W58- Some will prevail, but many will fall!

August 22, 2011 in World 058 News, World News, Worlds 51-60 News

Some will prevail, but many will fall- Let us see what the leaders think!

Okay, yes it is me back again with Blog #2..

Okay, so as stated in the External Forums and in my previous blog- Today I will be showing you a blog full of everything that is needed, but most importantly today’s blog contains lots of interviews with the leadership of several of the successful Pre-made tribes on world 58, might I add that many have fallen since my last blog!


So lets take a look at the statistics!

Total number of players: 34,842 (17:38- 22/08/11)

Total number of tribes: 1,816 (17:38- 22/08/11)


World map: (players, no markings, 17:38- 22/08/11)

World map: (Top 5 tribe highlights, 17:10- 22/08/11)

ARMADA, Win!, Pacman, MORTAL and Riders

The questions I asked where as follows;

1. What made you want to start World 58 with a pre-made tribe?

2. Have all of your members played together on previous worlds before?

3. Do you feel that pre-made tribes have a larger chance of survival in a new world?

4. Do you feel that there is safety in numbers?

5. How do you feel your tribe is doing at this moment in time?

6. Are things going the way that had had expected/ wanted them to?

7. What are your predictions for your tribe as this world progresses?

8. What are you hoping to achieve as a tribe in this world?


The responses were as follows;

ZOMBIE- Chief of State SelectShow


SWID- The.Gunslinger SelectShow

–> Might I add that since this interview Pacman has been recovered!


Pacman- Zero Tolerance. SelectShow


TNT- Tuzain SelectShow


ARMADA- Rotan.S SelectShow


Mouse?- -Zabimaru- SelectShow


And that’s Blog #2, please leave comments- I’m sorry about the maps, I have not yet learned the skill of making the pictures look great.. Please take this into consideration :) The interviews in the blog took place throughout the week commencing 15/08/11, this was flexible so that each interview took place when the interviewee had time :)

Be sure to flick back for Blog #3 as the world may just take a dramatic turn ;) And my blog may become a little more fun ;)



Kieran ( hikeegan999 )