The Merge of Insanity

March 27, 2011 in World 037 News, World News

This week has seen some dramatic events in World 37. Two mass merges have taken place and are still happening now. Read on for the details of the ‘1ns4n3’ merge…

Many players had predicted that at some point ‘~SA~’ and ‘1ns4n3’ would merge to become one. On 24th March 2011 the merge began. Since then, 33 players have made the jump from ‘~SA~’ to ‘1ns4n3’ including the previous leaders of ‘~SA~’: ‘Whitebrow’ and ‘Rbos’. ‘1ns4n3’ hand-picked the members they felt worthy enough to join them under the recommendation from the ‘~SA~’ leadership. Players were judged on activity and the contributions they make to a tribe as a whole.

The remaining players in ‘~SA~’ will stay allied to ‘1ns4n3’ and may perhaps be recruited in the future if they prove that they possess the qualities required to make the jump to the rank one tribe. Who will now lead ‘~SA~’ is unknown to those outside of the coalition (which includes me!) therefore it is unsure to us how and by whom ‘~SA~’ will now be lead.

I decided to discover the opinions, regarding the merge, of an ‘1ns4n3′ duke and the leader of the resistance to ‘1ns4n3’:

Firstly, below is the view of ‘AmishGangsta’ (Duke of ‘1ns4n3’):

“We are lending a helping hand to friends, ‘~SA~’, who is our last ally left. We’ve explored other options, but ultimately, we want to stay true to our diplomacy as we’ve always stood by our friends. In World 8, that was part of the reason why we had so many tribes fighting us in the end. It will be no different here, but we’re obviously in a much better position.  We play for ourselves and our friends, besides what is this game without the relationships? That’s pretty much what we have left to play for. I think everyone’s so worried about winning the world, that what’s often forgotten is the friendships that are made and the ‘comradery’.” Before we ended our conversation he added one last phrase: “enjoy the ride”.

Here is the, as always, strong opinion of ‘BigBrad075’ (Leader of the resistance to ‘1ns4n3’):

“I personally believe it’s an act of cowardice for them to merge into each other. All they are looking for is to ‘hug’ their way to the end, because that’s how ‘1ns4n3’ has won all their battles in the past. It’s quite sad that they want the world to end on those circumstances instead of fighting for world domination.”

Two very contrasting views indeed! Now let us observe the statistics and maps from this merge. It is evident that ‘1ns4n3’ are even stronger than before as you would obviously expect. They now have unbelievable control in large areas of the world as the statistics below show:

‘1ns4n3′ Profile:

Below is the tribe changes for ‘1ns4n3′ for 24th March ->26th March:

Below is the map of World 37. ‘1ns4n3′ are displayed in blue and ‘~SA~’ are shown as green:

Below is the Tribe Dominance Map for World 37:

That concludes this week’s blog. Next time I will evaluate the other merge which has taken place. Thank you to ‘AmishGangsta’ and ‘BigBrad075’ for providing their opinions.

All statistics, maps and rankings are correct as of 27/03/11