The W64 Blog, Part 5: NEW!s

September 25, 2012 in World 064 News, World 61-70 News, World News


Hello, I’m Steve or Malreaux, and welcome to the 5th edition of the W64 Blog! The last few days have been relatively uneventful, but as always there are a few interesting things going on, so let’s dive in at the start!

Out With The Old

So it seems the story of Karmalot’s Elite tribe is finally over. The core member base has survived through merges, duke changes and countless wars, but now the saga seems to be coming to an end. So here’s the story of W64’s current longest serving rank 1 tribe.

The tribe was originally a premade ran by Karmalot, under the alias of Pandaking. He joined and created ELITE on the day the world opened

Although there were not many particularly high profile players in the tribe and those that were there were under alias, coupled with the fact they maxed their member count within days, the tribe swiftly took the rank 1 spot, starting on the 31st of July, 8 days after the world opened.
From there they continued with an excellent growth rate to maintain the rank 1 tribe spot almost unfalteringly (with just a 2 day blip) for almost a month, when, on the 28th of July, Karmalot quit the game temporarily for personal reasons. This had been premeditated and he had negotiated a merge with KISSES, the rank 3 tribe at the time. KISSES’ and ELITE’s clusters interlocked, and Karmalot also believed that nobody in ELITE was worthy of leading his tribe, but the leadership of KISSES was.
Therefore Karmalot negotiated a merge in which all of KISSES and ELITE merged into two tribes, NEW! as the main tribe and Scary as almost the glorified academy tribe, in family form, so that the leaders of KISSES could be properly integrated into both tribes, and the deadweight weedled down.
Whilst Karmalot believed, from what he had observed on the outside, that this new leadership would be successful, many members were displeased with it for getting them into too many unnecessary wars, as the main reason, but also for several others. However this leadership did continue to keep the tribe (NEW!) at rank 1 until the 19th of september.


…and In With The New

At this point, however, the council members of NEW! were unhappy with their duke’s leadership, which eventually led to him quitting the world altogether.
This happened to be around the time that Where? Overtook NEW! in terms of points

with less members. They had been growing faster for a while, but only then tipped the balance. Now they have a million point (33%) lead on rank 2, and the largest average points in the top 20 by over half. I’ll go on to cover Where? In more detail later, but for now, here’s a circ sent by NEW! leadership before the disband button was pressed:


Good Day All

At this point I am sure each one of you are familiar with what my concept of team work is. It has become apparent that maintaining Scary/New as one tribe is not an atainable goal.

We have too many players who do not want to provide assistance to the war efforts, to many who want to point whore, and to many who think that they know better than the council does what our goals should be and how they should be atained.

That being the case Scary/New will be disbanded.

I will be sending invitations to those who have proved that they are valuable team players, regardless of account size, no matter if they are great attackers or support players.

If you do not receive an invitation to this new tribe and feel you should have please feel free to contact me and we can discuss it.



(“F” referring to Fallen Hobo)

FH’s leadership style has caused some unrest in Ex (the tribe formed of the players originally from NEW! and Scary. He has leadership experience but certain things are holding him back…



I am truly sorry for my lack of posts, don’t take it as the typical quitting, I’ve just been incredibly busy with restarting college, I’l aim to get out at least another post in the next few days, maybe more than one. Thanks for reading.