The Artemis Examiner: UBM remix

August 3, 2010 in World 039 News, World News

While our  beloved Artemis missing in action I decided to swipe his blog and put a UBM remix on it.  Not much change in the last few weeks as far as the map goes, but so  you  can have a look see, you  have been provided one below.  The explosions on the map  are the  current big battle fronts.

World 39

Prescriptions for the whole family

We all love the family tribes.  It gives the pnp’ers something to flame, the self proclaimed elite tribes something to hit, and even the noobs can get in on some family bashing.  All  this is pretty common in  every world.  The only solution to eliminating a family tribe…  is to kick them out of their house.

In another entertaining PnP declaration by the most respected tribe on W39, Rx4u declared war on the *TA family.  The *TA family is populated by *TA, Them, Tak and 911.  The “live” declaration quintupled the amount of normal World 39 viewers as the world waited for the anticipated announcement.  Some players believing Rx4u was announcing a mass delete and others expecting the nobles to hit the pavement running.
So far the war has been in Rx4u control as expected, but the *TA family  has done a decent job with recaps and forum banter.  The family  has kept Rx4u under a 100 percent advantage in the noble column so I count that as a small victory.

Personally I’m looking forward to the *TA troop response and seeing if they can level out the stats a bit.  Rx4u drew first blood.  Lets hope *TA doesn’t implode as its predecessors -V- and Jokez.

1 on 1 with UBM

It’s sad that the Zombie thread gets more activity than any other forum thread on the world in a regular week.  As the world is getting in its later stages, we are seeing the exits of some of the former high profile players.  I kidnapped one of its recent exits for a chat with his undeadness.

For our uninformed readers you are the player formally known as Fatarmy on W39 – I introduce to you  Colton aka General Mclean

Yep, Took him over when he was 600k? something like that…

Now by reputation you were a very feared account – mainly offensive and in the Nob!! ranks, So what happened?

Well like a lot of players I ran into RL problems.  Unlike most though I was pushed out due to problems and the combination of the tribe going in a way I did not like (the merges etc). I decided it was time to pack my bags and go find a new world.

Who’s your football team?

College…. My Oregon Ducks!  NFL well when I was young my dad took me to both Packers games at Lambeau field and Pittsburgh Steelers games so I have a soft spot for both, although recently I have a good friend in J-Stew playing for the Panthers, so I guess those 3 teams. I am by far a bigger Ducks fan, since I am a college student.

Who would win in a flamefest between me, colpo, and googly?

Well you would win in the rhymes….. googly would counter with some pictures, but colpo would win because he would pull out some glee stuff and bore you two to death.

Hmmm agreed…but could still  be legendary…

Okay so what does *TA need to do to have any chance against Rx4u?

Pray that God strikes you down?


Hire the guys from The Expendables

Ehh- I could take Stallone; he’s old.

That is about it

Seriously though – if you were leading TA, what would you do in their shoes?

You know I would never lead again….. Their best bet is dragging NOB!! into this war.  Although with the massive amount of new members NOB!! has taken in and their other internal problems, I have a hard time imagining they would help TA. Their best bet is to find glorified mercs (old players who like fighting impossible odds) and have them co-play the front lines.

Who wins the server?

Depends. 39 is hard to judge.

NOB!! and Rx4U are clear favorites.  The question is whose leadership and players are the strongest?  ARE can lead well if he feels like putting the effort into it, but the question is with the amount of new players and new players on old accounts can he get them to gel?  Rx4U from what I can tell has the best coordination and probably the best players.

Well we are still far away from a Rx4u vs Nob war, so I guess the world will have to wait for its greatest war to take place.

The question though in Rx4U’s case is will they stick it out or get bored ;) NOB!! will not hold in its current form and Rx4U will want a real challenge.

Is the current NOB!! a challenge for Rx4u?

In the state it is now or if the players could gel and be given time to organize?  If NOB!! can gel and work together as a cohesive unit they could put up a good fight.

Nob vs  Cerb

The Epic Battle between the  Top Player and Top Tribe IGNITES…. and then the wick falls off onto the ground and  fizzles out.  3 to 1 ennoblement count….  3 to 1…… 3 to freaking 1.

I’ve had 892 nukes hit me in the past week, but it’s also a weak effort.. they’ve only sent about 50 nobles because this is supposed to be a ‘nuke him until he quits’ op. Are told everyone in the tribe to send 1 nuke for every 10 villages they have at me. Some sent noble,s but 50 nobles is terribly easy to deal with.


Nice Strategy Nob!!  – Lose troops not nobles

Billy’s Final  Thoughts

I enjoyed the interview with Colton, really great guy, good player and fairly level headed.  TA – good forum presence – decent recap ratio – keep it up – keep  the war exciting.  To Art – this Blog entry is dedicated to you  pal :)