The Graphics Blog Pt.2

October 13, 2011 in Graphics

Hello and welcome back to the graphics blog! Inside we have all the goodies you need to satisfy your graphics cravings.

There’s been a few interesting developments since the last blog, particularly with the new competition regarding the forum banner, I hope to see all our graphics guys having a go at this. Everyone loves graphics competitions, there’s nothing better than putting your skills to the test, it’s impossible to improve without appropriate challenges and this one should have alot of good competition. Speaking of competitions…

Sotw time!

The theme was: “Real Life”, and our winners were:

-Genetic Engineer

- yurtles

- . Rob .

Remember to take part and/or vote in our Sotw competitions! Anyone can participate and anyone can vote, all you need is a forum account and away you go. It’s alot of fun and a great way to improve your graphical skills and meet like-minded people with a passion for graphics. Remember, it all goes down here:

The Graphics Forum

I caught up with Genetic Engineer for a few of his thoughts on his winning piece.

harbinger297: Hi, thanks for agreeing to this little interview. You won the Sotw: “Real life”, Tell us a little bit about the making of your piece, how did you go about it?

Genetic Engineer: Hi no problem, well to start with I was going to do a snowboarder with a little bit of text and the snow in the back. But then no matter how much I tried I just couldn’t get the snowboarder to fit, but I had already done some of my text so decided to just expand on that. I made it blend obviously to make it look better, and just went with a bit of a technical style with the different patterns and line designs. Then just finished it off with a bit of colour change to make the scene have a better atmosphere.

harbinger297: Did you “pre-plan” any of it, or did you just go as you went along?

Genetic Engineer: With all my signature’s really I usually find a render or stock that I like and then build on it from there. This one was definitely not what I had in my head, but I just worked through it as problems came up, like not being able to fit a snowboarder in well, and I’m quite happy with the result.

harbinger297: What about the other entries? What did you think of the over-all results?

Genetic Engineer: I thought a couple of the entries had promise, but I feel the general skill level was lacking creativity. Every piece was just a human render, I thought people could have put more thought into the theme.

harbinger297: As the winner, you got to pick the next theme, which is “logo’s”. Do you have any advice or suggestions to anyone yet to enter?

Genetic Engineer: I would suggest not making it too complicated, the whole idea of logo’s is to convey an idea in a simple way. So I think keeping this principle within a signature would be the best way.

harbinger297: Thanks for your time, and congratulations on the win.

Genetic Engineer: No problem and thank you :)

So what else is happening?

Admittedly not a lot, it’s been fairly quiet on the forums since the last blog, but here are some pieces I found particularly interesting:

This was a logo design for a new youtube channel primarily focusing on xbox 360 gaming. With it being regarding gaming I wanted it to look very modern. After my initial stage one of the shaping in black and white, I was given the colours black and yellow to work with. – Genetic Engineer

I’ve really been digging GE’s recent logo’s, and they keep improving. One of the hardest things to do in any form of graphic design, is creating something simple but stylish. It’s alot easier to make a big flashy piece, than it is to make a simple piece that has the same flair and “eye-catching” aspects to it. Plus, the subtle use of lighting, glows and shadows without being too overbearing I find is very well done. To see more, you can check out GE’s blog:

– nightblade.greyswandir

This is one of nightblade’s projects. Suffice to say, his work is incredible. He returned to the forums recently after some time off focusing on his projects, and we are all glad to see him around again. His 3D pieces are all amazing and there would be too many to list here, so if you are interested in seeing more of his you can check out his blog:

As you can see, we have a vast array of talent in all area’s, and it’s always great to see new people joining us. Anyone, whatever style or interests you have, even if you are just a beginner or interested in starting, feel free to swing by: The Graphics Forum and introduce yourself in the design lounge or browse various threads, competitions and the like. We always like seeing new members joining us.

Illuminating Visions by Zenron!

