The History of ~SA~

March 20, 2011 in World 037 News, World News

Want to know the history of a tribe that has been through much drama and managed to establish themselves as the rank number two tribe in World 37? Read on for the story of The Silent Assassins!

~SA~ originated as a small tribe in K40. The founder was called ‘Stiian’ and little did he know what he had started on May 18 2009. ‘Tigrovi’, ‘rbos’ and ‘Darth Uncle’ joined the leadership in the first month or two and started to build ‘~SA~’ up to the tribe it is today.

They were a small group of players but the teamwork and organisation was exceptional. They came from a tribe called ‘INAL’ but decided to change it to ‘Silent Assassins’ which is their name today.

Their first real battle came against a tribe called ‘TWK’ who were around three times the size of ‘~SA~’ at the time. This was to be the first real test of the calibre of the ‘Silent Assassins’. Despite the odds stacked against them and having their backs against the wall, they managed, through true grit, skill and determination, to overcome their opposition. In the process they managed to secure the continents: K40, K50 and K51 which meant they had a good base of operations on the western rim of World 37 which they could now aim to expand from.

‘~SA~’ began to take out the other players and tribes that infested the western rim. ‘Tigrovi’ then decided to recruit the players that he thought were doing well including a player called ‘Ijsbeer’. Heard of him? He is just the rank one player on World 37 at the moment.

When they joined ‘~SA~’ were fighting a tribe named ‘FUR’ who, at the time, were a very large tribe. The main war fronts were K41 and K51 which were continents crucial for both tribes if they were going to expand. ‘~SA~’ were outnumbered, but they were more organised and skilful than their opponents. Quality over quantity was the point that was proved by this conflict. ‘FUR’ was infiltrated with spies and some members were not participating in the war and not helping their comrades. Later on, the tribe leaders of ‘FUR’ were banned causing the tribe to become even more shambolic than before. ‘~SA~’ carried on pummelling ‘FUR’, and eventually won the war. ‘Rbos’ recruited the members he thought were worthy of ‘~SA~’ and the rest were destroyed.

‘~SA~’ then decided it was time for them to expand north into K30. They recruited ‘Whitebrow’ (who is currently a duke in ‘~SA~’ today) and a few of his personal alliances. They had reasonable control in k30 and the next step was to take out the remaining players and tribes that resided there.

‘~BOFM~’ (who are still around today) had quite a few villages in K30 and ‘~SA~’ decided they needed to be removed from there. ‘Tigrovi’ made ‘Whitebrow’ the Battle Group leader of K30 and he put all of his focus into ridding them from this continent. This skirmish was occurring at the same time as the conflict with ‘FUR’ therefore it was very important K30 was not dominated by another tribe otherwise ‘~SA’ would have had problems to their north as well. However, ‘Whitebrow’ lead the members of K30 and removed ‘~BOFM~’ from that continent. After ‘~BOFM~’ were taken out, ‘~SA~’ looked to dominate the continent by destroying the other tribes that dwelled there. ‘Arisen’ along with ‘X-men’ were erased from K30 meaning ‘~SA~’ now had a large proportion of K30 in their hands.

But then a tribe called ‘TRM’ started to noble into K30 which ‘~SA~’ were not very happy about. ‘TRM’ was a tribe consisting of the old ‘FUR’ members that were based in K31 and now they were looking to break into K30. Warnings were issued to ‘TRM’ by ‘~SA~’ which were ignored as more villages were being nobled by them. Tensions developed further when a ‘TRM’ member quit and sent his offensive troops to ‘~SA~’ as a little ‘goodbye present’. This ignited a war between the two tribes. ‘~SA~’ began taking the K30 villages belonging to ‘TRM’ and then decided to go one step further and begin to take villages off them in K31. ‘TRM’ disbanded a few days later and the war was won. They were being attacked by ‘1ns4n3’ from the north also, meaning the ‘~SA~’ attacks pushed them over the cliff.

During this time, a fight in the south was also taking place. A tribe called ‘Magi’ had control over the continents below ‘~SA~’. With their aims of expansion in mind, they decided that it would be a positive to remove ‘Magi’ from the area beneath them. ‘Magi’ were being hit also by tribes below them, including one called ‘KV’ which lead to their fall and ‘~SA~’ began to expand even further south.

Up until this point, ‘~SA~’ had had no diplomatic agreements with other tribes, just war and enemies. Then, ‘Xmach’ (from ‘NERD’) approached them. Their relationship originally began as a Non-Aggression Pact (NAP) which later developed into an alliance.

After the collapse of ‘TRM’, ‘Whitebrow’ took on the role of Diplomat for the northern parts of the ‘~SA~’ empire. He began to talk to ‘Merrick2’ and kind of planted a seed. A seed that would grow and mature into a huge alliance in the future. ‘Merrick2’ is the duke and founder of ‘1ns4n3’. They began to organise the nobling issues between them as they both wanted the ‘TRM’ villages. They worked together to prevent any conflict regarding claims. There was an unofficial NAP set up between the two tribes. ‘1ns4n3’ and ‘~SA~’ developed a bond together resulting in ‘~SA~’ moving their focus away from expanding north as they did not want to invade ‘1ns4n3’ territory and upset their relationship.

