The Creation of N/A

April 6, 2011 in World 037 News, World News

In the last issue of the World 37 Blog, I discussed the merging of ‘1ns4n3’ and ‘~SA~’. This was a transfer of players that went smoothly and was organised incredibly well. In this issue, I will be sharing with you what the opposition to ‘1ns4n3’ has done since that merge. This is the Creation of ‘N/A’…

‘N/A’ was founded on March 24th 2011 by a player I am certain the majority of you have heard of: ‘Bigbrad075’. His objective was to create a tribe, uniting many other players against the rank one tribe: ‘1ns4n3’. ‘1ns4n3’ are clear favourites, at the moment, to win this world having occupied the rank one spot for nearly all of the duration World 37 has been open. Quite a few players have moved over to ‘N/A’ from various tribes such as ‘AD!’, ‘hed’, R.L.’, ‘Arisen’, ‘PARA’, ‘OTP’, ‘~BOFM~’ and a few others. These players have united in order to fight together against the strong forces of ‘1ns4n3’ in hope that they can defeat them and perhaps go on to dominate the world.

Not very long after ‘N/A’ was founded, war was declared, as expected, by ‘1ns4n3’, ‘~SA~’ and later ‘BACON’. These being the three tribes that are working together in order to become the winners of World 37. So the wars have started and the attacks have risen again. Who will finish victorious? Quite a few players believe that this will be the last main war on World 37 before it is laid to rest.

Most of the discussion of ‘N/A’ has not been of these wars but of a different subject:  ‘ASCEND’. “Will they, or will they not be joining ‘N/A’?” is the question that many have asked. Initially it looked highly likely that ‘ASCEND’ and ‘N/A’ would become one. There were discussions ever since ‘N/A’ were founded, and it was arranged that ‘ASCEND’ players would move over to ‘N/A’ on 2nd April 2011. On April 1st, the leaders of ‘ASCEND’ cancelled the merge and invited any players that had already transferred to ‘N/A’, back to ‘ASCEND’. An April fool’s joke perhaps? No, this was serious.

Tensions have always been high between ‘ASCEND’ and ‘Bigbrad075’ and those loyal to him. It was not that long ago that the two sides were at war with each other. The idea of the merge was to forget the past and move on. However, this was not something ‘ASCEND’ were willing to do. After many mails and Skype conversations, the two tribes have decided to remain neutral but work and fight separately.

The main reason for the cancellation of the merge is a rather bizarre one. At the time, ‘N/A’ and ‘ASCEND’ had a shared forum. In this forum, ‘ASCEND’ had inserted many old posts from their past which were incredibly valuable to them. Some posts included information of past wars, tactics and events. They were all to do with the history of ‘ASCEND’, therefore they were considered important for obvious reasons. Since then, these posts have all disappeared, into what it seems, thin air! They are not present in the forums of either ‘ASCEND’ or ‘N/A’. Have they been deleted? Or are they situated in a hidden forum somewhere? Many fingers are being pointed but there appears to be no explanation. The fact of the matter is, a lot of history is missing…

Yesterday (5th April 2011) the loyalty of the ‘N/A’ members to their leader (‘Bigbrad075’) was put to a challenging test. A mail was sent to every member of ‘N/A’ from a certain player (‘SV Ostroski’ of ‘1ns4n3’). This mail was intended to divide the players of ‘N/A’ and make them question the loyalty of ‘Bigbrad075’. In the mail it was stated that ‘Bigbrad075’ was trying to join the tribe ‘1ns4n3’ and attempting to betray his friends and tribe. Much discussion happened after, leading the members of ‘N/A’ to come to the conclusion that ‘Bigbrad075’ is certainly loyal to ‘N/A’. Whether or not ‘Bigbrad075’ made a serious attempt to join ‘1ns4n3’ is unclear to us but it is clear that his tribe’s members trust and believe in him.

I managed to secure an interview with one of the members of ‘ASCEND’ who has asked to remain anonymous. Our conversation is shown below:

Me: “What is your opinion of ‘BigBrad075’?”

Anonymous: “Well, Brad is a friend and I have nothing against him, whereas many people hate him. Why? I don’t know, but it’s not for me to judge. I have been with Brad in a few tribes and played other worlds with him as well, and I fully trust him.”

Me: “What is your opinion on ‘N/A’?”

Anonymous: “As for ‘N/A’… Well I don’t see much point in it, but I do agree that ‘hed’ and ‘R.L.’ should have joined one tribe. It would have been better if it was ‘AD!’, as I don’t see the point in creating a new tribe and go through all this mess of recruiting and sorting out the leadership.”

Me: “What do you see for the future of the world?”

Anonymous: “Err…  ‘1ns4n3’ = win… simples?”

Me: “Do you think ‘N/A’ and ‘ASCEND’ will ever come to an agreement?”

Anonymous: “Well there is an agreement between the tribes, but it’s a long way away from being perfect. So far there is not much team effort happening, which we need a lot of in this war to show up a fight. But it’s for leaders to think about and work on, my job it fight the enemy.”

Me: “Thank you for your time.”


I also secured an interview with one of the members of ‘N/A’ who has also asked to remain anonymous. Our conversation is shown below:

Me: “What is your opinion of ‘BigBrad075’?”

Anonymous: “Well, between me and him we have had our problems. Which I doubt is a big secret with anyone who knows either of us. In the past I’ve looked down on him but since joining up with him he’s turned out to be a good player and a good leader. Maybe not the most conventional leader but it works.”

Me: “What is your opinion on ‘N/A’?”

Anonymous: “Its a good group of players who are tring to prevent the world from ending. We are also the only tribe who has the balls to stand up against ‘1ns4n3′.”

Me: “What do you see for the future of the world?”

Anonymous: “Well if the ‘1ns4n3′ merge hasn’t started the end game then I see the world eventually being split into three different tribes. Those tribes will be ‘1ns4n3′, ‘N/A’, and the ever so favorite ‘ASCEND’. Either all the tribes will merge into one of these tribes or be nobled up by them.”

Me: “Do you think ‘N/A’ and ‘ASCEND’ will ever come to an agreement?”

Anonymous: “Hell no. They are too afraid of having a tribe like ‘1ns4n3′ being their enemy and happy just sitting around while ‘N/A’ and ‘1ns4n3′ fight each other. By the time any of them, ‘ASCEND’, decides to get involved it will be too late for them because from what I’ve seen from the war stats, ‘ASCEND’ is practically giving ‘1ns4n3′ their villages. Last time I checked ‘1ns4n3′ has taken 209 of their villages while only losing 30. ‘ASCEND’ needs to just sack up for once in their life, and until that happens no agreement will happen.”

Me: “Thank you for your time.”


There you have two very interesting view points on the current situation. Below is the profile of ‘N/A’ and further down are some war statistics.

Profile of ‘N/A':


War Statistics between ‘N/A’ and ‘1ns4n3′. ‘N/A’ are shown in green, ‘1ns4n3′ in red, with the third row being the difference between the two tribes.

We can deduce from these statistics that ‘1ns4n3′ have certainly made a stronger start to this war than their opponents.

So what does the future hold for ‘N/A’? The spirits are high and they do have serious belief that they can defeat their enemies and possibly go on to conquer the world. Whether this belief is realistic is another matter. One of the most interesting talking points will be what happens between them and ‘ASCEND’ in the future. Their relationship could prove to be very important. Thank you for reading.