The Reign of NMS

October 16, 2010 in World 040 News

Hi again! So this week is going to be about NMS, the top tribe of the world, the ruler of the core and the longest lasting top tribe we have seen for this world. NMS started on July 8th 2009, one day after world 40 opened. They quickly made their way to the top in the world and since then have continued their reign as the number one tribe. How have they had this long term success? What makes this tribe different from others that have come and gone? The leadership? Good diplomacy? Or is it just the members?

Where it all began?

As stated above NMS was created July 8th 2009. The current leaders (and many members) were not in the tribe when it started. They were in a tribe called Omega that no longer exists, before moving into Kata and then lastly joining NMS as their tribe to call home. Want to know a bit more about NMS from mcastillo710’s point of view, you will just have to keep on reading for the interview to find out.

NMS has been the core of the world and too this day they still are. Below is the most recent map from nickjer showing the tribal dominance for the top tribes:

As you can see NMS have dominance in roughly 16 of the continents and they all branch out from the core. There are worlds where the rim tribes are winning the world and other worlds where the core tribe has the dominance, similar to world 40. Who will be the one to win this world; it is still undecided no telling yet what may happen as there is still a long way to go.

War Statistics

NMS is fighting a few wars right now and still holding their own. The current major wars for them are with -WM-, Rum!!, and UN W40. Below are the stats for all 3 over the past week:

-WM- SelectShow

Rum!! SelectShow

UNW40 SelectShow
All statistics above were calculated on 16/10/10 at 8:30 server time and any nobling thereafter were not included in the statistics.

The map below is of NMS and the major tribes they are fighting currently:

So from the statistics and the map it looks like NMS is more focused on the western border with Rum!! and the eastern border with the UN family than  fighting -WM-. I think it is mostly because NMS has had problems with Rum!! and the UN Family for a long time and they are just tired of it, so they are taking care of them.  If the trend continues with NMS going west and east we may see them dominating a very large portion of the map soon. Things could change any day though but as of this moment NMS is fighting hard and strong.

Interview with mcastillo710

Unfortunately I was unable to interview one of the leaders of NMS, but mcastillo710 was a great candidate for NMS and I am glad I got a chance to interview him.

interview SelectShow

Well that is this weeks blog. Tune in next week for another exciting week of blogging. The poll for next weeks blog hasn’t closed but it looks like it is going to be about -WM- and Rum!!. I hope you guys enjoyed and any feedback is appreciated.

Thanks again

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