The Long-awaited Round Table Discussion

August 22, 2011 in Guest Blogger, Special Features, World 031 News, World News, Worlds 31-40 News

I want to apologize for how long this took to be published. The raw text was 83 pages when I copied it out of Skype. I edited it down to 16 pages in Word before formatting it for this blog. And then my world blew up in RL. I got the chance to work on an independent gangster movie called SRQ State of Mind and a couple other film projects. So here we are, two months later. I still want to publish this, because the people involved had some good things to say and they gave up their time to talk to me. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed leading the discussion with the top dukes of your world.

Thank to jesseiam2 for creating the Roundtable Room on skype and contacting and adding the participants for me.

Roundtable Room Chat

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A huge thank you to all who participated in this Round Table. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you and your world better. I want to congratulate you all on your ability to remember this is just a game and that there are real people behind the screen names you fight against. Regardless of how w31 turns out, you can all be proud for having made it this far and conducting yourselves with decency and respect.

~ Jeho