The Northern Rim

August 22, 2011 in World 057 News, World News

Welcome back to the World 57 Blog!  I have finally gotten around to getting out this edition… so thank you for bearing with me.

World 57 Map


*My thanks to Gals for helping out on the statistics for the top 5 players.(those statistics are updated as of 8-19-11)

*I tried my luck at making another map…. I thought it looked alright, but any and all constructive criticism is welcome of course.

Top 5 Players


Rank: 1 (+1) 

Points: 284,.580 (+57,776)

Villages:  37 (+6)

Average pts per village: 7691 (+375)

ODA Rank: 22 (300,716) (-3)

ODD Rank:  399. (71,059) (-105)

Noobs on Ice

Rank: 2 (+1)

Points:267.919 ( +56,551)

Villages: 37 (+8)

Average pts per village:  7241 (-48)

ODA Rank: 7. (388,288) (-6)

ODD Rank: 525. (61,138) (-158)


Rank: 3 (-1)

Points: 249,964 (+29,591)

Villages:  33 (+3)

Average pts per village:  7575 (+229)

ODA Rank: 13. (327,037) (-3)

ODD Rank:  1593. (28,379) (-374)


Rank:  4 (+1)

Points: 235,581 (+79,286)

Villages:  28 (+8)

Average pts per village:  8414 (+599)

ODA Rank: 1. (479,289) (+23)

ODD Rank:  87 (150,488) (-28)


Rank:  5 (-1)

Points:  214.265 (+51,894)

Villages: 29 (+6)

Average pts per village:  7388 (+328)

ODA Rank: 9. (364,872) (-1)

ODD Rank:  277. (85,022) (-68)

Featured: The Northern Rim


K(‘s) dominated: 41

Members: 94

Rank Overall: 53

Total Points: 375,149

Summary: While I would classify this tribe as a mass recruiter, they could be doing a lot worse. They have many quality players as far as I could tell, and their conquers have been for the most part quality also. They have lost quite a few members in the last few days, which makes it look like they may be cutting some of the slack. Normally, I would not think that this type of tribe would last long, but due to the seemingly lack of elite tribes in their area, I would predict that -ROT- may be around for a bit.


K(‘s) dominated: 32

Members: 16

Rank Overall: 27

Total Points: 426,133

Summary:  Temp! seems to be formed mostly from players who formerly were in a tribe named Tank. After some sort of issue in Tank, Temp! was formed by presumably the best players in the former of the tribes. This tribe does seem to be quite good, but honestly I can’t really say much more regarding it.


K(‘s) dominated: 23

Members: 68

Rank Overall: 26

Total Points: 661,422

Summary: This tribe seems to be struggling… to say the least. During the last week or so, many of their players have left, mostly going to various smaller tribes around their area, while a select few have went to tribe such as RAoV. TWS did have some potential earlier on.. as they possess(ed) some of the better players in their area. However, many of those have not lived up to expectations, and TWS is not headed anywhere positive at this time. Also… as a general rule, tribes who misspell words on their profile, tend fail in the long run. (just a general rule of thumb for me)


K(‘s) dominated: 14

Members: 74

Rank Overall: 137

Total Points: 130,302

Summary:  This tribe does not possess quite as many members as a typical mass recruiting tribe does… but it definitely does have its issues when it comes to keeping a steady member base. With over 300 tribe changes… stability is one thing that this tribe does not seem to have. Also… they have lost more villages than they have taken, which is never a good sign. I would venture to predict that the tribe currently at second in k14 (Umm?) will soon surpass Burn.


K(‘s) dominated: 24

Members: 39

Rank Overall: 17

Total Points: 1,122,173

Summary:  Looking purely at the profile of this tribe, it would seem to be probably one of the better tribes around. This may very well still be true.. as they do have some excellent players, and a nice small member count (relatively). The one drawback that I noticed was their surprisingly high number of tribe changes. Why would a tribe with 38 members.. have 250 tribe changes this early in the game? Well.. it would seem that ~KGD~ did mass recruit quite heavily as their tribe began, and have now recently cut players that were dragging them down. While many people do seem to employ this strategy… it is one that does hurt the stability, and team mentality of a tribe. Still… this tribe does seem to be a force to be reckoned with, and I have no doubt that they will put up a tough fight for whoever wants to attempt to step into k24.


 K(‘s) dominated: 25

Members: 129

Rank Overall: 35

Total Points: 823,931

Summary: Honour is undoubtedly another mass recruiting tribe and does not seem to be doing all that great. They have quite a few RAoV members spread throughout their midst, and will undoubtedly fall rapidly to either that force, or one of the tribes surrounding them. They are not terrible for a mass recruiting tribe, but their high tribe change count does not bode well for the teamwork, and ability of the membership of Honour.


 K(‘s) dominated: 26

Members: 27

Rank Overall: 23

Total Points: 529,503

Summary: This tribe is definitely one of the best tribes I have seen so far on the rim. They have quite successfully grown throughout their continent, beating back the advances of several tribes, the foremost being Coal. Their low member count, and also low number of tribe changes are key characteristics that I like to see. They seem to be quite a team so far… and they will definitely put up quite a fight if a tribe such as RAoV or Dream. attempts to move into their continent.


K(‘s) dominated: 27

Members: 73

Rank Overall: 81

Total Points: 198,593

Summary: Is it just me, or is the Joker overused in tribe CoA’s? Anyway, Joy does seem quite good for a tribe on the rim. Their player base and leadership seems sound from what I can tell, and they seem to be efficiently taking over k27. Normally rim tribes with member counts over 50 would turn me away, but this is one of the better true rim tribes around at this point I would say. A few small conquers dot their conquer list, but so far they have only lost a single village, while taking 18. (some of those being small, or worthless villages) In my opinion, they do have some slack to cut, but overall they seem to be headed for at least temporary success.


K(‘s) dominated: 37

Members: 90

Rank Overall: 43

Total Points: 432,629

Summary: [Dawn] is a rather poor tribe by my reasoning, as they have been consistently losing quite a few villages to Vodka! during the last few weeks. Overall they have lost 15 villages to their southern foe, and have taken absolutely none in return. They are definitely headed down a road that they do not want to follow. If they want to have any chance to stay around.. they will need to cut the slack and starting fighting back against Vodka.


K(‘s) dominated: 47

Members: 43

Rank Overall: 12

Total Points: 1.474.059

Summary: Out of all of the tribes covered in this blog, I would have to say that this one is the best. They are successfully expanding at a rapid rate, taking out tribes such as [Dawn] with little effort. With k47 pretty safely in the bag at this point, they are free to expand elsewhere, such as north into k37, which they have been doing quite successfully so far. I look to see this tribe continue on by dominating much of the eastern rim.