The beginning of the end?

April 22, 2011 in World 046 News, World News

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Welcome to the World 46 Blog! Several surprising stories have made the headlines today! A merger between Skill? and Anarky? Will this take place? Read on for more…

While only two weeks have passed since the merger of TSB into TSL, the eastern powers have become nervous, and it seems that they have decided to become one. Anarky and Skill?’s leaders have publicly admitted to this happening, and in private have been, of course, coordinating how everything will work.

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What does this mean for World 46? Well predominantly, it marks the beginning of the endgame phase. With the world split in half, the war to end all the wars of World 46 will begin, and most likely last for years. This truly will be the greatest war that this world has seen as a whole, and will of course determine who the winner of the world is.

Now…. it is time to talk about the behind the scenes stories, those found and presented by…. the World 46 Press Club! This press club of course consists mainly of myself and my trusty cohort Mantoo.

After my somewhat long and painful recovery from the last investigation that I took part in, I returned to work last week. Still scarred from my last I set out on my quest to find the true reason of the Skill?/Anarky merge. Suspecting that something shady was going on, I swung by Firey’s house to take a quick look around. 

I did manage to sneak into the house, and make off with several items, mostly documents relating to the merger. Safely in the car, Mantoo and I poured over the documents. It was as we had suspected. Evidence from these files shows that the true reason for the merger between the two eastern superpowers is due to the fact that Firey and Chachi secretly made off with Open Mind’s mistress. Open after hearing of this became much incensed, and called for war. Firey and Chachi liked the mistress too much to give her up, so they came upon the perfect conclusion: merge!

The second story that we followed was that of a special young boy named Dominica. He is quite resourceful it seems, as he has found out a perfect way to dodge the great and powerful overlord named “THE RULES”. While “THE RULES” forbids giving premium points in exchange for favors and such, it does not forbid the exchange of beautiful women in exchange for these favors. Dominica has taken advantage of this large oversight by “THE RULES”, and has offered beautiful women to everyone that joins his tribe. Many have already accepted this offer, and it will not be long before Dominica rules all of World 46!

The third and final story that was discovered by myself and Mantoo, was the continuation of the last edition’s story regarding Chachi and his neglected love.

For months he has been courting Firey, even trying to seduce him with one of his very attractive “nurse” outfits. However, it seems that Firey has simply been impervious to his charms! I spoke with Chachi about his so far unsuccessful attempts at seduction:


Ampatriot: We all know that your courtship of Firey has not been going well, but do you have hope for the future of it?​

chachiINcharge: there’s always hope ;)

Ampatriot: I was hoping to hear such words from you! So what are you planning on doing to seduce him now? It seems that your nurse outfit did not work

chachiINcharge: Well, if I told you my plans for him, then he would be immune to it. It must be a surprise!

Ampatriot: True, but let me have a hint at your next seductive tactic!

chachiINcharge: hmmm.. a hint… I won’t be wearing pink​

Ampatriot: But firey loves pink!

chachiINcharge: that’s what you think​

Ampatriot: What colors does he enjoy then?​

chachiINcharge: that would give it away!

Ampatriot: Ahh… alright

chachiINcharge: Then someone else might steal him!

Ampatriot: True… Well it was nice talking to you chachi, and good luck with your ongoing courtship

chachiINcharge: always

And that wraps up this week’s edition of the World 46 Press Club’s report.

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