stacked opponent. After this, Toggles also left Jelly? Due to the fact that the players on Wai U Shao Ting were close friends of his and he was unhappy with the leadership at Jelly?

After this happened many of the other members also questioned their duke, and piled the pressure onto him, at which point he gave in and  abandoned the tribe, which is now all but disbanded.

The duke of Jelly? (connects on the externals) then moved accounts to Toggles, who also quit after losing his nuke and train. The account is now played by connects, lastapparatus and lama in the bahamas. These players, and those on the Mr. Chump account (who had long been looking for a tribe to settle into) Then decided to join Where?

Regardless of them being on the other side of the world. The tribe is now looking to expand its SE member base, as it has started to do with ZeroPerfection and set itself up for later on in the game.

You may also be interested to know that Where? Have the second highest average member points after ELITE, even though they started an average of 5 days after them.


In regards to the other top ranked tribes, it’s too early to call any of them, it’s only just getting to the stage where the top 3 start emerging, but in due course i will naturally analyse the others.

Thanks for reading! :)