The Losers, The liars, and The Dishonest

September 22, 2010 in World 031 News, World News, Worlds 31-40 News

This weeks blog post is dedicated to all of the backstabbing liars! Yep Thats right the losers, the liars, and the Dishonest. How can we have the full tribal wars experience without them? Lieing, Spying, Stabbing your allies in the back is what tribal wars is all about!  So lets all thank them for teaching us life lessons. Everyone cant be your friend.”

Anything In this blog May or May not be true I believe its true because I investigate. I do not intend to harm or hurt anyone these are only words!

World 31 is no stranger to this topic, but they do love to hide things. This world is known for starting the drama and letting it fade away. Theres the tribe drama, the relationship drama, and even the forum drama. So today we will have a flashback on the w31’s past.

Ever since I can remember: ( May not be in order)

V and IPF were great allies, had a few rough patches here and there. The Spud (Leader of V2) wanted IPF to drop the whole family and merge into V. IPF declined of course. Than the next thing you know The Spud went to TE and discussed the possibilities of V declaring on IPF. Well of course TE and IPF were possibly talking because shortly after TE and IPF merged forming RIE. Than the so called “best friend” to Rie tribe  DECLARED! Never know whom you can trust.

V eventually ran to Hell. Ending the Vendetta and raising Hell! Rie continued to Fight them no matter what the name of the tribe was. Sources say Some members weren’t pleased with how Hell! was doing in the war and Stabbed there on tribe in the back; forming Limbo.

Out of no where came FearUs. I think VK merged with DFB and formed FearUs. But either way it goes they were fighting RIE. They managed to do some damage on rie took 3k’s but than the two tribes Napped to fight Hell.

In the end Hell was a dead tribe. The dukes tried to get the front lines support; but, half the tribe was inactive. They say it was a great tribe, but ruled by the wrong leaders.

Lets see…..Rie and FearUs became allies to team up against Limbo. But I think both tribes learned a few tips from Hell ;because they both were secretly talking to Limbo about teaming up and going against one another. You may think it was only RIE, because RIE actually added Limbo to their family, but sources says Both tribes were talking to Limbo.

Well every tribe Free seems to fight the members or leaders say they never expected it because Free had been helping them or sitting their players accounts. There may be no proof on this but I’m just saying…

Theres more just not on here….


  • Tribal wars is the perfect place to meet your true LOVE
    Seriously I have seen so many people get together on this website. Examples? Sure! …Ellegee & Absolute 0…. Old World 3 & Aphrodite01…. Cazd30 & Not really on the name ;)
  • Tribal Wars is the worse place to find your true love How many of those relationships I listed are still together? Exactly!
  • Rie and FearUs are in talks about teaming up against Free.
  • Free and FearUs is in talks about teaming up to fight RIE. After Free takes over the Northeast.
  • Jonu36 is trying to take the title “Loud Mouth Noob.”
  • New tribes are being formed and they are all going to team up to take out Free.
  • Tina was the Wrong..B..I..C
  • NicktheGreat is trying to get back on w31 in his own ways ;)
  • Since I had a special blog this week; I thought that maybe I should have a special guest.

    Everything I am about to write is coming from an interview from The Famous Spy.

    What is there a society of spies? Yes there is.

    What made him think of this society? He was recruited by cutter the slice from world 3.

    What tribe is he in? He is in FearUs atm but no names people he is a SPY.

    That is interesting… So you don’t become to friendly with people because if you gain there friendship you might not want to spy? On the contrary, friendships bring forward some of the best, juiciest intelligence

    Do you consider yourself a backstabber?100% YES

    Do you love what you do or do you think twice about it? I am infatuated with it, I am intrigued by the cunning it takes sometimes, it makes the game complete for me.

    So if your tribe reads this blog would the expect you are the spy? I doubt it, I have been here quite a while now and nobody has ever questioned me

    Is he a big player with skills? Yes, or so he thinks

    Will he ever give out your true identity? Never

    World Statistics

    2,046 Players…. The world have lost 150 players! Woo-Hoo keep it up lets close W31

    There are 198 tribes on w31. 196 are above 0 points.

    World Statistics

    Rank Tribe name Points of the best 40 players Total points Members Average points per player Villages Average points per village
    1 FREE 298.917.393 432.615.559 69 6.269.791 44075 9.815
    2 FearUs 221.356.741 263.915.941 62 4.256.709 26843 9.832
    3 -RIE- 217.877.908 290.298.916 63 4.607.919 29332 9.897
    4 TNE 87.972.734 92.423.677 53 1.743.843 9708 9.520
    5 *RIE* 87.594.422 91.059.071 45 2.023.535 9504 9.581
    6 Chosen 48.438.552 48.438.552 26 1.863.021 4984 9.719
    7 =V= 43.933.233 44.808.421 56 800.150 4678 9.579
    8 Use it 13.641.911 13.641.911 10 1.364.191 1459 9.350
    9 BLIM 13.260.127 13.260.127 34 390.004 1463 9.064
    10 ~FHS~ 13.201.965 13.201.965 26 507.768 1373 9.615
    11 Frogs 12.471.035 12.471.035 8 1.558.879 1350 9.238
    12 KILZOM 10.874.709 10.874.709 30 362.490 1196 9.093
    13 PUSH! 9.563.245 9.563.245 7 1.366.178 892 10.721
    14 BOA 9.475.741 9.475.741 20 473.787 1015 9.336
    15 Simple 6.852.203 6.852.203 1 6.852.203 710 9.651
    16 AA 6.187.294 6.187.294 5 1.237.459 655 9.446
    17 ODD 5.276.517 5.276.517 1 5.276.517 508 10.387
    18 FRNDZ 4.076.365 4.076.365 3 1.358.788 415 9.823
    19 FATE 3.621.865 3.621.865 1 3.621.865 374 9.684
    20 VRNT 2.919.492 2.919.492 38 76.829 460 6.347

    War Stats

    As you all can see theres a new tribe fighting Free now. Interesting time to investigate more on that new tribe.

    Anyways, Free is still winning but its not close to the end so lets keep watching to see what happens with this new tribe TNE.

    The same war….Same old thing lol. Seriously they arent doing much but the Rie Family is in the lead.