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June 25, 2010 in World 043 News

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Welcome back!

It’s good to be back, been quite busy of late in my life, had some drama’s with my car (I know what your thinking, and you’re right… I *do* drive a 1985 Volvo) and other things that have kept me occupied. But don’t think for a moment I’m not watching you. I’m always watching you.

Well now, the war is certainly getting interesting isn’t it? It’s getting interesting by… Not being really interesting at all. One side of the war has taken a good lead over the other, though of course having the lead before even half-time is not an assured victory at all, though it does put you in a good position to set-up the knock down against the opposing team in the second.

The Current War Stats:

The Current Rankings:
I thought today i would take a look at some other aspects of World 43, Turning out eyes away from the war in the south and the east, and looking towards to the north, and the going-on’s there, starting with the biggest tribe in the north, Nuts!.

Interview with Slingzaar (Duke of Nuts!)

harbinger297: Well hi there, thanks for agreeing to this interview. Could you please explain a little about yourself, your history, and your position in World 43?

Slingzaar: I have played since the dawn of time…I still play in W5 as a baron of ~TSE~. But I’ve played in several worlds from 11, 28, 39, 40, 43, and 50. I have been in just about every tribal position from tribe peewee to duke.

I am currently the duke of Nuts, a small tribe of bandits that I’m molding into swamp ninjas, like myself.

harbinger297: That’s quite a history, I’m sure you have experienced alot in that time. As we know, Nuts! formed after the disbanding of BORED!, and includes some former BORED! members. Do you believe Nuts! will be different than BORED!?

Slingzaar: It is very different. I kept the members from Bored that I knew had potential or I had brought over from the original Nuts. When we started, we were a pre-made…we got a little too big too fast, and had to regroup. Since we started alongside Bored, that was the logical choice.

harbinger297: Do you regret the merge between NUTS, BORED! and NwN?

Slingzaar: I’ll admit, we took on a few too many people without proper integration…because of that we had inadequate participation. However, I can’t say I regret it. We were able to scalp some excellent talent and pick up some easy inactive targets in that time-frame. Since Nuts was reformed, we try to only look forward, and to only use the past as an example of where we came from, and what we don’t want to revert back to.

harbinger297: And what do you think the future holds for Nuts!? What are your plans for the upcoming weeks and months?

Slingzaar: Well, everyone should know that FRST and Nuts will one day go to war. The journey there isn’t quite known. As for current plans, our diplomacy is pretty limited and we are working operations and exercises, as well as team-building…as lame as that sounds. I think it’s important for us to be as cohesive as possible.

We are neither at war or at peace with anyone really, right now, we’re simply co-existing and will flow with the tides of war where they may carry us.

harbinger297: The last war involving FRST and several of the players currently in Nuts!, resulted in victory for FRST. Do you believe it will be different next time?

Slingzaar: Yes, that is why we’re doing what we’re doing right now. We’re tightening up our Ks and working better as a team.

The last war between Bored/FRST wasn’t a war at all…it was a few players being singled out because they had gotten too big for their britches. When the going got tough, the quit or jumped ship. That will not be tolerated, and that certainly will not be how it goes this time around.

However, make no mistake, this war is a long time away. WMD and whoever Nuts makes as an enemy will be first. I’m not sure where AAA fits into the picture.

harbinger297: If Nuts! intends to war with FRST in the future though, why did you not side with WMD in the current conflict? What was your reasons behind the decision to stay out of it?

Slingzaar: WMD is a large tribe. Regardless the skill of FRST, it will take some time to eat their way into all of WMD. You must also consider that when Mario left, I talked with leadership of FRST. Given that most of the hostility towards us was spurned from El Chapo and Mario, they decided to a ceasefire. They intended to move one direction, and were thrown off that with conflict with Bored. Once those players were gone, they continued on their original path (WMD).

FRST has been honorable enough to let us get back on their feet and let me organize the tribe how I feel it should be. I have put people in place where they need to be, and look forward to sharpening our skills. It would be very un-manly of me not to return the same courtesy to FRST.

