The Denouement

July 8, 2011 in Uncategorized, World 052 News, World News, Worlds 51-60 News

On this most auspicious of days, I dread to bring bad news.

While it has been a pleasure blogging for the world of 52, and covering all of its “happenings” the past six months, I regret to inform you that I will be retiring from my role as blogger. Indeed, I will also be retiring from W52 entirely.

I have timed this departure with my impending trip to Spain on which I leave this afternoon. I will be abroad all of July, and entirely unable to play TW in any form. I will also be starting my junior year in high school next semester, and highly doubt that I would be able to find time to blog and play such a diverse world like 52 among my classes.

It has truly been a pleasure – my nerves about blogging were settled with my very first edition, when I realized what an excellent and understanding reader base I had. Thank you so much for your supportive comments and occasional critiques, and bearing with me during my waning activity of the past month.

Today, I leave you with a précis of the past six months: the perfect culmination to my career.

Animated Map

You can really see how the world has changed! I advise focusing on one tribe all the way through, seeing how it progresses. I apologize for any grievous color discontinuities.

I would also like to take this moment to share the very first public map I made for W52:

Those were the top continent tribes at the time – none of them exists today. Who remembers which tribe they started out in? Who can see their first village on this map? :)

I now proceed to give a general breakdown of major events of the past six months, by blog. The dates are by the dates of the blog in which I covered each event – it will not be completely accurate to the real time of occurrence. I hope I didn’t forget anything!

1/16/11 B52s begins to win the war against HoHoHo
1/16/11 Rainycloud switches from HoHoHo to NiNi
1/16/11 Phat enters their first war against CJF, Strike, LeadTE, XVI, and -ROF-
1/24/11 -SWAT- first enters the top 10
1/24/11 -MM- wars RIM
1/24/11 HoHoHo changes its name to DALEK
2/1/11 P.S. first enters the top 10
2/1/11 DALEK exits the top 10
2/1/11 NiNi wars CCH and WET
2/13/11 TheLaw wars ~PT~
2/21/11 -SWAT- declares on NiNi and CCH
2/27/11 NiNi disbands, members go to Phat, -SWAT-, and –MM-
2/27/11 -MM- takes the rank 1 position
2/27/11 CCC changes its name to THINK
3/9/11 SOHK wars P.S.
3/15/11 WET wars B52s
3/22/11 -SWAT- declares on -MM-
4/4/11 -SWAT- makes peace with -MM-
4/4/11 WET continues to destroy B52s
4/4/11 Bush recruits B52s members, strengthening its position
4/13/11 SOHK and the remainder of B52s merge
4/17/11 -MM- merges into -SWAT-
4/17/11 -SWAT- takes the rank 1 position
5/1/11 A small reformation of -MM- occurs
5/1/11 -SWAT- wars Mafia
5/1/11 Smile F. wars NOTA F.
5/11/11 -SWAT- wars SOHK
5/11/11 -SWAT- wars NOTA F.
5/11/11 Phat wars Bush
5/11/11 WET wars Bush
6/11/11 -MM- disbands; falls again
6/11/11 Phat takes the rank 1 position
6/27/11 Bush vs. Phat / WET war continues

As you may have guessed, I wrote this over a week ago. It is my great regret that I cannot cover the exciting events of the SOHK / WET war.


Again, it has been a pleasure.

Thank you.