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September 7, 2011 in World 043 News, World News, Worlds 41-50 News

Welcome to the W43 blog!

This week we will get everyone up to speed on what is happening in the world, as-well as what might happen in the future. Read on!

So here is our beloved World 43. Over the course of 2 years, we have gone from thousands of players and tribes, to just a handful. I’m sure we have all had many experiences within World 43, both good and bad, but at the end we can take away from it all the knowledge and friends we have gained. This world is dying and almost over, there is no denying it, however there will always be that feeling within the players, a satisfaction and content. You could say it was a good or bad world, you could see it was based on war or hugs, you could say it was fun or boring, but to that I will simply say; it was ours, and that made it the best world out of any of them for me.

So, let’s crack on with some stats shall we?

As you can see, the war between FRST and Ni has died down over the last few months. Inactivity has run rampant throughout both tribes, and a sense of apathy seems to reign within Ni. At this rate, it will not be long before FRST reach the percentage of dominance required to end the world, which is FRST’s aim. There has been very little wars other than the main one, the smaller tribes appear to be content to stay uninvolved with either side.

An interesting note is that FRST have begun handing out a BNOTD award (barb nobler of the day) to players who have nobled a large amount of barbarian villages. This is counter productive to FRST’s goal of ending the world as FRST would need 70% dominance to request initiation of the end-game phase, and the currently have 58.7%. The prize naturally for the BNOTD (Or as I call it, “Be Noted!”) is attacks.

This however raises an issue of some importance to me. There are unconfirmed rumours that tribes such as Ni and -evo- are attempting to noble as many barbarian villages as possible in the hope that FRST will get tired of nobling their players and quit from boredom, hence they could claim victory. My issue with this is… Where is the fun in that? It seems to me that absolutely everything in this world now hangs on how soon FRST can claim victory (or how long they can be denied), rather than “who” will claim victory. Surely when you have reached the point in the game that the players of the world that are not in the rank 1 tribe are simply barb nobling en-mass to attempt to delay the end and will openly admit that, it is a major flaw in the game system.

There is only 362 accounts left on World 43. Out of these accounts there is only 220 over 100,000 points. Keeping in mind, that the average player points in FRST is 6.8 million. I feel it is a disservice to these players to allow them to play with no hope, as quite often when these players lose they get very upset and angry, even though it was clearly coming from many miles away.

I ask this: Is the benefit of squeezing these players for a few months of premium (if they buy it) before they are nobled worth it? Or is it better to stop these players from playing worlds with no hope and get them to play newer worlds where they have a chance at actually succeeding and learning the game properly, not just automatic failure. I believe everyone has the right to play, however I also believe everyone also has the right to a fair chance at success, and on this world there is none save for those larger accounts that are left. Having these players continue on newer worlds will be far more likely to keep them as players in the long run, instead of playing a dead world until they get nobled and thinking “well that was boring, I’m not playing this again”.

I fear this game is losing far too many players, and that many of these are avoidable losses. If you took into account all the winning tribes on worlds that are yet to finish, and you added them up there would be hundreds of players, almost every one of the premium paying and every one of them committed, valuable players. Yet, we are likely to lose the majority of them due to the fact that they have already won and are forced to continue on dead worlds doing boring tasks. The amount of times I have heard the phrase: “As soon as this world is finished, I am quitting and never coming back” is astounding.

Still, I’m just one player. I can only hope that there is a solution made to this problem that happens on every world towards the end, we could save hundreds, maybe even thousands of players.

That’s about all for this week, remember you can contact me here or on the tribal wars forum with any news of your own, or anything you would like to see in the blog.