Given the size difference, a war with FRST will be a daunting task, which is why we need to grow as players and grow as a team if we are going to make any sort of impact.

harbinger297: Nuts! is still the largest tribe in the north though, at the moment. Do you think other tribes in the area, such as MANIC, Ni, or PK would help, or hinder you against FRST?

Slingzaar: That is a touchy subject. On one hand, they could be made allies, which would benefit. But, historically, it wasn’t that effective to have allies against FRST.

However, unless some sort of NAP is offered, it will leave a rather large front open.

It is something we have pondered and taken appropriate steps in the case that they become one or another, but have no desire to worry about that otherwise at this moment.

harbinger297: I suppose it could either lead to a North Vs. South endeavor, or a surrounding of Nuts!. But what of the current issues, such as the skirmishes we have seen with MOAR !. What is happening there?

Slingzaar: They are what they are. Skirmishes. They have proven to be skilled players, which is perhaps why we’ve only engaged them in skirmishes. They deserve to be in W43, and they have helped us test our mettle, hopefully as we have done for them. There is no real hostility towards Moar…at least since this current leadership group was put into place.

harbinger297: And what of the fake war declaration on the external forums? Do you have any idea who this “s1ingzaar” is?

Slingzaar: LOL, no but I am very entertained and intrigued. People seem to think he is a member of WMD. Although I can’t be sure, signs would point to that. This was certainly the first time I’ve seen anything like this, and I’d have to say that I am quite flattered that someone would pose as me.

harbinger297: Well it certainly sparked a bit of lively activity at least. Thank you for the taking the time to be interviewed, i hope you have had fun doing so. Do you have any final words to say about Nuts!?

Slingzaar: It was a great interview, very engaging.

I appreciate sharing this information.

Interview with N.DeMolay (Duke of PK)

harbinger297: Thank you for agreeing to being interviewed, could you tell me a little bit about yourself, your history, your tribe and your currrent position in World 43?

Nickolas: Well, first of all, thank you for providing me this chance of showing a little bit more about me and PK, which noone seems to know anything about. Starting with me, then. I am originally from World 1. Have played a lot there, and almost everything I know I learned there, with my tribe, which started with the name of SoTP. I have quit the game for some personal issues and came back day 31th of December. Soon PK was formed with me and 4 more players. We grew defensively as we were always a very small tribe with OwP and its “continuations” all around us. A tribe of our continent merged into us, giving us twice strength and we kept growing. The second merge was with DOW. With that and some more happenings we started our first war, with UTW family. Almost no losses, except of 2 inactives and many winnings. With the disband of Nomad we expanded more and with some new mates that joined, great guys like nk60, Apophas and Paeffgen.
We are working in consolidating our territories. And we keep few skirmishes with UTW(which has been changing names a lot..). In an overall thats pretty much it.

harbinger297: PK has been very quiet on the global scale, and hasn’t been involved in any world wars, or wars involving top tribes as of yet. Is this something you were/are aiming for, or just chance?

Nickolas: Looking at the world maps of Nickjer you may see that we have Nuts!’s and FRST’s villages on our maps. This shows our situation. We have been always on our own. And having relations with any of both of these two great tribes would put us in a ever harder position. World Wars, we were really small on the first and we can’t hit WMD Family from here… But if the war comes to us, well, we will fight.

harbinger297: You are, as you pointed out, between two top, larger tribes who are lined up to go to war at some point, a tough position. Do you think you will follow LighT.’s footsteps, and try to ally with one or the other, or will you continue to stay neutral, and attempt to avoid becoming a target?

Nickolas: I really can’t say. It depends on several things. Noone doubt both are great tribes and I really don’t know who would win the fight, if the Nuts! or FRST declared on each other. “Attempt to avoid being a target” is not a way to play… We remain neutral while we can but we don’t live with this goal.

harbinger297: You also share territory with CM who are being nobled by several tribes, and ~TDP~ who appear to be at war with MANIC, or skirmishing at least. Do you plan to war, support, merge, or doing nothing in regards to these tribes?

