The Sea of Southern Barbarian Villages

February 12, 2011 in World 037 News, World News

This week I am investigating the importance of the masses of high point Barbarian villages in the south east of World 37. Read on for more!

Due to the mass quitting of several players from ‘ASCEND’ in November 2010, thousands of high point barbarian villages appeared in the south east of World 37. One of these players was ‘Catalina84’ who was rank 1 at the time and a key player for ‘ASCEND’. Tribal Wars was dominating her life therefore she quit meaning 932 villages were taken over by Barbarians! Along with her went many other large ‘ASCEND’ members such as ‘arabesqa’, ‘Pirate X’ and ‘CuRoi’. By December, several thousand Barbarian villages plagued the south east of World 37. Another problem, all the troops were still present…

Scenes like this took over the South East and are still present today:

Consequently, ‘ASCEND’ were faced with the impossible mission of retaining these villages without them falling into the hands of other tribes, including their current enemies: ‘~SA~’. They have had to make difficult decisions on how to use their nukes and noblemen. Should they be used to fight their enemies: ‘~SA~’? Or used to retain the Barbarian villages?

The top four tribes (‘1ns4n3’, ‘~SA~’, ‘ASCEND’, and ‘AD!’) have all been taking a fair share of the barbarian villages. This is something that ‘ASCEND’ should be worried about. Their south east dominance could be distinguished if they do not take back possession of the majority of these villages.

Here is the map of where the majority of barbarian villages are situated:


~SA~ = Pink

1ns4n3 = Orange

AD! = Green

I interviewed one of the members of ‘ASCEND’ about the current situation with the high point barbarian villages. This player has requested to remain anonymous. Here is our conversation:

Me: “How is the nobling of the barbarian villages going?”

Player: “Not too bad. ~SA~ and 1ns4n3 have got quite a few though.”

Me: “There’s so many!”

Player: “Yeah there is. There were about five thousand barbarian villages and I reckon there is about two or three thousand left.”

Me: “Are you worried about losing these villages to other tribes?”

Player: “To be honest, I don’t mind. If an enemy takes a barbarian village, I will take it back off them. And they will probably do the same.”

Me: “Thank you for your time!”

That concludes this week’s blog. Over the next few months we will notice the number of these barbarian villages become player owned. But by which players and tribes? These Barbarian villages could prove to be pivotal in the wars, especially ‘ASCEND’ versus ‘~SA~’.

Thank you for reading!