The Return of SLW

January 17, 2011 in World 022 News, World News

First of all i’m sorry for the delay. I have been very ill and have hardly got onto the computer. Though now i’m feeling slightly better and have found the time to make a blog, however the quality of it may be worse than my previous ones.

Anyway, lets begin.

Another tribe has returned to W22, SLW. The members who broke off from $CoD$ are playing their part in the recent events. Their current attacks on XXXX is forcing XXXX to split their troops between another tribe. This distraction may prove to be just what $CoD$ need. It could give them time to rebuild and re-organise their troops. This doesn’t mean XXXX’s onslaught will stop, it just means it’ll be decreased to around 70%.

SLW won’t be easy opponents though. Infact they could put up as much resistance as $CoD$ is now. The fact that SLW was first to attack gives then the upperhand at the start and with them being in such a compact area, they will be very resiliant. This may prove to be the turning point in the outcome of the war. XXXX may crack under the pressure and allow $CoD$ to take the upperhand but I find that very unlikely, as do many.

What effect this will have on the outcome of the world is yet to be seen, only time will tell.

Now we have an interview with someone far from the war in the south, it’s BRKDA’s josphat10101.

1. Who do you think will collapse first, CoD, XXXX or BRKDA?

I’d have to say $CoD$, only because they have more than half the world against them right now. I don’t expect it to be soon, but I have to reason to believe XXXX or BRKDA will collapse before them.

2. Do you think BRKDA have any chance on influencing the outcome of the world?

I believe that any tribe, no matter how large or small, can influence a world. BRKDA is nearly half the size of $CoD$ and about 1/4th the size of XXXX. I call that pretty substantial.

3. BRKDA, soon to be a NE tribe or is that -3- territory?

We already own K6, 7, 17, and parts of 18. If a chance arises, we may continue “NE”, but if not that’s okay too.

4. Continuing with -3-, now that they are back, any chances on the war resuming?

This is not the same -3- tribe that we were warring in the past. This is the remake of Andy’s tribe, whatever it used to be called. So no, don’t be looking for that to resume with the new -3-.

5. In your opinion who is the best W22 player?

That’s really hard to say. What is the best? Largest? Highest ODA? ODD? OD?
I’d have to say the most well rounded in terms of ODA and ODD combined would have to be MythicEpidemic. But that doesn’t really say much, since anyone can stack vills or send nukes.

The reason I’m saying that its Mythic is because of the praise I’ve heard for him from XXXX players. He’s a tough nut to crack and always seems to stay with it.

But then again, if someone gives me a reason to change my mind, I might.

That is all for now, I will try fit in two more blogs before Febuary but now i’m going to crawl back into bed.