Nickolas: ~TDP~ is UTW. ~TDP~, NK and some of CM are former members of UTW who ran, trying to get away form the fighting. TDP is an enemie of PK. About CM, if they are on our territory, they will be pushed out. Actually you may see I guess one player have already been pushed out.

harbinger297: Oh i see. It is difficult to keep track of all the name changes. Are you confident that your tribe will be able to survive and prosper in World 43?

Nickolas: We survived until now, why wouldn’t we prosper?
Yes, I can say I am confident of our survival and prosperation in this world.
[4:45:23 AM] harbinger297: What are you most proud of your tribe for accomplishing?
[4:48:31 AM] Nickolas: For remaining as united as we are when small, even now when we are the Rank 6. I have seen to many good tribes fall beacuse of the lack of such great partnership.

harbinger297: PK members are quite quiet on the external forums and in the public eye. Was this something you decided, or simply because the members don’t wish to?

Nickolas: We rather keep our opinions to ourselves. I do post one time or another but just because we don’t post don’t mean we don’t read it. Unfortunently the mate which was posting with me quitted, which make even less posts from PK there.

harbinger297: Well thank you for agreeing to this interview, and giving us a little bit of info about PK. Good luck in-game!

Nickolas: My pleasure.

Blast From the Past Interview with Scott (former co-player of chocolate bear/duke of FRST)

harbinger297: interview?


Scott: Sure

Let me get naked first

Ok nothing to hold me back now

harbinger297: /includes in interview

Scott: : D

harbinger297: so, whats it like without Tribal Wars now? Like a breath of fresh air in an open field, or like a breath of fresh air when being tossed off a building?

Scott: Which one is worse?  Because that’s what I would say.  I have not completely dropped Tribal wars, but trying not to completely re-addict myself to the game.  It is a great game

harbinger297: Well i think most of 43 wants you to come back and play with us again, are there any plans for this in the future?

Scott: I have tried for weeks to find a worthy co player.  James and I (my old co player) share a pretty similar online time otherwise I would still be playing w43 actively.  Last several times I looked into world 43 it seemed to be suffering from inactivity…which is unfortunate.

harbinger297: So your saying we need to force James to become nocturnal? That can be arranged…

Have you been following W43? What do you think of how FRST has done since you were gone?

Scott: James is a big time lawyer now.  We cannot mess with his schedule.  He has england football to worry about as well.

I have followed w43 as best I can.  I was disappointed to see that Frst had not been so impressive against WMD the past 2-3 weeks, but I think it’s due to inactivity.  I still think Frst will come out on top (as usual) but it’s not the best Frst is capable of.  They seemed to be bored at present and I can’t blame them.

harbinger297: Do you think there are any partiuclar tribes on W43 right now that could take them out?

Scott: I don’t think anyone would disagree that Nuts! has the potential to do a lot of damage.  They are the only tribe I think that would have a good chance of cutting Frst down.  If they were smart they would hit WMD to remove that threat and then focus elsewhere.

harbinger297: AAA has done quite a bit of damage against WMD, what do you think would happen with FRST and AAA after the war?

Scott: Not quite sure.  No offense to AAA but I don’t think WMD has focused on them as much as they have against Frst.  AAA is slightly blocked in their area and will need to make a huge push against WMD in order to improve their situation.  They made a good move in working with Frst, they can really improve their position

harbinger297: Player-wise, mageknights (Nuts!) is still holding rank 1, and FRST have 13/20 top 20 spots. Who do you think are the “MVP’s” of 43?

Scott: Players currently playing?

It is hard to say really.  I think that Frst players are united and work well as a team.  Looking at the others listed their in the top 25 a lot have got by on tribe hopping or laying low.

harbinger297: Last question. Will you stop being a nubcake and come back to the forums at least?

Scott: I check the forums regularly : P

With the falling activity levels there hasn’t been much to comment on.  I miss the active days of w43 and can honestly say I’m happy where I left off.  Frst was amazing.  Would play with any of them again at the drop of a hat….just need a coplayer : D

harbinger297: im sure we’ll find you one, get back here nubzor : D

*Interview dissipates into spam.*

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks blog, check back next week for more interviews and goodies <3