Strategy: Introduction

May 26, 2011 in Strategy:TW

Strategy:TW is a semi regular blog that focuses on filling in the gaps of your gameplay. Think of your skill set here on TW, as a big puzzle. I help you find the pieces to put them in order. I have a highly skilled group of people that have volunteered their time to help as well. They are ….

Players from INSO on World 13. As the blog progresses, the individuals who helped out will get their spotlight and credit.

For those who don’t know me, I am NoelyDeezNutz. I have been playing TribalWars for ~3 years now, and maintain an account on World 13. I am apart of the #1 tribe in that world and have been from the beginning. I have brought on various methods and techniques that have helped my tribe be the dominant force that we are. You can read my introduction to the blog HERE

With that being said, I by no means, consider myself a great TW player. I consider myself “above average” but have, and use, the tools that are at my fingertips. Which, luckily for you, will now be shared with the entire TribalWars community.

We will feature spreadsheets and how to use them (and make them) as well as videos that show you how scripts work and how to use them… Eventually getting on down to the nitty gritty and showing you how to send attacks more efficiently and even be able to tag thousands of incoming correctly (without you being online when they are sent)

My methods won’t make you the best player in TW, but they WILL elevate your gameplay. They WILL give you a better handle on how to play the game and increase your skill set.

Something that I would like to include here a place for people to get in touch with me. I want to put out things that you, the community, want to see. I figure, whats the point in putting out a blog that shows you how to send resources to a village, if no one wants that? It would be a waste of my time as well as a waste of yours. So you guys get the chance to influence what gets written up. You can ask questions like “How do I do XYZ?” or “How can I use this script/How does it work?”

These tools and methods are proven to work. So be sure to follow this section. There will be an RSS feed and more to keep you all up to date.

So lets get right into it… You didn’t think I would start a new section and not give you something to take away, would you?

This spreadsheet comes from CaptainNCoke69 in INSO on World 13. You can get it HERE

Below is a video showcasing how it works and how you use it. (Be sure to watch it in HD)

(%x|%y) %k = the format.

That is all for this edition of Strategy. Next time we will go over a script or 2.