The Bush Doctrine

June 28, 2011 in World 052 News, World News


Abraham Lincoln… Theodore Roosevelt… George Bush.

Yes, the world has seen its share of republican presidents.

But the triumphs of figures like Lincoln and Roosevelt pale in comparison to those of George Bush, for he has achieved what no other has: the commemoration of a TW Tribe named after him.

Today we look at Bush and its current wars with Phat and WET.

Where has Bush been taking losses? Where have they been making gains?

How are Phat and WET working together to bring down Bush?

What substance is there to the Bush / -SWAT- F. alliance?


Let’s get started with this week’s blog.

World Map – Top 10 Tribes

Phat continues at rank 1, and has lengthened their lead on SOHK somewhat: they are now safe by 7 million points. SOHK does, of course, retain the largest total point count at nearly 87 million points, which can be explained by their larger member base than Phat.

TheLaw makes an exciting appearance this week, at the ninth position. You may recall I did a featurette on them some months past, in When Love Takes Over… The Southwest, which provides a brief background to the uniformed reader. One wonders how their allegiances lie with Bush and SOHK, two superpowers that surround them.

The Bush War

I’m sure we are all intimately familiar with the origins of these two wars, as I’ve discussed it previously in the blog and there have been several forum topics regarding them as well. Thus, I shan’t waste too much time recapping what we already know.

What we don’t know is far more interesting.

When WET and Phat declared, there was some controversy over the proximity of the tribes’ declaration dates. Some alleged that Phat, who announced a few days after WET, had only moved because they had seen their southern counterpart do so and wanted to jump on the bandwagon. However, it was later revealed that the two tribes had actually been working together towards a declaration and WET was forced to show their hand early due to some untimely events.

Today, we examine that alliance that Phat shares with WET.

Coplayed By A Horse, Phat duke, summed up their alliance in one word: “solid.”

He had initially led me to believe, when Phat first declared, that there was some uncertainty of Phat and WET would really be coordinating militarily during the war. Today, however, he says, “we did end up doing some small scale coops on our own in the same area.” He also noted that the two tribes were sharing support against Bush, coordinating on the defensive.

The same, unfortunately, cannot be said for Bush and -SWAT-.

Memory Lane, Bush duchess, said quite candidly:

“-SWAT- has not sent support to us [Bush].” – Memory Lane

Lavrikan3, -SWAT- duke, said, however, that they are not guilty of leaving their allies vulnerable:

“We have offered support [to Bush], and help with sitting accounts.” – Lavrikan3

I struggled to understand how -SWAT- could have offered support to Bush, but not have Bush accept it. Lavrikan3 was quick to state that their lack of assistance was attributed to a miscommunication error.

“[Bush] just didn’t follow through with the list I requested. We had planned to send 250 defensive villages to them initially.” – Lavrikan3

He was unable to provide an approximate timeframe when this support system was discussed. Lavrikan3 felt that “problems happened when KJ left.” He continued, saying that it “takes time to get what the new duke wants… me and KJ had agreements – she [Memory Lane] doesn’t even know about them.”

I was taken aback by this crevasse that seems to have arisen between the two tribes after KJ’s departure. Lavrikan3 said too that he thought Memory Lane was “doing the best she can” in light of the circumstances.

Coplayed By A Horse said that “we’ve [Phat] never once received a communication from Bush’s leadership since we declared” and that he personally had never spoken to Memory Lane. I thought that such aloofness could make potential negotiation of an armistice down the road a bit difficult. Memory Lane is an elusive duchess, to say the least, and was unavailable for comment on many of the issues discussed today.

-SWAT- has not militarily supported Bush yet, even though the latter has asked to them to declare on Phat, according to Lavrikan3. Lavrikan3 said that they did not feel comfortable declaring on Phat just yet because they were already involved in three other wars – Mafia, NOTA, and -DOW-. Lavrikan3 said that “they [Bush] don’t seem to hold any grudges” against their apparent lack of any aid during the war. Personally, I am concerned how long this alliance can last in this fashion, especially with Memory Lane at the helm instead of KJ – not because Memory Lane is a worse duchess, by any means, but because she might not have the connection with Lavrikan3 that KJ had.

Bush / Phat / WET Conquers

I invite everyone to compare this map to that of Part 1: World At War, in which I also heavily discussed the Bush war.

This map shows the conquers of the last month, with Phat’s conquers in red, WET’s in grey, and Bush’s in yellow.

The big interest is in K43, where Phat has completely taken control. Previously, Bush had dominance in the continent, but Phat has swept in from the northeast and seized possession. WET looks like they’ve been helping out directly south, in K53, and the two tribes have made strong gains in the center of the frontline. Phat also appears to have had a strong presence in the northwest corner of the map, where an op seems to have neutralized several Bush villages.

Bush’s conquers have been scattered about the frontline, with two small pockets of attention in southern K53 and middle K63.

Lavrikan3 contends that “Phat only got so far ahead cause they saved for ages their nobles… plus the Bush frontline was mostly inactive accounts.” He believes that Bush is “starting to get a grip with their wars” and that “they should pull through it.”

Coplayed By A Horse said that “the bulk of bush [is] now pretty inactive.”

“Bush’s constant manipulation and involvement with our enemies (rather rallying people against us) as well as the bashing were the main reasons we went to war. The goal then would be to remove them, because we couldn’t stop it by straight-out nobling them. Perhaps with KJ apparently gone and the bulk of bush now being pretty inactive we’ve met that goal as it was obvious we weren’t going to stop them by nobling them.” – Coplayed By A Horse

Phat remains very confident in their approach to the war, and doesn’t show signs of wanting to settle a possible peace treaty. I was unable to reach WET for comment on their immediate goals of the war.

** Conquers are for the last month.

Memory Lane preferred not to comment on the situation of Bush’s poor performance, as only excuses can be made, which I find understandable.

I have to say that the future looks grim for Bush, plagued by inactivity. Memory Lane seems competent, however, and perhaps strong leadership will be able to turn the tide in the war. Phat and WET will be hard to stop.

Thanks for reading this rather short and sparse edition of the blog :)