The History of World 37

May 2, 2011 in World 037 News, World News

Over the past few weeks we have had much to celebrate! A Royal Wedding, the death of a notorious terrorist and, of course, the second birthday of World 37! Therefore, to celebrate, I am going to look at how the map and rankings has transformed over the last two years.

Firstly, this is the map of how the world looked after a couple of days on 10th April 2009:

None of the top 20 tribes featured here are still around today. However, these tribes will have planted the seeds for what was to occur over the next two years. I would say the most successful tribe, out of the ones in the top 20 here, is probably the tribe ‘Chess’. They started well and gained much attention over the first few weeks.

Let us now fast forward a month to 10th May 2009. And guess who occupied rank one? ‘1ns4n3’:

The map is not too clear at this stage as tribes do not have great control this early on. ‘Chess’, ‘PCP’, ‘-EVO-‘ and ‘Flame’ are the only tribes that have stayed in the top 20 during these first four weeks. We see new entries to the top 20 that had a great influence on World 37, such as: ‘NERD’, ‘Ginger’ and ‘RBL’. The first two wars ‘1ns4n3’ fought in World 37 were against the two tribes: ‘MeMBeR’ and ‘SYN’ who were in the top 20 at this time.

This is what the map looked like after three months, on 8th July 2009:

The only tribe to have been in the top 20 on all three of these dates is ‘Flame’, who did collapse in the following months. On this date, ‘1ns4n3’ still occupied the rank one spot. However, the tribe with the most villages at this stage was ‘R.L.’ which I am sure is a tribe you have heard of! They were a later enemy of ‘1ns4n3’ and as we can determine from the map, they had a large amount of villages in the north east at this stage. They were one of three power houses in the east at this time, the other two being: ‘RBL’ and ‘-NF-‘.

Six months into the world… And now we really start to see the tribes taking control and having more dominance. This is how the map looked on 8th October 2009:

By this stage, ‘Ginger’ and ‘RBL’ had slipped out of the top 20, presumably taken out or disbanded. ‘~SA~’ have worked their way into the top 20 for the first date we have looked at so far. As the months wear on, they rise and rise up the rankings. ‘R.L.’ had much control in the North East at this point of the world and in the future would carry on increasing their dominance here. ‘pRo’ and ‘Powers’ have managed to work themselves up into Rank two and three respectively at this point and were a large threat to ‘1ns4n3’ and ‘NERD’ at the time.

Nine months into the world and in some areas there was much change. This is what the world looked like on 8th January 2010:

Down in the South, ‘Powers’ and ‘pRo’ had expanded their territory with ‘pRo’ still ranked second in the world behind ‘1ns4n3’. Other tribes emerged in the East, threatening the dominance of ‘R.L.’ in that area. The tribes ‘Rally’, ‘~T2W~’ and ‘Cola’ resided in the south east of World 37. Between these three tribes, dwelled many of the future members of today’s rank two tribe: ‘Cure’. The tribe ‘~SA~’ has shot up the rankings in the last three months to reach Rank six, nine months into the world.

So, what did the world look like one year after it had begun? Below is the map of World 37 on 8th April 2010:

Despite ‘1ns4n3’ still being Rank One at this point, the tribe ‘R.L.’ (ranked two at the time) had 8000 more villages than ‘1ns4n3’ and covered a much larger area of the world. Some argue that ‘R.L.’ was the greatest tribe in the world, one year after it had opened. This is also the first time we see the tribe ‘Arisen’ poke it’s head into the top 20 of World 37, where they still are now. ‘~SA~’ have moved up into Rank five and we can see they had a lot of villages and dominance on the Western side of World 37 at this stage.

Six months later (18 months into the world), we can see that the World had developed much more. This was World 37 on 8th October 2010:

World 37 had a new Rank one tribe! ‘ASCEND’, through merges, recruitment and fighting, had replaced ‘1ns4n3’ at the top of the rankings. Could they maintain this position? With hind sight we know that ‘ASCEND’ lost many villages and players at the end of 2010 with the mass quitting of crucial players including: ‘Catalina84’, ‘arabesqa’ and ‘Pirate X’. It is also evident that over the previous six months, ‘~SA~’ did much expanding into the South West of the world to now become Rank four in World 37.

Over the next months, through the mass merge of ‘1ns4n3’ and the collapse of ‘R.L.’, we see ‘1ns4n3’ work themselves back to the top. Here is how World 37 looked on the Second Birthday of World 37, 8th April 2011:

‘N/A’ (later to be renamed ‘Cure’) and ‘ASCEND’ remain on the East of World 37 with ‘1ns4n3’ fast advancing into their territory. Their weak NAP needs to be strengthened if they have any chance of fighting off the strong forces of ‘1ns4n3’.

This is how the map looks today, 2nd May 2011:

You would be a very confident person to bet against ‘1ns4n3’ eventually winning World 37, but who knows what will happen over the course of the remaining weeks, months and maybe years of this truly dramatic and eventful World!

Thank you for reading!