Some Things Change, Some Stay The Same

August 4, 2011 in World 016 News, World News, Worlds 11-20 News

In this game, it seems like some things are never-ending, while at the same time, others that were expected to last long are over before we know it. In W16, C² and Plight have been at war for over a year, close to two for those members who were originally in LSHRV, and while the frontlines have changed over time, the war still continues. On the other hand, Blitz, a splinter tribe from Plight arose and seemed like it was going to be around for quite some time, but after a few short months it has largely rejoined Plight.

Originally I had planned to do a follow up blog to my last one, whose main topic was on the tribe Blitz. At the time, the tribe had already shown signs of weakening. A good number of the players who had left Plight originally had already returned, yet there still seemed to be a handful of players determined to hang on and remain in Blitz to fulfill their goals.

The final straw seemed to come when steveuk82 and T10tf were banned for reasons that can only be speculated at, and then when they failed to come back and the accounts were deleted rather than simply punished. Within a few days, all remaining members returned to Plight with exception of the inactive Lucre account, which is now being eaten. For all purposes, Blitz’s time in W16 is now over.

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As we can see by the map, the world has returned to a simple two-sided war. Most Blitz members returned to Plight, and while barbs from T10tf and Steveuk82 have been taken by both sides, it seems that Plight has managed to hold onto the majority of them. While two players were lost, little territory was exchanged as a result.

The only other major change to the map was continental dominance of K57 being taken over C² by a very small margin.

Side 1:
Tribes: C²
Side 2:
Tribes: Plight, Blitz

Timeframe: 23/06/2011 00:00:00 to 04/08/2011 00:00:00

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 978
Side 2: 200
Difference: 778

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 9,038,695
Side 2: 1,918,251
Difference: 7,120,444

My apologies, but WordPress isn’t translating the TWstats image correctly and doesn’t want to show the graphs like it normally would.

Six weeks ago, in my last blog covering the war, Blitz and Plight had managed to close in on C² in conquers versus the other side during the same time period, with a comparable ratio of about 3:2. In the last six weeks, C² once again extended the lead, bringing the ratio up to nearly 5:1. This can most likely be attributed to the ban and following deletion of two Blitz accounts as Plight focused on retaking as many villages as possible to deny C² a weak point to strike in the north. This area of Plight has held fairly strong thus far, and it looks like they intend to keep it that way.

In other areas of the world, accounts such as Montekritzo and Srce Vatreno, long time inactives that served as targets for C² pushing further into Plight territory have both gone barb and the remainder largely eaten by Plight members. Vukas, another large account that had suddenly lost activity, became a weak point for C² to strike at, but the account was largely cut off from their access as Plight worked quickly to internal it. Within a month, an account that was over 10m points has been reduced to 4m, and it continues to shrink every day.

In the north, TheRedWitch has once again left Plight, for reasons yet unknown to the public. The solo tribe has been named GFYS, with no explanation as to what the abbreviation means. We can only wonder…

Looking at just the stats, comparing Plight now with Plight two months ago, it seems that Plight is slipping, but if you look at what they are doing instead of nobling C², it seems that Plight is attempting to deal with internal issues to strengthen their position to put themselves in a spot to strike back.

*WARNING! Lame school analogy coming. If the thought of school makes you break out in hives or become nauseous, or if you spontaneously burst into flames upon contact with school related material, I advise that you cover your eyes and run away. If you have other people living in your house, it is suggested that you scream like a little girl and then hide in your closet until people come to look for you. That is all*

C² and Plight are competing for valedictorian, rank one in the school, for W16. It comes down to a major project at the end of the year. C² was the nerdy, prepared type, beginning research before the project was even assigned. Plight was the procrastinator, the type that always does well despite waiting until the very last second. C² has done its research, and kept up to date with all the steps of the project (eating inactives in a timely fashion or replacing lost players) whereas Plight has delayed, pushing off the inevitable until they have realized that it’s now or never. They’ve finally started a mad rush to get everything done (inactives were a problem for a very long time, but now Plight is doing more to actively work on taking these accounts out rather than let C² target them). It’s coming down to the end. Both will finish the project, but it is yet to be seen who will do the better job.

Like I said, really lame school analogy, right? Well that’s what you get when your blogger decides to write at 2:00am. At least I warned you. Now go find those people hiding in the closet, or they might never come out.

In the forums I made a joke about including a few entertaining pictures to entertain the masses. Haza seemed to be excited about the idea, so here’s one for him.

And here is an inside look into the research project the C² design team is currently working on. If anyone asks, you didn’t get this from me.

That’s all for this edition of the blog. I am interested in seeing if anyone is good at working with an Excel spreadsheet, particularly with making nice looking charts. I know the basics and can input the information and form graphs and charts, but they are rather plain looking. If I decide to include what I’m thinking of, I’d rather create something that looks a lot nicer to add to the blog, but I would need a little help with that. If anyone is willing, you can post here or pm me. The next war blog will not be for at least another month, so we will have time to discuss and work on this project, if it’s possible.

Until next time, your W16 blogger and fellow spreader of carnage,