Since when is conquering a village considered noble? -W43

February 23, 2011 in Questions of the Week, Uncategorized, World 043 News, World News

Going off of last weeks blog, let’s see who’s still kicking.

Although the nobling maps and statistics look good at first, how do they compare to our expectations? What percentage of the conquerers by the top 4 tribes in W43 are internal and where are they actually expanding based on the last month’s statistics?

This months unchanged nobling map:

But which really matter? I know these don’t…

If you look closely you will see something strange and uncommon. In this war for the world, both main tribes are internally nobling mainly on the frontline while the majority of the conquests inside of the enemy lines show up as coming from sources outside of the tribes. Call me old fashion but aren’t those supposed to be reversed? Ni and GYPSY both have comparatively normal nobling habits, however, with a war of such proportions you would expect the majority of the frontline caps to come against the enemy.

Although the war is moving more slowly than many people expected, let’s take a quick look into this week’s stats from the perspective of a FRST player, as that is all I have.

Although FRST has retaken the initiative, Nuts! is still holding strong and doing very well defensively.

Question of the week: Who will be the number one player when the world ends?

And a little something to occupy you while you avoid work or school or sleep like a true tribalwars player will do.