The Third W64 Blog: News!

September 2, 2012 in World 064 News, World 61-70 News, World News

Hey I’m Steve, also known as Malreaux, and welcome back to the W64 Blog.

This week we’ll just be looking at the news and what’s gone on over the past 7 days.

Toggles the Chump?

This week saw the fall from grace of two of W64’s most prominent players in one unfortunate sequence of events.
The players in question are Toggles and Mr. Chump, and there’s an intriguing story behind what happened.

Toggles and Chump had been tribemates for a while and had been sticking together, due to their close proximity to each other and their mutual friendship and respect for both of their abilities. All was uneventful and they were holding respective high ranks, neither of them dropping out of the top 5 for a time,  but that all changed when the original account owner of Toggles quit. He quit due to boredom, which he had been planning for a while:

(Quote from 18th August showing wish to quit)

But this was triggered, or advanced, by the fact he lost his nuke and noble train on a stack (coincidentally later that same day). He got AOTD as a result.

So after Tewg’s quitting (Tewg is the forum name of Tyler Hall, the player who originally owned the Toggles account and kept it at a solid rank one all through startup), his ex-duke and friend took over the account. What happened from here is debatable and in terms of solid evidence simply comes down to one person’s word against another’s, but allegedly the Mr. Chump players had been planning to rim their ally for over a week and tricked one of the coplayers on the Toggles account into emptying their villages for them to have a clean rimming.

Regardless of whether these (denied) allegations were true, at the same time Mr. Chump had been involved in a cross-world recruitment idea performed by the North West tribe Where? During which several high ranking players (including the two in contention) from the South East joined it. Mr. Chump had been led to believe that more SE players would join the tribe, and when this plan fell through he left the tribe.

So there they were, Mr. Chump and Toggles both tribeless and involved in a personal war that Chump was winning, and then Toggles got the tribe N-M-E involved. They showed their organisational skill and proceeded to bombard Mr. Chump for days, whilst he carried on with the nobling of Toggles.
So as Chump nobled off Toggles:

N-M-E nobled off Chump:

You may notice Chump’s tribe being Rage, well Rage absorbed the lost SE players after they left Where? (the reason being they were promised, and not delivered, an additional number of SE tribemates). Although it may look like a failure on Rage’s behalf to prevent one of their members being rimmed, Chump was being bombarded on the external forums for deceipt and betrayal, and one of the side effects of this was, to regain a fraction of his positive image, Chump never once requested support from his new tribe, otherwise it would appear, as had been suggested,that he only joined them to save his  own skin.

So at the end of all that drama, both players ended up being rimmed.


An Easy Farm

After Toggles’ fall from grace the rank one spot was again open to contenders and a new influx of players jumped into the top spots.
The highest ranks have begun to look a little more competitive around now and are constantly shifting, but a clear trend of a few top players bouncing around rank 1-5 is emerging. For a few days Easy.Farm  seemed to be comfortably holding the coveted rank one position, with strong growth and excellent farming, but since then he has (rather publicly) been banned. Although it was not permanent, and he was given a punishment that would have allowed him to keep playing relatively comfortably, he believed it to be too harsh, and announced he would be quitting the game for good. Whilst it is, as of yet, unure whether he will go through with this, for now at least it seems he is still growing:

Though not at nearly the same rate he was several days ago, and has slipped down the growth rankings:

You will notice Easy.Farm does not even make the top 20 growers list. If you were interested, he clocks in at 24.


Looking at the other players on that list however, it is possible to make certain observations, such as that, galskrika, Pain.Carbon and stoic rudeness are all high ranks on both the points chart and the growth chart, suggesting that they will all stay up top on both. (it is also worth noting that stoic has had a huge bonus from being in the middle of a merge, galskrika is a solo player, and also went through at least a stint of being the best farmer on world:)

Now I believe the award is being dominated by Pain.Carbon and some players lower down the ranks,but this is unconfirmed.



The past few days also saw the forming of the new top 2 tribes, both by merges, within the same few days.

The tribe NEW! was formed from the merging of the two former tribes ELITE and KISSES. The main reason behind such a large merge at such an early time was that Pandaking, duke of ELITE, (also known as Karmalot) is taking a break from the game for personal reasons. He wanted the best for his tribe, but that meant he would need to find it new leadership, as he was the only one qualified in his eyes to lead such a tribe.

So from this merge came two new tribes, NEW! and also Scary. Many are frowning on this merge due to the fact that all of the same members remain in two family tribes that effectively work as one, but the reason for it was that all of the best players from both have ended up in one tribe with all of the best leaders from both, giving it the best chance of success in the future.

They have an excellent spread for growth and domination, and all of the advantages lined up for them to go far. It looks like NEW! will be a force to be reckoned with long into the future. (on an unrelated note E2-ELITE’s academy-has broken off from the main tribes and is now completely unaffiliated)

NEW! spread


The other merge that I referenced was that of [PMS] into Where?
[PMS] Was formed of a breakoff tribe from Where? in the early stages of the world, over various disputes such as leadership and recruitment. Since then the tribes had been allies and their leaders had been negotiating the rejoining of the core members into the Where? [PMS] had been recruiting and managing itself like a normal tribe and the remerging was never set in stone, but it was much better planned and thought out than the failed SE merge, and the members had better relationships, so it should be another tribe formed that will last long and do well.

Where? merged [PMS] members in blue


So that concludes part 3 of the W64 blog, part 4 will be in about a week‘s time.

If it isn’t, don’t worry, I haven’t quit, you’ll get your content, but please don’t keep begging/messaging/sending fakes at me to try and get it :P

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