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June 7, 2011 in World 046 News, World News

Welcome back to the World 46 Blog! I am of course Ampatriot…. and here is the news in the world this week!

TSL has struck back! After steadily losing villages since shortly after the beginning of the war, they have finally launched an op on their rivals in Twist!.

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TSL once again employed a technique that has been key to them in the past. Noble nukes. What is a noble nuke?

Noble Nuke: A “nuke” (standard attacking force consisting of 6000-7000 axes, 2500-3000 light cavalry, and 200-300 rams) containing an attached noble.

Amid thousands of fake attacks, TSL launched noble nukes. Normally noble trains stand out in the midst of fakes, due to the closeness of their timing. Noble nukes however, do not show up like this. Unless the receiving player tags all attacks, which many do not, these noble nukes will most likely go unseen. The villages they noble are usually not very well guarded, and fall easily.

Some call this sloppy or old school, however in this case it seems to have worked out very well. Will it work all the time? Obviously the answer to that would be no, since many players do find the time to tag all the attacks, in which case makes it easy to spot the noble nukes, and stack the villages that they are hitting.

How about the ramifications of this op? What does it’s success mean to the future of the world? Well that is what I asked several key players involved in this war. Some like Open Mind were pleased with the op’s success, and saw it as a restatement of TSL’s legacy in the area of ops.

Open Mind: We just reconfirmed our value as a tribe to run successful OP’s.
Nothing is perfect, so even this OP was not perfect … So, in this war we have the opportunity to run OP’s more successful.

Others such as -=Mephisto=- saw it differently.

-=Mephisto=-: The op doesn’t change anything. TSL found some villages, and we will find some too.

And then there were of course those that were completely oblivious to the existence of the op.

Fireyflame: What happened?

To put it in perspective… the op did very little in the long run, as both sides do still have over 30,000 villages a piece. Despite it’s evident success, 100+ villages will really make no dent in that mass. However, it is a start, and it is 100 villages that TSL did not have before, and that they do have now.
So will it really make a difference? As Open Mind said, it does reconfirm that TSL can still run ops as well, or better than they ever have been able to. But it also emphasizes… quite discouragingly, that the war has just only begun.

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