The Love is in the Air, But Has Love Left the Game? -W43

February 16, 2011 in Questions of the Week, World 043 News, World News

A World Without Interest

As Winter leaves a new season follows closely behind. However, this season will not see many rookies.

Most blogs will pertain to specific tribes or players, however, this one will be dedicated to the growing inactivity on W43.

This world’s activity has been a let down for, I’m sure, more people than only myself. I joined this world a year ago and can still see the rim from my starting village in K85, showing that this world has lacked a healthy supply of new recruits since last December. In addition to the lessening number of new members, old ones are quitting or being nobled as will happen on this game. Let’s take a look at what has happened on this world in the last year or so in regards to member and new member count and why it is the way it is.

So where did they all go and why is no one else joining?

There are a few obvious answers to this question, but which is correct?

Are the settings on this world just not attractive to most players? Are we just so good that we squash all hope of existence on the rim? Are any possible new recruits afraid of davetheboss’ legendary spear nukes?

  • Is it undesirable?- We can assume that most players still on this noob-forsaken world enjoy the settings, however, there are players out there that enjoy faster worlds, worlds with churches, worlds with archers etc. If that is the case, this world was doomed from the start to never reach the maximum amount of players.
  • Are our insurmountable skills as a world off-putting?- Although I have seen many players with amazing skill on this world, there are usually players to join for the challenge. This world has lacked new players who attack well from the rim. All the tribes and players that we see now on the rim have been there for quite some time.
  • Was it the spear nukes?- In all honesty, it may have been… but what could have created such a small population of players to join W43 and many of the worlds after W43? The only obvious solution to me is that new worlds are being created too quickly, once the starting stage is over in a world no one wants to play there anymore. The world gets pushed aside like broccoli on a plate with steak.

This week’s blog is something like what I will be doing every week from now on. At the end of each blog I will post a question for you, the players of W43, to answer either as a comment on this blog or on the forum blog thread, and it won’t usually be this long and drawn out of a question. Discuss it but keep it civil. Maybe it will bring some people out to the forums to liven it up a bit.

Question of the week: What causes the newer worlds to not fill up to the maximum occupancy like all of the old worlds?