Start of a ‘CTV’ High Performance World

February 13, 2011 in Announcements, HP News, Special Features, World News

Dear players,

Following the completion of our recent Startup World, a new high performance world will be starting shortly. Unlike normal worlds, high performance worlds have set time limits (between 1-6 months) and usually operate at higher speeds.

This time we’re going to be operating a Capture the Village scenario, more details below.

Start date: Saturday 19th February, 20:00.
End date: Saturday 19th March, 20:00.

To join the world on Saturday, simply login as usual and select ‘CTV’ from the world list. There will be a 5000 free player slots. If you had active premium from the last round, it will still be active.

Capture the Village (CTV)

There will be five special villages placed on the world. They will start fully built, and will have a higher amount of points than normal. Each village will be stacked with defensive troops, and the number of troops in each village may differ and won’t be revealed.

The villages will be placed at the following locations:


For every minute a tribe is in possession of a village they gain one ‘CTV point’. At the end of the round, the tribe with the most CTV points wins.

Premium Prizes / Goals

  • The #1, #2 and #3 ranked players at the end of the round will respectively be awarded 600, 400 and 200 premium points.
  • In addition to this, three players in the top 100 (excluding the top 3) will randomly be awarded 200 premium points.
  • The first player to noble each of the special villages listed above will be awarded 200 premium points.
  • Each member of the winning tribe will be awarded 300 premium points.

World Settings

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