The Split of Twist!

June 17, 2011 in World 046 News, World News

Welcome back to the World 46 Blog! Through the last few weeks, more and more Twist players have left Twist, beginning a relatively quick slide for that tribe. Why has this happened?

Some would say, that as a merge between two warring tribes, the relations between each were already thin, and tense at best. However the issue within Twist at the moment does not seem to be players from each former power, conflicting with each other, in fact they seem to work together quite well, considering their backrounds. However, the new leadership has come under criticism.

Before I continue, I should probably explain what has happened in a more detailed way. Externally, Fireyflame, the former duke of Anarky left Twist! some days ago, and brought several of his former players with him. They have not attacked, or been attacked by Twist players, as they claim to still seek to harm a mutual target: TSL.

This was not wholly unexpected, even though Firey was a large proponent of the merge initially. However, the large suprise came when the original Skill? leadership left also, along with some of the top players from that tribe.

As things stand currently, there are 3 tribes, composed of split players from Twist! that have formed. They have shown no signs of fighting each other yet, but as members continue to leave, there is little hope that Twist! can remain intact unless a drastic change is made within the leadership.

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How long can a tribe survive… with so many of its key players leaving? Well.. not long at all if this continues. Unfortunately for Twist!, it is quite hard to win against a tribe so much superior is pure village numbers as TSL is. Together… Twist! had a chance, despite leadership issues. Divided, they will fall undoubtedly.

Still.. I would like to wish the Twist, or former Twist players good luck, as they will surely need it if they wish to retain a fighting chance against the much larger TSL tribe.

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