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November 20, 2010 in World 040 News

Hi! So there have been some major changes in the world this week and my focus has turned to the Kata Family and the UN Family. What is going on with them? What changed? Are we in for even more surprises soon? Read on to find out.

What Happened?

So the basic concept of what happened this week. UN W40 merged into Kata and Katax(well their top players) instead of merging into NMS. What made this decision. It was a number of things. The diplomacy UN W40 once had seemed hard to fix(both Kata and NMS refused a new NAP multiple times), the number of sits UN W40 council and more active members were holding were burning them out, and the losses against them were growing. Even Bastille mentioned the numerous sits they were dealing with…

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All this piled up on the tribe and they began to crumble while looking for diplomacy, but at first it couldn’t be found. A bit more time went by and an issue arose between Kata and NMS in K50. The basic run down of what happened from what I have seen is that Kata was nobling players from another tribe they are warring(*RAGE*, Worthy, Gentle, RPX, something along those lines) and the tribe had recruited into K50. NMS and Kata had a NAP agreement for the border from what I understand, but the area over in K50 was implied not written into the NAP.
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Shortly after this nobling in k50 the secret “NAP”(haven’t been told otherwise that this is wrong, and it hasn’t been disproved in the forum by the leaders of NMS) with UN W40 was offered by NMS. The NAP was worked like this, NMS would noble inactive accounts in UN W40 while UN W40 stacked their border with Kata so that they could launch against Kata in mass(also not based on factual evidence). After Kata heard of this they offered a merge as well. UN W40 then voted on the merge, the first time the vote went to NMS, but then more information was given on the merge options and the vote turned to Kata. Now Kata has the new members, but what will happen from here? Will Kata and NMS fight it out now or will they be able to keep the peace for now? Still a lot of a fight left in this world, no telling how things may turn in the next few weeks.


These 2 maps are from before the merge and after the merge with UN W40(the most recent map) As you can see it is quite a large change in the world. It is interesting seeing the mix of colors in the east now compared to the solid blue that was there before. I am curious if this map will change alot more over the next month, will there be war with NMS and Kata or will the line across the center stay as it is?

The map above shows the look of the NMS Family(NMS, =CB= and ~CB~) and the Kata Family(Kata and KataX). These 2 tribes are the powerhouses of the world. If they do indeed face off it will be an interesting battle with such a large front between the 2 of them.


With Kata and UN W40 merging the stats are hard to understand really…so I figured I would not post them. I will focus on the growth statistics.

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Interview Time!

To get a bit more of an inside look on how the merge went I contacted Kata and Moulson11, unfortunately I was unable to catch an interview with Moulson11 though. So here is an outlook on the merge with Kata and UN W40.

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So overall the merge seems to be going well for Kata. It has brought in new active players, new ideas and new goals and expansion opportunities. Will this merge provoke the gang bang phoenix2050 spoke of or will NMS move on from this and let the NAP stand? Many questions still need to be answered. Next week I hope to get the interview with Moulson as well as with KoT so we can see all sides of this story. Once all this settles down I may be able to move onto another topic in the world, but this is the big thing at the moment and I figured it needed to be written about. But until next week, I hope you enjoyed and as always contact me if you have any questions/concerns or just want to chat.

NOTE OF CONCERN: Not all information in this blog is guaranteed accurate as the full stories were not heard from all sides and I can only take what I can gather from the forums and what people say.