The South East United?

February 28, 2011 in World 040 News, World News


Hello all, I hope these past few weeks have been good to you all both in game and out with our little world. Last time I focused on the North West and the changes it had undertaken leading up to the present at which point I analyzed the possible ramifications the united North West could have on the world. However this time I will be looking to the opposite end of the world, the South Eastern corner which is home to TiGER and various other smaller Tribes. For this weeks edition I will be looking at the History of the South East and what promise this little corner of the world holds.




To be fully aware of the present situation in the South East we must first take into account the changes it has undertaken which have helped shape the south east we presently see. From the early days and the earliest map I can find of the South East WRATH and WRYV F. play a major role in defining this particular corner of the World. Overtime the world has changed from WRATH and WRYV all the way through to DeathX, *PTW* and even the UN family. Several tribes had an impact on the South East of world 40, but which had the most defining and lasting impact?

Here is a Map of the south at Present:

What can be said from this map? Well the Kata Family has certainly taken control of the South East dominating every Continent besides K89 with only TiGER left standing. So does this qualify Kata F. To claim dominance of the South East or were their Tribes in the past that could claim to have had a bigger and more defining role in the South East?

Lets take a look at the various Tribes as they stood throughout time and see which one could have claimed to have had the biggest role in its formation. First up is WRATH and as the first Major tribe to conquer the South East surely they must have been the most influential tribe? Wrong.. Shortly after gaining control of a large portion of the South East WRATH went to war with DeathX and Kata which eventually brought around their downfall. WRATH really had no unifying presence in the South East up until their demise as a large chunk of the South East was still under various Tags and as such the War with Kata F. Prevented WRATH from completing its aims of Unifying the South East.

Next, *PTW* well, what can be said about these guys… Well *PTW* were definitely a Unique tribe and made themselves known after they joined the UN Family if only for a short time. This event has been credited as one of the reasons as to which brought Kata into the war with UN so in a large sense *PTW* did have a big impact in shaping the way the south currently looks. Although Can *PTW* be given sole credit for Kata Joining in the UN war, personally I don’t think so and having been in Kata/DeathX (Now KataX) at the time I know that there were several other reasons for the declaration. This would mean that whilst *PTW* did have some role in shaping the South East they did not quite have enough to secure the crown of the Tribe that unified this little corner of the world; although their actions went some way towards helping evolve that corner of the world and pass the reigns to another Tribe so they must be given due credit.

Finally, we reach TiGER!

TiGER are a tribe all on their own right now, and from the talks I have had with their members they seem to be unique in their own respect. TiGER is a dictatorial monarchy which basically means it runs on a class society where one person or council controls all the power. With smaller Tribes spread around the Rim I have usually found very loose lips and Tribes that you would have to be a failure not to be able to spy on with ease. However with TiGER when I mass mailed them a Questionnaire I received this mail back from their leader:

Message SelectShow

This to me showed a strong sense of leadership inside TiGER, from every Account I mailed inside TiGER I had not one response to my questionnaire. So could it be that TiGER have finally done what no other tribe in the south East has done before? Have they really managed to create a strong tribe based on Trust and respect without a single hole in it?

Aside from my shock of having nobody respond to my questionnaire which I was going to feature in this Blog I was also declined an Interview with the Leader of TiGER due to their structure. From the map it is clear that TiGER has not managed to unify the south under their banner and the stats paint a grim picture for TiGER showing that they are being slowly but surely removed from this world. However something about TiGER still peaks my interest, it is the way in which they are ran plain and simply. Out of all the Tribes left on this world I don’t think I could mail any other Tribe and not have at least one response to my mail. Out of the circular I sent, a good 75% of TiGER read the map showing it was not the Activity which caused them not to reply; it was they way they have been lead.

Overall for TiGER I would conclude that whilst they will not be the one tribe to unify the south they are the most impressive tribe I have seen in this little corner of the world thus far. The stats do not do TiGER justice in many ways, with tutoring I see no reason why TiGER in a newer world if they banded together again with a reasonable spread could not go onto great things.


Stats for TiGER for the past Month…


Side 1:
Tribes: TiGER
Side 2:
Tribes: Kata, KataX, KlownZ

Timeframe: Last month
Total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 0
Side 2: 58
Difference: 58

Kata F. Being the only tribe TiGER are really fighting shows that despite my praise they still require teaching. However regardless of the stats one must applaud their activity and loyalty to their tribe whatever the outcome.


The MAP!

Well, right off the bat there have been some Continents swapping hands over these past few weeks, K22 has now been claimed by NMS and an obvious push has been made in the north to secure the corner. Apart from that one change the map appears stagnant; a few percentages here and there are all that is visible to the plain eye. To be frank I don’t think we will see many more changes in this map until going on the end of March unless anything drastic occurs. All tribes at this point in time are locked down in a stalemate battle making minor gains all up and down the line with no side focusing on one particular area and pushing it.

The weekly WAR!


Well, firstly the stats for this Past month and week:

Weekly SelectShow


Monthly SelectShow





Well from the stats it appears Kata is still firmly in control of this war and NMS having settled its differences in the North has still not managed to reconcile the difference in the stats. But in my opinion if NMS is to halt the stats it will all occur sometime during March, the War Makers have said they are heading to a Kata war Front so from mid March onwards we should see the best of all Tribes still on this world having a slice of the front line action. From that point on we should be able to tell who is going to keep control of the reigns of this war. Kata is continuing to push its front lines and gains across the front lines are shown by various % increases in several K’s. So what will NMS do to stop this advance and turn the Tide..

NMS has done a lot this past week launching a large offensive on Core one of Kata F.s Leaders and for the most part it is a good plan. Cut the head and the rest will crumble but it does not appear to have worked in this case and Core is still standing despite the pounding he received. Kata F. has launched a similar offensive on various parts of the NMS front lines hitting a large spread of targets to maximize chances of success whilst probing for possible weak links. One of the more successful Operations was pulled in K56 where Kata made a large 5% gain in the continent after a successful Operation on Contessa Catherine. It is here i would also ask for a representative from NMS to mail me and volunteer to be the person to keep me informed of any Operations NMS pull and their outcomes as i would like to get the view from both sides.

Round up!

Well, I’ll finish by summing up what has been looked at this week. TiGER is in my opinion the shell of what could have been a very successful tribe. I am honestly in the opinion that if they were given the chance and instructed by some more skilled and experienced players they could thrive, all you need for a successful tribe is already in place, Activity, leadership and commitment and a certain willingness to learn. The Map has not seen many changes and i doubt it will with the world war still raging on and showing no sign of change anytime soon. It has been said before and i will say it again, Inactivity will be the decider of World 40, not Operations or Tribes. So bad luck Kata and NMS, it seems the Grey Tribe will be winning this world, not you.. :(

As i stated earlier in my blog, i would like someone from NMS to give me a rundown of any Ops you have pulled after they have been completed naturally. This will allow me to get a better view on the war from your side. For the next Blog i will look at an idea which has been posted in the Blog Discussion topic on the externals. If you have any ideas feel free to pop along and drop them in and i will review them.

Thanks all once again,