The Story of W49

August 4, 2010 in World 049 News, World News

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another action packed week of W49. The deserters from this world are now seriously biting their lips while the current players are living a dream world with wars pledged everywhere – north, south, east, west. It couldn’t have gotten any bigger than this. 

A look at the rankings now:

Tribal Rankings:

Hug has taken quite a handsome lead after subduing 23rd but BMF is not giving up easily. NERD is a close third with Dice! and Paint completing the top 5. 1/0 has slipped down the rankings due to a lot of their players leaving and forming the current #4 tribe (which also has a sufficient amount from -U-).

Players Rankings:

Not much change in here, Cer-berus still holding onto the top spot, while Rtriana, Dlhu and Heepsofdeeps all contesting for the silver crown. Hannah Montana wraps up the top 5 with a horde of Hug players following it up inside the top 10.

W49 Wars:

1/0 vs Haze: The much talked about war is at full pace now with both tribes hitting each other hard, and caps aren’t coming that easy. The externals are full of flaming which is quite expected from the big stalwarts hitting each others egos. Haze seem to be doing well for a tribe which is half the size of their opponents. A sneak op by the former led to some caps but not much success, and 1/0’s army camps were demolished within hours of getting set up. In my opinion, this will be a painfully slow war due to the skill level of both sides, but that would make it more interesting as it’s by far the best in W49’s history so far.

Stats for last month:

1/0: 29

Haze: 52

Dice! vs Sars!:  This war has a long history. Sars were originally warring -U-, then ex-DND players decided to leave 1/0 and form Dice! and after that, -U- merged into Dice! to give rise to the present tribe. This war is quite close to the Haze and 1/0 one, but caps are coming slightly more easily. It’s a fairly even contest, although Dice! do seem to be taking the upperhand slowly. Here’s hoping Sars! would bounce back and entertain us all as everyone loves to favour the underdogs. ;)

Stats from last month:

Dice!:  32

Sars!: 19

BMF vs 1/0: The #2 tribe declared on 1/0 a couple of weeks ago citing reasons like recruiting players in their K and trying to spoon feed them about diplomacy, but I do think there’s more that meets the eye here. Anyways, BMF have since recruited 1 guy from 1/0 named Popa who has been doing all the work of capping in favour of them.

Hug vs 23rd: Hug declared on 23rd on 23.07.2010 and since then, have capped a gargantuan amount of villages rimming several 23rd players. 23rd’s single op has failed to have an impact and it seems that they’re swiftly drifting away to nothingness. 23rd’s main duke had to quit in the middle of the war due to RL and it has affected the morale of the tribe greatly. Only a few are seen to be fighting back, but they are running out of time fast if they are to turn the tables around.

Stats from last month:

Hug: 207

23rd:  32

In the western part of the world, Hydra have finally accepted defeat against Paint and their top players have since moved into the latter, now Paint have an easier job of cleaning off the rest of the food and also they seem to be doing pretty well against ~AR~ who are not offering much resistance, although the stats say otherwise. Paint were engaged on another front which might justify their losing some villages. Anyways, I think the #5 tribe will sweep their opponents up in style once they start planning ops.

Stats from last month:

Paint: 29

~AR~: 20