Symbolic Detective by Unknown

I found this piece on PR and I don’t actually know who made it. Needless to say though, it’s awesome, and it becomes more and more awesome the longer you examine this piece. Like the fact that the spine is made up of needles or the fact that the jacket contains the chalk outlines that are stereotypically associated with a murder scene. The fact that the skull is actually a piggy bank. The concept behind this piece really is astounding. Obviously relating to being a detective/investigator of some type. I think I should also mention the fact that this is actually a drawing, not a digital piece.

Streetart by Theo Aartsma
(Too large for the page)

This is probably one of the best typography pieces I’ve seen in awhile. I think it’s the texture and clarity of the piece that really caught my eye originally. This piece isn’t exactly as meaningful as the last one, but aesthetically it’s great, and the way they’ve done this is really creative. The Omega by Jesar One

Creating something so fantasy orientated like this and still achieving complete realize is something that I think takes a lot of skill. Skill which Jesar obviously has. He uses a mixture between black and white and the stark orange of the wire to create contrast between the two. This simultaneously highlights the focal point but also highlights the concept of the end being brighter than actual existence. That’s how I interpreted it anyway, seems a little bleak now that I’ve actually written it down like this.

The Art of Deceit – zsquid
(Too large for the page)

A little different from the others in terms of aesthetics, but still nice nonetheless. Really great detail in this piece, and the symmetry really helps reinforce the feeling of repetition which is present throughout the patterns. It’s interesting to observe that although there are a lot of things which are repeated on both sides, the piece as a whole is actually completely asymmetrical. I thought that was interesting anyway.

Featured Tutorial

Our featured tutorial this week is GE’s Tiger tutorial:

The reason I would like the feature this particular tutorial is because for one the outcome is really good, and two there is quite a bit of depth in it. It is an advanced tutorial however, but offers good insight into the kind of things beginners will have to learn over time if you want to develop your graphical abilities further. If you read through that tutorial and don’t understand a certain part of it, that is a perfect opportunity to learn something new right there, just do some googling of the phrase or acronym, or tool, or whatever. (Is “google” a word in the dictionary yet? “To google or not to google?”, “Google; The act of googling”, “googling; the act of using google”, “he giggled as he googled then goggled the gaggle of geese gobbling away happily”.)

Where was I?

Anyway, good tutorial; is good.


I noticed that a lot of people don’t understand some of the acronyms and various tools/techniques that most graphics makers don’t really think about. Well, if you find you don’t understand any part of the blog, you may find the answers or clarification in this thread:

Hi there, I have cool stuff in here

This contains information on some of the basics such as image types, uploading images, quality, etc, and also contains some of the acronyms and euphemisms you will find people use. If you still aren’t sure about something, please post in the thread and I will clarify it for you as-well as update the “Dictionary” if I have missed it. Thanks.

harbs section

I know it’s only a short blog, but there is a reason for that, which I will explain here (insert flashing boredom ramblings alert awareness warning here).

I live in Australia, and while we are big on sports my favorite sport is rarely even mentioned. American football (or gridiron) is a personal favorite of mine, but it is extremely small in Australia, there are only 8 total teams in my state. Well, in my city I found a group who are attempting to get a team going, in-fact there is already quite a high number of people on-board. Naturally, I signed up for it, as I have wanted to play the game since I was about 10 years old and played Madden for the first time.

I would love to say that I spent most of my recent time training, but… Well, I mostly spent my time recently watching the games, videos, blogs, chatting with the other guys, going over the play books, etc etc. I’m extremely excited about it, I never actually thought I would have a chance to play it in this country, and even if we have to build our team from the ground up it’s still a great opportunity to fulfill a dream of mine I’ve had for several years. I think it’s even more exciting building it from the ground up, hopefully we can establish a team that will stay strong and be a part of our cities history itself, knowing that I was a part of that, would be a very satisfying achievement.

Plus it will stop this extra weight that seems to be creeping up every week, so that’s a good motivation in itself. Team sports are great though, I’ve always loved the feeling when it’s game day and you see all the training you put in with the lads in effect, celebrating the win or commiserating the loss, either-way it’s always a good time.

Oh, also I’ve been very busy with my schoolwork, but that’s not as cool as being busy with football, so… Let’s stick with that one.

– harb.