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June 11, 2011 in World 052 News, World News


How to love… that is the question we all face. The other question that might cross your mind is why it has been nearly a month since we have seen a blog on our favorite W52 :?

In light of the magnitude of events that have occurred over this time frame, it makes sense to give a brief précis of the most pressing issues, in lieu of a detailed article about each “happening”.

However, I will also be writing a special, in-depth piece about one of the topics that YOU suggest, either expanding on the following content or on a new, innovative idea that you want to appear in the blog. That’s right, let me know your desires, and I will comply with the majority. Read below for details of contacting me!

Without further ado,

Who’s still at war with whom? Which wars have concluded?

Why has -MM- fallen yet again? Is there a pattern emerging?

What does Phat’s new residence at the rank 1 spot mean for the rest of the world?

Let’s get started with this week’s blog.

World Map – Top 10 Tribes

$hadow and CCH are omitted for visual’s sake; not to impugn their political integrity.

Ongoing Wars

With everything that’s been happening, it might be hard for us to recall what the current conflicts are in the world. Let’s get a handle on who’s still warring each other:

  • Smile F. vs. NOTA F.
  • Phat vs. Bush
  • WET vs. Bush
  • -SWAT- vs. NOTA
  • SOHK vs. -ACE-

Bear with me as I post some graphs of the war conquers spanning the duration of each war. The red and blue lines show the tribes’ conquers respectively, but the real interesting part is when you look at the green line, which shows the differential between each equation. When the green line is positive, the tribe in blue is ahead in conquers; when the green line is negative, below the x-axis, the tribe in red is ahead in conquers. Thus, even if we were to omit the red and blue lines, we could still easily read the sway of the war by simply examining the green.

Smile F. vs. NOTA F.

The Smile F. includes Smile and SR; the NOTA F. includes NOTA and NOTA 2. Smile has remained in control throughout this war, with only a brief lapse into NOTA dominance over a month ago. It is interesting that both Smile and NOTA conquers spike and fall at the same time.

Phat vs. Bush

Phat has put on an altogether excellent performance against Bush, with 180 conquers alone in their first week at war. Their lead (the green line) has diminished steadily since then, but not because of Bush improvement, whose conquers have stayed fairly static. Phat seems to be losing steam, but Bush appears to be ineffectual as ever.

WET vs. Bush

WET, too, started off strong against Bush, possibly because they declared at almost the same time as Phat. They came dangerously close to losing their lead two weeks ago, but have since managed to stay strong. WET is not performing nearly as well as Phat, but is still proving to be slightly more adept than Bush.

-SWAT- F. vs. NOTA F.

The -SWAT- F. includes -SWAT- and Cops; the NOTA F. includes NOTA and NOTA 2. This is an interesting war because NOTA actually started off ahead of -SWAT-, but what unable to maintain their lead. In the past week, both tribes’ conquers have dropped dramatically. Is this war coming to a close?

SOHK vs. -ACE-

-ACE-, a new tribe formed in the southeastern corner of the world, have not been able to cope with SOHK’s advances. Save for a brief period of advantage on day two of the war, -ACE- has largely lain dormant and unable to counter SOHK’s conquers against them.

Again, this is only a quick summary of how things are going. I would prefer to include conquer maps for each war and quotations from each side, but I simply do not have enough time to gather that information. You tell me which one you want me to focus on :)

-MM-’s Downfall

In the short time between blogs, -MM- has risen and fallen again. Since it now seems rather redundant to talk about why they were reborn in the first place, we will simply focus on their downfall from rank one for the second time.

Ghanghis, -MM- duke, summed things up nicely in a farewell circular mail to -MM- members.

Inactivity is the bane of all tribes, moreso on this world, perhaps, due to our settings geared for newbies. Although Ghanghis and IWillControl, the other -MM- duke, managed to put aside their differences for the reformation of this tribe, something was missing that provided the spark for the -MM- domination that we had seen earlier in this world.

Their plan was to move the northern members to Phat, with whom -MM- has good relations, and the southern members to WET, because of a close tie they had to council member Asulto. However, at the worst possible moment, Asulto retired, and WET’s new duke made “some aggressive actions towards -MM-, and derailed the entire plan for a southern merge,” according to Ghanghis.

The only other viable option for southern members was either SOHK or Smile, both against whom -MM- was at war. -MM- managed to secure a deal with SOHK, which I’m sure raised some eyebrows for some people. SOHK and -MM- have not traditionally been on very good terms since the start of their war.

Just a few weeks ago, Be Mice Elf Again, the late SOHK duke, was attempting to churn up hatred and disgust against -MM- in his tribe to inspire their war effort.

-MM- was very much involved in the war as well: IWillControl told me on May 26 that “[-MM- has] several spies in SOHK.”

Be Mice Elf Again has retired since the sending of this message, and that is perhaps why SOHK is now more open to the idea of entertaining -MM- refugees. IWillControl, too, must have been able to put -MM-‘s past dealing with SOHK behind him. In any case, one can expect some residual tension between native SOHK members and the -MM- players that have fled there.

-MM- has yet to disband, with several prominent members still residing in the tribe. This is either a sign of the inactivity Ghanghis cited (lol) or indecision about where to move next. I expect -MM- to drop from the top 10 by next week.

Phat: Rank 1

Phat has recently made the accession to rank 1, which is all the more impressive considering that they have the lowest member count in the top 10, of 40 players.

They were undoubtedly assisted by the annexation of several -MM- members and the subsequent fall of -MM- as discussed above, but their first growth spurt happened two weeks ago.

The first jump there is due to the merging of several CCH members; the latter, from -MM-.

More -MM- will join in the coming days, I expect.

Currently, the top 20 player distribution now shapes up like this:

Phat’s new presence in the eastern continents by the CCH and -MM- members gives it an increased border with -SWAT-. -SWAT- might now be pressured by Bush into declaring on Phat, as it is difficult to justify not assisting an ally like that. I do not know much about Phat’s relations with WET, but, frankly, the essential piece here to look for in the future is a dual war against Bush and -SWAT-, which seems inevitable to me.

Phat is up by 7 million points from SOHK, the rank two tribe, with 17 less members. Barring any leadership failure, Phat is positioned to hold onto their rank position for some time.

Well, let me apologize again for failing to deliver a blog for so long.

As I mentioned above, I want to expand on one of the wars or other issues that I touched upon in this blog. Tell me what you want to hear about, and I will write about it :)

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