The Truth at last?

April 2, 2011 in World 040 News, World News

Hello! Well, it is time to cause some more contraversity with another Blog this time looking at TBK and a shock story unearthed from the underground backstreet’s of Kata F. Firstly, I’d like to make an announcement, recently Ive gone into semi-retirement in game due to a wish to spend more time with my girlfriend. Despite this I will still be Blogging for World 40 (Insert cheers here!) unless anyone more active wishes to take the reins; if so drop me a message. Anyway, we have two very big issues tonight, TBK and Kata’s biggest secrets revealed when the massive turmoil that has gripped the Kata Family is exposed. Read on to see more!


Well, what can be said about TBK? TBK occupy the western rim of the world partly mingled in with what is left of RPX now known as PA after an apparent change of leadership. TBK appear to be the only real tribe with any chance of having an impact left on World 40 aside from the two big Families, NMS and Kata. Statistically TBK are unlikely to play a major role in the deciding of this world with just over one third of the points of the fourth ranked tribe =CB=. The statistics are not painting a very nice picture for TBK as well either, NMS F. Are outdoing TBK by 3-4 times the rate of conquers although this number is still relatively little given the size gap of these two powers. Sadly TBK has declined to provide an interview as their council feels it is not necessary.

Stats: Side 1: Tribes: T.B.K

Side 2: Tribes: ~CB~, NMS, NMSR, =CB=

Timeframe: Last month

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 29

Side 2: 107

Difference: 78

With 197 Internals in the last month, out of 484 total conquers it would appear that TBK is slowly starting to run out of food as well. When NMS’s conquers are taken away from TBK’s total conquers and the Internals are disallowed TBK is still growing but extremely slowly and it surely cannot last for a long period of time. TBK is again let down by its inactivity which could be a possible cause for the slowed growth as there are only 30 Active members out of a total of 46 according to:

However despite the flaws TBK does has some redeeming features, against all the odds they have got thus far in world 40. Having started on the rim behind Rum! Whom will be remembered as an extremely blood thirsty tribe they have managed to outlive their pirate neighbors and show that they are a force to be reckoned with. For a while TBK were beating NMS in the war statistics this again shows that TBK despite the flaws do have the shell of a tribe that could have a lasting impact on world 40. Personally I am inclined to reserve judgment on TBK, the negatives are fairly balanced with the positives for TBK and I couldn’t honestly place an accurate bet on whether or not TBK will have any sort of Impact in this world. If you have an Idea then leave a comment in the Blog discussion forum or in the comments box below.

The war!

Well again we come to quite possibly the only thing worth talking about these days with regards to world 40. The war..

Stats SelectShow

Well, there really is no other way to say this. Kata is dominating the war stats for the previous month; over tripling NMS’s conquers. This could be down to a number of reasons and sadly I am only able to speculate as NMS still has not provided me with someone able to give me a brief update on their situations. One of the reasons I hypothesised was that NMS still has not fully grasped the gravity of the situation it is facing, whilst Kata seems to have gone the full 9 yards in this war, NMS is not stepping up to the standard of which it is capable. Until we see NMS grasp the reality of the situation and get back on the form of which we were accustomed too I personally cannot see these stats changing around in the near future.


Well, what can be said about the way the world is shaping out now? Hmm… Well, from a glance and without taking any factors besides the rough geography of the world into account it would look likely that over the course of time Kata will take the North East whilst NMS make a push through TBK and PA creating a Ying-Yang shape to the world. Sadly not all map reading can be that easy. From a more statistical viewpoint, NMS looks set to make more gains in the North East as the percentages start to swing precariously with the victory still on the tip of a knife for both sides. Kata looks set to continue its push towards the core with rapid gains showing over the heavily disputed K64 area. But in other news, K56 becomes the first full continent to swap hands since the beginning of this war making it almost 5 months since this war started. At this rate we’ll be playing for the next 30 years! Here is the map from my previous Blog:

The Hidden truth?!?

It was bound to get out sooner or later so heck, why not be the first to let the cat out of the bag? It has been a good few months now since Kata and UN merged to create the new Kata Family we know today however there are signs of a split already. It seems some of the old UN players are in anger over the sheer amount of spam generated by a select few inside Kata. An Anonymous spokesmen for the old UN players has this to say:

Quote SelectShow

When I pushed my source further he agreed to compile a list of names of people who he felt spammed the most and in this order the crown of Spammers was awarded.

  1. Codename: “Kezza” – Clearly a Prime target for UN if/when they re-form, the Spam is strong in this one…
  2. Rob – Worryingly high spam levels with this one, I have no doubt UN will make him a high priority target.
  3. Borby aka the “chief of Noobs” – this player has very little known about him, some say he cuts his toe nails with a rake, others say he has never seen a girl and the very thought of one would cause him to implode destroying the entire world in the process.
  4. Mark – Ok there has to be some mistake here, I’m meant to be the sensible one..

I further pushed my source but he was reluctant to divulge anymore about the secret plot breeding within Kata. After countless hours, several whips, chains and a Dalmatian puppy my source finally revealed the breakaway date for UN from Kata. As of the 1/4/2012 UN will become an independent tribe once more! For more details please look below!

Round up time!

Well it has been an exciting past month, lots of fighting both in-game and on the externals although i feel slightly responsible for the latter. To round off, i would like to thank TBK for agreeing to an Interview, i would also like to thank my source for providing me with an excellent piece of completely factual evidence of the growing unrest inside Kata F. Next time i will be looking at NMS F. in more detail and hopefully securing an Interview with several members and/or council. So until next time have fun :) Cheers, Mark