The Final Conflict?

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Here we stand, at the final frontier. The youngest of us has perished, leaving only two ancient forces, who have very different beliefs. On one side, we have a force who would win their battles through diplomacy and mergers of a gigantic scale. On the other, a veteran tribe, who has marched their hordes across the entire northern expanse. The two are doomed to fight, until only one remain. We are entering the final stages of our world, our world of 48.

With the collapse of CRASH, the youngest of the three major powers, our world has entered its final stages. Left standing are Piranha and Womble, who have opposed each other since day one. Before we get to the war, lets see what Farmercy had to say about the CRASH/PIRANA merger.


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On behalf of our forums farms, I would like to thank you for your time. For all you nasties out there, please do not flame him too much, it is getting harder and harder to find people to interview!!!!

Now then, here we go, to the bulk of the blog:




A picture paints a thousand words. So these two pictures should paint a combined two thousand words. Not sure about you, but I can only think of a small handful. Barb noblers. Inactives. Easy conquers. And then comes: Aggressive. Warmonger. Easy conquers.

What do you think?

Lets have a look at the past weeks stats:

Side 1:
Tribes: Womble
Side 2:

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 157
Side 2: 77
Difference: 80


I must say, I expected better. From my own expectations of both Womble and PIRANA, I expected to see womble at 200+ conquers at least. That being said, I expected PIRANA to have less than 50 :D

Lets take a look at where all these conquers have taken place:

As you can see, there are ‘small’ pockets of conquers over much of the front, though many continents have no outsider visible movement either.

Womble has gained  50,484,959 ODA points and 53.132.804 ODD points in the last week.

This equates to 321,569 ODA points per village gained, and 690,036 ODD per village lost. Thats an expensive hobby you guys have!

The major contributors to these scores are the following members:


RobinGoodFellow – 5 million +
Bunnub – 4 million +

There are also roughly 10 other members with ODA gains between 1 million, and 3 million.

As far as ODD goes?

Bunnub – 8 million +
silentknight2006 – 7 million +
jeg31ny – 7 million +
kanukanutz – 7 million +
nuketech – 6 million +
darkbringer65 – 4 million +

There are some very popular people in womble it would seem! Lets see how PIRANA(and family)  fared?

ODA increase of 58,660,219 giving a score of 761,821 per village conquered
ODD increase of 102,069,485 giving a score of 650,124 per village lost

So who contributed to these numbers?

As far as ODA goes, in the entire fish family, not a single player had over 3 million ODA points. Only Tourpro19 and ANTHEUS had over 2 million. I see a couple of reasons for this.

1) Severe inactivity and lack of aggression

2) A better usage of troops than womble, with more efficiency. Though of course, they had far less gains as well. So how does that work? xD

ODD on the other hand, there were many players with good scores here:

SARA.PHAY – 9 million +
eurypylus – 7 million +
stepgib – 6 million +
Re-Destroyer – 6 million +
Trojan T – 6 million +
killer421 – 5 million +
Rage Rider – 4 million +

Personally, I think this is what the ODD rankings should look like every week. Theres nothing better to gauge a tribes aggressiveness, than looking at their opponents ODD scores.

Heres a couple more maps, lets see where each of these players are located.


Looking at this spread of players, makes me think that PIRANA may have at least a semblance of organisation. Planned ops on these players all at once could bear unexpected fruits. Every single player has key location, and holds considerable influence in their respective regions. Looking at the earlier conquer maps, hints that most of these players have been slowed in their own expansion. A constant barrage on these players, may end up yielding some results. The question is, do the PIRANA planners have the organisation, and knowledge, to hit these players where it really hurts?

I must say, I was disappointed when I saw this. Womble and PIRANA share a front the exact same size, the only difference is how deep the ranks run behind that front. Womble has attacked influential players, but really, not many will actually yield large territory, apart from rage rider, re-destroyer, and stepgib. The rest have little to no territory on the front. Though, with that said, Womble may be eliminating players with small holdings on their front, to limit the nobles thrown against them. Though their strikes are not effective to PIRANA’s demise, they are efficient in the long run. The less players to throw nobles their way, will ultimately, even the playing field. This will give womble an unmatched advantage, and cut the probability of large assaults on their fronts, whilst frustrating PIRANA’s own players, to the point that they may quit, or retire from the war effort.

Now then, with the war stuff out of the way, I would like to ask if any players are interested in being interviewed, mainly from PIRANA, Womble, or ElfW. I am getting to the point, where I may have to start interviewing the same people. If you are interested, please either leave your contact details here, or send them through private mail/blog discussion thread on the external forums.

For the time being, I will keep my new account ingame quiet, as this allows me to be painfully blunt in all my insightful posts, free of tribal and political party approved lines. Due to my also not being part of the planning process, I will start giving detailed military analyses of the war, as this is my field of specialty. You may even pick up some ideas ;)

Hope this was a good read.