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July 5, 2011 in World 037 News, World News, Worlds 31-40 News

In this issue I will discuss how the world has developed over the last few weeks!

I will begin by apologising for my recent absence from blogging. I am hoping to return to normal schedule, however my life is very busy at the moment. Anyway, on with the blog!

In the last couple of days, the tribe ‘1ns4n3’ has made a massive push into K57. Two players from ‘ASCEND’ have been hit seriously hard in this continent recently. They are ‘ukdevils’ and ‘fos123’. Only a few days ago, ‘fos123’ was the rank one player in K57 with over 300 villages. Currently, he is rank six with only 102 villages. ‘ukdevils’ has lost around 100 villages in K57 over the last two days also. This has meant that ‘1ns4n3’ has gained a serious amount of territory in K57, leading them to almost becoming the rank one tribe in this continent.

Only a couple of days ago, this continent seemed to be under reasonable control from the point of view of ‘ASCEND’ and their allies ‘Cure’. However, after a huge coordinated operation, K57 is certainly not looking very safe now for the resisting tribes to ‘1ns4n3’. The rank one tribe has really shown over the last two days why they are the top tribe in this world.

The below map shows the conquers of ‘1ns4n3′ off ‘ASCEND’ in the last 48 hours. It is centred around K57.

In the ‘1ns4n3’ versus ‘Cure’ war there have been very little changes in the state of play. ‘1ns4n3’ are still conquering ‘Cure’ at a steady rate with very little resistance from their opponents. Over the last two weeks the players ‘brehmer33’, ‘tribul aliat’ and ‘Gooms’ are the ‘Cure’ players that have been hit the hardest by their enemies. Collectively, they have lost nearly 200 villages to ‘1ns4n3’ over the last two weeks without taking any back.

Now let us observe at how the top three tribes have been growing over recent weeks.

By looking at the below graph, we can see that ‘1ns4n3′ did dip in points during the last four weeks, but over the whole period, their total points has risen. The dip in points is due to the fact that several players have departed ‘1ns4n3′ over the last few weeks.

For ‘ASCEND’, there have been several fluctuations over the last four weeks in terms of their points as we can deduce from the below graph. This has been mainly down to players leaving and joining recently. If we look at the graph as a whole, we can tell that over the last four weeks, ‘ASCEND’ has decreased in size.

For the rank three tribe, ‘Cure’, they appeared to be growing well a couple of weeks ago. However, as we can determine from the below graph, over the last two weeks, this growth has decreased and recently become negative.

Below is how the map looks today. As we can see ‘1ns4n3′ cover such a huge area of World 37 and they only need to conquer the remaining two tribes in the east to become victorious.

‘1ns4n3′ are in Red, ‘ASCEND’ in Pink, Cure in Blue, and ~SA~ in Black:

Another interesting battle for World 37 is who will finish as the rank one player. Currently it looks like it will be between the two players ‘SV Ostroski’ and ‘ijsbeer’. At the moment they both have 1586 villages each, but because ‘SV Ostroski’ builds his villages bigger he has a 700,000 point lead on ‘ijsbeer’.

We can also see from the above rankings that out of the top 20 players, 18 of them belong to ‘1ns4n3′, again showing how dominant they are in this world.

At the moment there are only 515 players left on World 37. When this number falls below 500 and stays below for a week, the price of gold coins will decrease to one third of the original price (9333 Wood, 10000 Clay and 8333 Iron). Looking at past trends, it appears that this price reduction may only be a couple of weeks away.

That concludes this issue of the World 37 Blog! Thank you for reading, and I will reveal now that in the next few weeks I may be running a competition with premium points up for grabs so stay tuned for that!