Taking Flight, In World 48

June 20, 2011 in I'm A New Blogger!, Uncategorized, World 048 News, World News, Worlds 41-50 News

World 48, has always been a place where the bloggers have dared not tread. Why is that you ask? 

Why deary me, is it because we are too mean? Too scary? Too uninviting? Or perhaps, just maybe, it is because we are famed for hugging our way to the top, we are so lovable, that the fearsome bloggers are always reporting of our hugely huggable deeds.

Well my dear readers, I am proud to announce that I, 1stphoenix, the biggest hugger of them all has dared to breach these waters. I am after all, the duke of CRASH, the most famous huggers of all. That being said, I will be as unbiased as possible in all my views, and will to every degree, make sure everyone and everything is fair game, even my own actions as a tribal Duke.

Now then, I welcome you all, to my introductory blog, jam-packed with the good stuff. I will be taking a look at all of the more notable current wars of world 48. These include the CRASH/PIRANA vs Womble war, as well as the ASCN/PIRANA conflict. I will also give you all the privilege of seeing my interview with the esteemed PeacefulPrincess. At the time of of the interview, Princess was the duchess of CRASH, since then however, she has stepped down. I would however like to show you nonetheless. For those of you wishing to know why she stepped down, it was because she wished to spend more time teaching her kitten how to snipe.

Without further ado, our interview. Huh, that rhymes!

1stphoenix: Gday from down under! How are you today princess?

princess : I am good thank you and you?

1stphoenix: Fine thanks, now then, If its all right with you, I would like to ask you some questions about CRASH, and in particular, the CRASH vs Womble war

princess : That would be fabulous, and I will answer to the best of my ability.

1stphoenix: thankyou, but first, for our readers knowledge, what account do you play, and what position do you hold in CRASH?

princess : I play fcbunyodkor, and am the tribe moron…oh no wait, I meant Duchess sorry.

1stphoenix: Very nice, so your the top gun these days?

princess : I don’t know about being the top, but I am definately a gun.
princess : (chuckle)
princess : Yes I am top dog.

1stphoenix: ;) what ever happened to caglen? he just kind of disappeared.

princess : Caglen had a major boom in his career recently that left little time for leadership.
princess : He is still playing his account actively.

1stphoenix: Ah, that makes sense. The real world always takes precedence.

princess : Indeed

1stphoenix: Now, what is your take on the CRASH v Womble war?

princess : Are we at war with the fuzzies? I thought we were hugging them.

1stphoenix: lol, indeed, some would say so.
1stphoenix: where would you say the most activity is between the two superpowers?

princess : I would say that the East is heated up very well at the moment.
princess : I foresee that that in the near future all the inactivity will level out from both ends and we will be fighting more in all of the k’s.

1stphoenix: A good prediction, many accounts are being internalised now then?

princess : From both sides, yes.

1stphoenix: Thats good, It will make for an intereresting few months then

princess : Indeed it will.
princess : I have also noted that a good many players are moving from the North downward, in particular into luigimitch villages.

1stphoenix: Taking a jump to get to the front then?
One question that keeps popping up in the forums these days relates to the ex-SubV players
1stphoenix: There is still a lot of doubt there about their feelings over the merger between Brave! and SubV
1stphoenix: Do you believe all these issues have now been resolved?

princess : I truly believe that time has healed all of those wounds.
princess : You see, at the time of the merger, the subv leadership was drastically changed.
princess : They lost their highly esteemed leader, and the majority of the council.
princess : It was a difficult adjustment for all involved, but the womble war really brought us together.

1stphoenix: With that said, would you like to say a big thankyou to the womble leadership?

princess : I would of course like to thank them for aiding us in that area. It came at a time that was hard, but it made us stronger.

1stphoenix: Very good, well Princess, I sincerely thankyou for the opportunity to interview you. Is there anything else you would like to say?

princess : No, thank you for giving me the opportunity to share with you and your readers.

1stphoenix: Thankyou Princess, and good luck

princess : Thanks to you too

Well there you have it, a fine interview with the lovely Princess.

Now then, onto the current wars! Lets start with the ASCN and PIRANA conflict. I will not be including dismissed players, as I am unaware of them, please message me with your gripes, and I will be sure to add them next time.

Firstly, some stats:

Side 1:
Tribes: PIRANA
Side 2:
Tribes: ASCN

Timeframe: Last 3 months

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 16
Side 2: 247
Difference: 231


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 149,537
Side 2: 2,175,581
Difference: 2,026,044


I have included stats from the last 3 months as I am unsure of the date that the conflict began. Enlighten me please, if you know.

Just going from stats, ASCN is clearly walking all over the top of PIRANA, lets take a look at where these conquers are taking place.

Now, looking at this map, it is very clear where all the conquers are. I am assuming that the only conquers PIRANA have made (pink) are retakes. It is also very clear that ASCN have hammered PIRANA in continents 13 and 23, as well as its immediate surrounds, into near obliteration. I will also be very blunt here, why does PIRANA have villages in the above listed continents? Or more to the point, why did they? Forgive me for my ignorance here, if you have the knowledge, I beg you to inform me, I just cannot fathom the reasons for recruitment in such an area so far removed from the main body of the tribe.

Anyway, lets now have a look at PIRANA/CRASH vs Womble.

Lets start with joint stats, I am not going to include dismissed accounts, as I do not yet have all necessary names.

The co-alition?

Side 1:
Side 2:
Tribes: Womble

Timeframe: 01/04/2011 00:00:00 to 19/06/2011 14:35:22

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 565
Side 2: 874
Difference: 309


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 5,287,849
Side 2: 8,238,897
Difference: 2,951,048


Im not sure what you guys think, but currently, wombles are not only winning, but they are leading the field by a mile. Lets have a look at the conquers map. I would like to apologise though, the map is taken from the last 3 months, as there is no manual setting option.

Well, here we are. A quick description. Green is conquers made against the coalition, whilst pink (CRASH) and teal (PIRANA/-DIE-) are conquers made against Womble.

Just how many conquers have the fishies made in the last 3 months? I do not think I want to know….

Well then, lets take a look at the CRASH and Womble side of the war. Where stats show who has won the most, these conquer maps really show the story. Whilst nobling has been low in the core continents on the side of CRASH, womble has been steadily gaining territory and removing pockets of the coalition within their dominant continents. The real war seems to be in the east, with the continents of 47,  48, and 49 being a sheer bloody mess.

CRASH is barely holding Womble back in continent 47 and 48, with massive gains against them, though very little penetration into dominant territories. It looks more like the stabilisation of the front. However, it has been a complete walkover in continent 49, where Womble had only a light reign. Womble leadership will have to deal with this quickly, as a rush into continent 39 from CRASH could mean the turning point of the war in the east.


I would like to end my introductory blog there, please, if you have any comments, do not hesitate to either leave one here, make one in relevant threads in the forum, or drop me a line in game on the -ATA- account.

If you have any ideas for material, please also drop me a line.