The Small But Significant Tribes

April 17, 2011 in World 037 News, World News

Over the last few weeks there has been a vast focus on the larger tribes in this world. With mass merges and bloody wars, we seem to have forgotten about the smaller players and tribes in World 37. In this blog I will discuss the current situations and futures of some of the tribes that are not the greatest in size.

Before that, let us look at some of this week’s events. Firstly, we have a new rank one player in the world! ‘SV Ostroski’ has knocked ‘ijsbeer’ off his perch to become the largest player in World 37. So, congratulations to ‘SV Ostroski’!

We also have a name change this week! ‘BigBrad075’ decided to change the name of ‘Unknown’ (N/A) to ‘Lobotomy’ (Cure), ‘Lobotomy’ being a surgical procedure to cure insanity. Can you guess the significance?

We have also witnessed some old players return to World 37 too. ‘ASCEND’ has seen past friends return to them, after a lengthy absence, taking over accounts previously unwanted. Perhaps they can rejuvenate some belief back into ‘ASCEND’.

However, as old legends return, we have lost a few more players in the world. ‘On The Balcony’ recently going barbarian was a big loss to World 37. This brings the player count to below 750 now.

Now onto the main feature of this issue: The smaller tribes of World 37. They may not be large in size, but they could play a significant part in deciding how this world concludes.

The first tribe I shall evaluate is ‘New Theory’ (~NT~) who were founded on the 11th February 2011 by ‘ianthecooly’. They have been growing and expanding well since forming but now have a big test ahead of them. On 12th April 2011, ‘Cure’ declared war on ‘~NT~’. The reason being that ‘~NT~’ were supporting an enemy of ‘Cure’. Despite ‘~NT~’ being much smaller than ‘Cure’, they have made a stronger start to this war than their opponents as shown by the statistics below:

How long can ‘~NT~’ resist the strength of ‘Cure’? Will they be able to gain peace? Or will ‘Cure’ begin to invest more troops into removing ‘~NT~’? They are currently not a priority of ‘Cure’ as they have a much bigger fight to deal with.

On April 2nd 2011, ‘~BOFM~’ disbanded, after four and a half months in World 37, to merge into ‘U.T.R.’. Most of the old players have moved over to ‘U.T.R.’ to unite under one banner. The leader’s aim is for the tribe to strengthen and expand before possibly starting a conflict with another tribe. The morale and internal relationships are strong in ‘U.T.R.’ and they hope to become a greater power in World 37. However, they are currently in a war with ‘1ns4n3′ which was declared by ‘Stotty2009′ because ‘U.T.R.’ recruited a player from an enemy of ‘1ns4n3′. Since this player (‘firemedic932′) was taken out, this war has not been active, with no conquers against either side in the last three months.

Another tribe that appears to be just ‘plodding’ along also is ‘LEGION’. They are close to their one year anniversary, having been founded on May 28th 2010. However, times are not great at ‘LEGION’. Unfortunately, many players wish to move onto bigger tribes and there is a large call for a merge to take place. A significant number of members have left over the past few weeks to move to larger tribes such as ‘Cure’, this resulting in ‘LEGION’ being six million points smaller now than they were a few weeks ago. Tough times could be ahead for ‘LEGION’, with morale currently low and the tribe slipping down the rankings. Can the leaders steady the ship? Or will the tribe disband before their one year anniversary?

A tribe in a very similar situation to ‘LEGION’ is ‘O.C.’. They are also close to their one year anniversary having been founded on May 24th 2010. The same problems are being faced too. Players leaving for bigger tribes is an issue with ‘O.C.’ too, with many joining ‘Cure’ when it was founded. Again the same questions are being asked of them. Can they reach their one year anniversary before possibly disbanding?

There are many other smaller tribes that are surviving and hope to carry on expanding and strengthening. I am sure they will provide to be an influence in the way this world is decided and their significance should not be underestimated.

I will conclude this blog with a different ending: a poem. I spoke to the leader of ‘X-Men’ to gain some content for this blog and here is what he replied with:

“The only thing that I would like for you to mention is the name ‘cc22’ which the poem on our profile is about.

When the X-men were on World 2, before we merged into the tribe HOT, we lost a member who was a 15 year old girl at the time, whom was struck by a vehicle and did not make it. So we reformed the X-men on this world and our entire existence is a dedication to her. One of our members wrote this in her honour.”

Poem To cc22:

The impact you left…has made its mark
The Tribe you created….is about to embark
The death of a girl….made a story
The tribe that remembers…is one of her glories
To cc22 and the X-men, you live then you die
To all the brave heroes

Now you rest…In heaven dear,
And all we can do is shed a tear
A life is a saga..a lived out tale.
What we do…is what makes us prevail.
People watch us…you may not know,
But like the wind…our life story blows
Across the land, from sea to sea
People are watching, your setting them free.

People forget, with us you stay
When lying in bed, for you we pray.
To the world lost, in our hearts found.
To X-Men united, We stand our ground.
You made this tribe, with your life passing,
Now in your honor
We remember, cc22, your more than a member.(We miss you Emily)

Long live cc22 and the Xmen.