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July 5, 2011 in Questions of the Week, Staff Spotlights

Welcome to Another Lovely Staff Spotlight, This week I get to speak to a In-Game Mod, So Please Press “Read More” so you can see which lovely mod I got to spoke to

I was lucky enough to speak to one of the nicest In-Game Mod’s most players will ever get the permission to encounter, If you think its me, You are wrong, I am a blogger, Not a Mod. I am of course talking about Usti Wahya.

If you are ever on Skype and just want a Chat Usti Wahya is a very interesting person to talk with, If you are in her town, then ensure to send her a Top Level Vodka, I believe it would depend on every country, but from Australia I would send her Schmirnoff, or as a friend of mine had stated Absolute Vodka is nicer, Just buy her something expensive.

I know for one, I will be sending her a case of Dr. Pepper, I know who can obviously drink this?, But she likes it and if your reading this Usti Wahya, I don’t think australia has Dr. Pepper anymore, so don’t hold me up to it.

Please read below for our Interview.

Hello Usti Wahya, Thanks for taking the time to do this, How are you today?

Hi, and you’re welcome. I’m doing alright.

How long have you been with the TW Team For?

I became an ingame mod on May 20, 2009. I was on the Wiki Staff for several months before that, so sometime in early 2009.

What World do you currently play if any?

I play W20. I am also a co-player on another world but I’d rather not say which one on request of my co-player.

That’s Fine, Where did you get your name from? I heard it was Cherokee for Little Wolf, Where did you find this out?

My name was given to me by a Choctaw/Cherokee Shaman, who also happens to be a very good friend of mine.

What do you enjoy to do outside of Tribalwars?

I’m a single mom, so much of my time is spent taking care of my teenage son. However, I do enjoy a good book and I’ve become a tad bit addicted to a couple of facebook games as well.  :D

As you said, you play W20, What is the largest account you have ever played?

W20 is my largest account. It is only just over 7mil with roughly 740ish villages. I had to take some time off last year due to real life issues and that hampered my growth there quite a bit.

Yes, Real life is a hassle, Why did you decide to join the Moderation team?

Originally joined as Wiki Staff and that was because I wanted some way to contribute to the TW community. I have really enjoyed my time here and met some awesome people along the way. I then moved over to ingame staff because I wanted to try to make the game better by being able to answer player questions and curb a bit of the cheating that happens in every world.

What world do you Mod for? Or is this top Secret Information ?

I’m sorry but the ingame staff doesn’t generally give that information out. The players on the worlds I mod know, because I answer their tickets, that’s what matters.

Remember, If you ever get to speak to Usti Wahya, Speak to her with respect, she is a lovely lady, and is the kindest Moderator you will ever get to speak to.

Please Post who you want for the next spotlight or I will continue with the schedule.