Start of World 58 and a No Hauls HP World

August 7, 2011 in Announcements, HP News, Special Features, World 058 News, Worlds 51-60 News

New Worlds Starting:

We will soon be starting two new worlds this month.

World 58 will start on Wednesday, August 10th, at around 17:00 and will be a standard world, with farming/hauls enabled.

A 3-month High Performance world will start on Saturday, August 13th, at around 20:00 and will be a no hauls world. You will start with a half-built village (around 2k points, level 25 of each resource type).

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Start of World 58 (August 10th, 17:00)

Start of High Performance (August 13th, 20:00)

This is a no hauls world.

This world will end after 3 months or 1 week after the #1 tribe reaches 75% dominance. The player limit for the world is 5000.

To join the world after it opens please select ‘High Perf’ from the login screen.