The South Shall Rise Again!!! W:43

January 31, 2011 in World 043 News, World News

This week we will hear from the duke of FRST who isn’t a duke. Last week I promised the flip side of the story, and this week Nick, coplayer of choccy bear in FRST will supply it.

Ryan: Ok, well I like to start off by getting to know my interviewee so mind telling me your in game name and position in the tribe?

Nick: Well, I play on the Chocolate bear account… the account is a duke account, but i know nothing of leadership.  :P
Ryan: So you just take care of the account when one of the other players becomes incapacitated?
Nick: Yeah, i’m Scott’s slave.  I don’t do anything by myself any more.
Ryan: Nuts! have done well against FRST this last week or so. They have almost twice as many caps as FRST for the week. What do you think the reasoning for this is since FRST has led the whole war prior to that?
Nick: That’s a good question. Before, FRST was kinda just winging it, but now that nuts have found where their players have been hiding we might need to step it up a notch. Increased activity has been the main culprit. At least that’s what slowed us on the Choccy account down. :D
Ryan: We all know that Nuts! has struggled with activity. We also assume that FRST has as well to a certain extent. How has FRST dealt with any inactivity that they might have?
Nick: Giving others things to do helps. Team work is the best way to overcome inactivity. All our players chip in where they can. Recently KillerYu has been hit quite hard and would have lost many more villages if not for tribe cooperation. It is also helping many of our players to better learn how to defend against multiple attackers and a lot of simultaneous incomings.
Ryan: Does FRST have some kind of super secret plan for taking back control of this war?
Nick: Yeah, we do actually, but it’s kinda secret. All i can say is: ready for some fun Nuts?
Ryan: Party pooper… What has been the biggest difficulty for FRST thus far in the war? Which Nuts! player has caused the most damage and sleepless nights?
Nick: The hardest thing so far, I would say, Nuts! inactivity and the attack breaks.  I know attacking someone who doesn’t fight back is no fun,  and those attack breaks sure ruined my groove and got me a little lazy. We actually haven’t been getting attacked very much so no one’s been causing me sleepless nights.  However, a few players from our side have been keeping me up. KillerYu has kept me up a few nights, and Cheesepenguins loves to make sure he goes to bed before I do.
Ryan: If you could nominate an MVP for each side who would they be?
Nick: From our side I would have to say Waldo.  He’s always trying to get us in FRST to do better, and he’s always growing way faster than we can get him support. :D
Ryan: And for nuts?
Nick: From their side… *checks how to spell name* Dhksththtl. He seems like a good player. He and mageknights were doing well last i heard.
Ryan: Does them performing so well give FRST a bloodlust?
Nick: I actually like when my enemies are doing well, it means I have to do my best, which is always rewarding and I always seem to learn something that way.
Ryan: What do you think will be the deciding factor in this war?
Nick: Which ever tribe can pull off successful tribal opps.  So far neither tribe has done any since I have been here. Also, whichever tribe can stay together and active the longest will win. It is the same in all wars for worlds. If you are able to keep your members interested in the war and keep their moral high you will do well, even if the other side has more skill. Skill doesn’t help if the players aren’t active.
Ryan: What about the other tribes chipping in their 10 cents, which tribe, Gypsy or Ni, do you think stands a better chance at causing serious damage?
Nick: well so far Gypsy has been doing well. They’ve even held their own against Nuts! and then some. Gypsy is also more clustered than Ni. Ni is just too spread out to do any real damage to any one other than Nuts! at this point. I have also heard that Gypsy plays like a team, which is always good. Most people consider their tribes well oiled machines, but few actually are. It is nice to see that in a smaller tribe.
Ryan: At this point do you think any tribe, other then the four aforementioned, stand any chance at survival?
Nick: There are more than those 4 tribes in this world? :)  I don’t think so, but what do i know :D
Ryan: I think that is about it, thanks for your time and information.
Nick: No, thank you! <3

War Statistics:

Nuts! is still ahead in the weeks captures just as they were last week, but it seems FRST is catching back up. Only time will tell.

Next week we will be seeing who the world thinks are the MVPs for each side in this war for the world. You can cast your vote by messaging me and you can nominate someone on the external forum.

And a siggy for Nick as promised.