The northern members of ‘~SA~’ began to migrate down to K50 and K60 where ‘Magi’ had recently surrendered to ‘~SA~’. Like with previously destroyed tribes, ‘~SA~’ recruited the best and killed the rest. The next step in expansion was to take out ‘RV’ who lied below where ‘Magi’ used to exist. ‘~SA~’ were fearful of the alliance between ‘RV’ and ‘Powers’ however. If ‘Powers’ participated in the war then ‘~SA~’ would have been outnumbered. However, this is not what happened. ‘Powers’ mainly sat back and watched which was certainly a good thing for ‘~SA~’! Bizarrely, ‘KV’ did not send support to their front lines meaning that ‘~SA~’ tore into them right from the beginning of the conflict. Despite, ‘KV’ containing some very talented players, they were pushed back by ‘~SA~’. The council of ‘KV’ could see that defeat was on the horizon so members of ‘KV’ began to jump over to their ally ‘Powers’. ‘~SA~’ carried on taking villages off the members that remained and after they had finally defeated ‘KV’ they looked to ‘Powers’. ‘~SA~’ had now gained control in the continents K60, K61, K70 and K71.

First, they asked kindly for the ‘KV’ refugees of war to be removed from ‘Powers’. They refused to dismiss the refugees so ‘~SA~’ began taking them out the hard way.

Meanwhile, the relationship between ‘1ns4n3’ and ‘~SA~’ stepped up to a new level. A formal NAP was now set up between the two tribes. An alliance was also set up with the tribe ‘NERD’.

‘~SA~’ and ‘NERD’ worked together and began to attack and coordinate against ‘Powers’. The previously ‘KV’ members that went to Powers found themselves fighting alone. These past ‘KV’ players felt let down (naturally!)  that they had joined ‘Powers’ under false pretences. Therefore, they approached ‘~SA~’. The council came to the conclusion that these players were genuine, talented and therefore they were recruited.

These players then joined in on the slaughtering of ‘Powers’. Soon ‘~SA~’ had control of the majority of the South West. K80, K90, K91, K81, K82 and K72 were now under the control of ‘~SA~’. Again, they looked for further expansion.

‘Powers’ players began to join ‘pRo’ as they saw their tribe was sinking. ‘~SA~’ continued to attack these members despite them moving over to ‘pRo’ who were now a very large tribe. There was very little resistance to the attacks from ‘~SA~’ which lead to the large and influential player ‘Catalina84’ leaving ‘pRo’ and founding her own tribe: ‘Quit’. ‘~SA~’ carried on taking out the remaining ‘pRo’ members. They changed their name on a few occasions to ‘Evolve’ then ‘SPANK’. This war then died down for a little while as attacks between the two tribes reduced dramatically. This was mainly due to the fact that ‘~SA~’ became allied with ‘Quit’ (who later changed to ‘ASCEND’). ‘~SA~’ realised that there was still a bond between ‘Quit’ and ‘pRo’

But during this time, tensions were very high. ‘ASCEND’ (‘Quit’) and ‘Evolve’ (‘pRo’) were essentially one, controlled by ‘Catalina84’. ‘~SA~’ made it clear that they wished to expand eastwards to places such as K53 and K54. ‘ASCEND’ were not accepting this and later on ‘Evolve’ merged into ‘ASCEND’ shooting them to Rank 1 in the world.

During this time, the members of ‘NERD’ were finding World 37 tedious and decided to join a new world together. Out of the remaining players, half joined ‘1ns4n3’ and the other half joined ‘~SA~’. This was brilliant for ‘~SA~’ as they gained more control and dominance as well as more dedicated and talented players.

It was around this time that ‘R.L.’ surrendered to ‘1ns4n3’ and the members ‘1ns4n3’ felt worthy joined them. Then war broke out between ‘~SA~’ and ‘ASCEND’ due to ‘~SA~’ not ceasing their attacks on the players they considered refugees of War. Their NAP was very weak at this point and ‘~SA~’ wanted to expand further into the territory which ‘ASCEND’ occupied.

‘ASCEND’ began this war strongly. They were nobling ‘~SA~’ villages in isolated areas, consequently pushing them back. Organisation was not brilliant on the side of ‘~SA~’ at the beginning of the war which meant that they lost quite a few villages in the first week or two.

‘~SA~’ did steady the ship, slow the losses and then began to retaliate and attack back. Then… ‘1ns4n3’ joined in with the war. They had come to help the tribe they had befriended a long time ago. Suddenly, ‘ASCEND’ were outnumbered. They were receiving thousands of incomings, daily, being sent from ‘~SA~’ and ‘1ns4n3’. The mass deletion of accounts then begun. Huge players including ‘Catalina84’ left the game turning a lot of ‘ASCEND’ territory barbarian. This war is still going on today. The winner is not obvious at the moment as both tribes appear to be standing strong. So what does the future hold for ‘~SA~’? Will they carry on pushing on and expanding? Or will they meet their downfall? The future will certainly be interesting…

That concludes this week’s blog. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed! I would like to offer a huge thanks to ‘Whitebrow’ who spent a vast amount of time retelling the history of ‘~SA~’ to me.