The Story of W49

June 30, 2010 in World 049 News

The fights and battles have died a bit on W49 as it seems with not too many wars taking place at the moment. Everyone’s busy expanding and consolidating the homeland Ks. This might be a prelude to some epic wars yet to come in this world.

Players’ Rankings:

Cer-berus has pulled away from the pack once again like he did on W39 with a huge 200k lead. Rtriana and Dlhu are competing for the second spot and there has been quite a change in the second and third spot with the 2 of them having their own personal battle on who gets to grab the spot after #1.

Tribal Standings:

Again, we see there’s a battle between 1/0 and Hug on which tribe gets to the top and stays there for a week. It has been a topsy-turvy ride so far with each overtaking the other. The third, fourth and fifth placed tribes have still a lot of grounds to cover to catch upto the top 2.


Hug v/s REAL: This war has come to a stalemate and swiftly dwindling away as both tribes have realised that its futile to wage a battle from continents away. Maybe there will be war between these 2 in the future, for now, each is happy to gain local territory and expand and grow and deal with smaller tribes.

Hug v/s ~Sync: The latter declared war on an opponent and managed to send 100+ attacks on a single player. They, however failed to cap any village. Hug retaliated with a swift OP which resulted in the majority of ~Sync players getting nobled. As expected, a few left and are in search of new homes, but the parent tribe is now a former shadow of itself. Another feather in Hug’s cap.

-?- v/s NERD: This has, by far, been the most interesting war of W49 for the last week or so with 2 equally strong tribes battling it out with each other. Both have significant caps against one another, however, this war has cost -?-their former fifth place in the rankings. They have since slipped to 9th place and lost their hold on K74. The world will eagerly stay tuned on the outcome of this war.

A lot of villages have also been exchanged between 1/0 and NME, no prizes for guessing who’s leading the tally though.