The North United?

February 8, 2011 in World 040 News, World News

Well, it is time to take a look north and see what has happened with the Again? Crew who have moved over to NMS gaining almost total control of the North West. I shall again apologize for a slightly later Blog, I was unfortunate enough to have my PC infected with Malware yesterday which was when I had intended to release the Blog and as such I did not log onto Word press or even in game for that matter. Anyway, it is time to take a look north and see whats gone on and evaluate the strategic importance of this merge and what possible repercussions it may have on the world as a whole. Without further hesitation onto the Blog! :)

Again with the Merging?

Well, I think a bit of background is in order first for people to truly understand the changes the north has gone through in the past which has lead up to this NMS/Again? Merge. From looking back on an old map of World 40 the North West has almost always been in contention between Rum!! And what was the TS family.  Rum!! Managed to stick around the north for a long time, peaking at Rank 4 and just over 82 Million points on the 4th of Feb 2010. The TS family were not so lucky, a divide in the Tribe caused half of them to move to CB and NMS and the others became the War Makers. WM stuck it out in the North West fighting NMS and their former Tribe mates for a long time, managing to peak at rank 5 with the member count only being in the high twenties; the lowest out of the Top 10. So, thus far we know the North was made up of these two highly skilled Tribes, Rum!! And –WM-. This is where the first Merge occurred, it was a logical step for these two titans to want to combine together finally solidifying the north and staking their own claim to the world title of Number 1. Coming together under BANG for a brief period the two tribes seemed to have secured their corner of the world and the future looked bright. Alas it twas not to be; the split occurred shortly after and both tribes members went back to their respective original tribes. The causes were pointed out in an externals post which claimed that Rum!! And WM simply had different playing styles and personalities which they were not able to work around. This was the cause of the First North West breakdown. The second was perhaps the shortest lived merge between two tribes and also probably won the award for the first two Tribes to merge twice. Yes you guessed it, -WM- and Rum!! Merge for the second time although the high life was short lived and the merge only lasted 15 days this time.

Finally the ultimatum, Again? Merge with NMS F.

This final merge unless history repeats itself which seems unlikely has finally restored a sense of peace to the north and brought an end to an extremely long standing war. But what consequences will this have on the rest of the world? The Map analysis should reveal a bit more about the future of the North West and the immediate impacts of this new partnership.

Map Update

Well, the map this week is certainly revealing and has some hidden clues as to what may be next for other regions of World 40. On the topic of the Again? players now bolstering NMS’s  ranks the old northern fronts that ran down K03 into K13 have been made redundant. This Merger has now shifted the Northern Again? players attention towards the already struggling PA family. The maps for this past week show that the battle for the North west is almost over with only a few stragglers in Again? left putting up any kind of resistance. From a more general point of view, the world has seen minor yet significant changes this past week. Kata F. capitalizing on the preoccupied minds in NMS which have been focusing on the north have made a big push into K63 and K64 gaining rapid ground and pushing the fronts back. The map for PA and T.B.K seems to be virtually unchanged with only minor gains and looses recorded on the map. Looking towards the rim, Kata F. has continued to steamroll its way through those Rim Tribes in the K90’s and made large pushes into the PA family to the west. NMS has done similar with K19 eating away all those left on the Rim exposing and expanding the already wide front lines. Now that the North has settled its differences what impact will this have for the south? With new and refreshed troops now heading south from the former Again? members we may start to see a slow in this war which Kata has thus far taken a demanding lead in. The Top Noblers map shown above is very representative of what i have said so far, virtually all of NMS’s Noblings have been to the North whilst Kata has taken the initiative and focused on K63/K64 choosing to push back the front lines over securing their own back garden.

Statistics! Don’t we love ‘em!

Well the simple answer is No. :D But in all seriousness, its time to take a look at this weeks top statistics:


NMS/PA SelectShow

NMS/T.B.K SelectShow

NMS/Again? SelectShow

So whilst NMS make outstanding gains on PA and Again? they still have come up short on T.B.K loosing by a reasonable distance given the statistical size of both Tribes.

Kata F.

Kata/Western SelectShow

Kata/Eastern SelectShow

Pretty much the same story across the board this week, both Kata F. and NMS F. have made gains on their back lines. NMS F. has this week peaked higher than Kata F. continuously in Nobling per day for the first time in a few weeks. This can be attributed to several factors the largest being the Again?/NMS Merge although it may be a sign that the predictions of NMS F. truly getting into the fight are coming true.

The Weekly War!

Well, as i mentioned earlier in the Blog this war has finally seen some notable changes and a viable change in the map. NMS have lost some fairly heavy ground in K63 and K64 the heavily disputed K’s and Kata has continued to push its way forward deeper towards the K53/63 divide.

The stats are as follows:

NMS/Kata SelectShow

The stats show that Kata F. has done what it can to reverse the losses it recorded the previous week where NMS F. seemingly took control of the stats. Not surprisingly enough almost 75% of the captures have been recorded in K63 and K64 which still seems to be the choke point for both Tribes. But now that NMS has finished in the North how will the War Makers influences change the stats for the coming week?

Wind down!

It certainly has been an interesting past few weeks, with Again? now flying the NMS F. banner is the war due a shake up? Or will Kata F. manage to hold back the War Makers of the North? The stats paint an even picture with regards to overall growth, however Kata F. still leads the war stats in the final showdown. I’d once again like to apologize for the lateness, its fast becoming a habit now. However for my next blog with all the current major topics having now been covered i am going to ask you as the readers to put forward your ideas.

The next Blog will be out on the 19th of February. But until the 12th of February i would like all those who read the Blog to post a suggestion in the Blog Discussion forum on what you would like to see in the next Blog. Your suggestions can include anything you like, weather it be Topics for investigation, people you wish to see interviewed or even a comical idea for a Blog let me know in the Discussion forum. Or alternatively if you wish to remain anonymous then Mail me in-game via “renshi p”.

Until the next Blog, stay safe and have fun. :) Mark